Monday, July 6, 2015

That's Not a Success

The jewish goal for the U.S.S.A. is an undifferentiated brown mob of gentile slaves, marginally controlled by a combination of hand-outs, the electronic synagogue and 90 I.Q. law enforcement. Suffice it to say, it's a house of cards waiting for a gentle breeze. Our enemy is not some unbeatable monolith like a mouth-breathing defeatist suggested in a now deleted comment. They're a tiny wildly unrepresentative minority struggling to control a roiling mass of mass of bestial aliens. Evil devours itself. The center is not going to hold.

Meanwhile, our job is obviously not to do nothing and consider victory our destiny. We need to get organized. When the kosher goads are no longer sufficient to guide the negro and la-teen-oh to the trough we'd better be ready. Start with yourself. Get in shape. Be armed. Learn useful skills. Connect with like-minded people. The road ahead is long, but we're not going to move forward by harping on that issue and giving up.

In Cincinnati it was time to celebrate our independence from sanity with the usual negro malfunction.

As Downtown fireworks and the Reds game came to a close around 11 p.m. Saturday night, about 3,000 people were gathered on and around Fountain Square for a concert.

Fortunately we live in a high-trust society and have the mighty strength of "diversity." I don't foresee any problems.

Within minutes, portions of the crowd turned raucous, and the night came to an abrupt end with seven arrests, two assaulted police officers, an "innocent" man in the hospital and looming questions of safety for the impending All-Star Game.

"Innocent" man. LOL. No, I didn't secretly start working as a Cincinnati journalist. Will Central America's national pastime happen in front of another empty stadium after the typical negro behavior scared off the White ticket-buying suckers?

No joy in Baltimore, mighty America has struck out.

"The All-Star Game is a major piece of this city's pride," said Mike Neville, captain of the Central Business District for the Cincinnati Police Department. "I think that somebody or a group of people tried to hamper that pride. I respect fully that people have concerns."

Yeah, might be the "group of people" that always seems to be causing trouble. Careful there, you don't want to lose your sinecure position because of hate words. I'm sure no one will mind having the amazing heroes of the Dominican Republic play for empty seats after the last White is dead or fled.

Around 11 p.m. police officers heard the first reports of an unruly crowd on Fountain Square. Some people in the crowd began throwing objects – fireworks, glass bottles and other items, police said.

Negroes chucking bottles and firecrackers. What better way to celebrate the birthday of a rotting corpse? 

As the officer attempted to make the arrest, a man in the crowd struck him in the face, busting his lip. Parts of the crowd continued to grow disorderly after this, Neville said.

Gentle giant takes a break from spreading the word of Christ to attack. How can we blame this on White Man's Law wonders the jew, realizes it's going to be difficult and starts putting this story down the memory hole. 

A video posted to Facebook showed police with Tasers and batons drawn as a large group crowded around.

How many "likes" can anarcho-tyranny get on jewbook? 

More units were called from around the city to the scene . As more units arrived, a glass bottle was thrown from the crowd and struck another police officer below his eye.

This is a healthy democracy. Those hooting and wailing animals are your equals. You can't beat the jew, it's too powerful. Go back to sleep.

Jy Quynn Britten, 21, punched an officer in the face while officers tried to arrest another person, according to court documents.

Another goofy negro name to stress the fact that even they acknowledge their status as an outside pathogen. We can safely say the someone named "Jy Quynn" has never made even the smallest contribution to a civilized White nation.

Punched an officer, probably turning around its life.

Britten then ran from officers through Fountain Square before he was Tased and arrested, records stated.

America's real national pastime: genetic aliens pulling a Jesse Owens and then getting zapped and tied up like a rodeo animal.

Gary Sheffield, 29, was arrested in the 500 block of Walnut Street near Fountain Square for misconduct at an emergency, according to court documents.

Age 29 "teen" should be facing a nice solid wrist-slap.

Sullen hostility, low I.Q., alien DNA.

Police said Sheffield refused to obey orders and screamed at officers.

He just wanted them to know that he didn't do [anything]. 

"I would tell you that it was a success, but we also had two officers injured," Neville said. "That's not a success.

No. No it isn't.

Near the scene on Fountain Square, police also reported that a man was assaulted in an unrelated incident to the initial "pockets" of unruliness.

Now to spread these "pockets" into Idaho and other White areas.

Initially, there were reports of shots fired on Government Square sometime around 11 p.m. , but Neville said on Sunday that police collected no evidence to back up those claims.

It's nothing, keep worshiping roided-up la-teen-oh garbage.

Before there was Baltimore or Ferguson, there was Cincinnati.

Friday, July 3, 2015

The End of the Beginning

America will be 239 years old on Saturday. If it was still alive it would be, anyway.

The last few weeks have seen the rot accelerate at a pace apparently even a lot of White Nationalists weren't prepared to handle. The jawbone fell off the rotting corpse of the U.S.S.A. and the dripping, sightless eyeballs exploded in their sockets. This was only surprising or bad news to someone naive enough to believe the moldering remains could somehow be resuscitated. Our dead nation is splitting open, polluting the air with the most foul gasses imaginable. What did you expect?

We have to remember that the purpose of communist propaganda is not to win hearts and minds, but to humiliate and demoralize those who disagree with it. Watching two sodomites participate in a mocking, cargo cult version of our lost cultural institutions is not going to convert anyone to the virtues of buggery and coprophilia. It's a middle finger extended at normal White America by the satanic enemy and that's all it is. 

Our nation lost its soul during the disastrous jewish century and now it has officially lost its mind. This is why we get the sodomite agenda, the "my mental illness must be respected, or else!" agenda, the hunting down of every last White, the attacks on our history and heritage, the worthless dead negress on our worthless currency and the plans to dig up "races" White bodies. None of this should be surprising if you're awake and neither should the total collapse that's coming. 

This proves we're not "races."

Many Whites still honestly believe that by supporting "conservative" candidates and participating in fraud-riddled elections we can somehow Frankenstein our necrosis nation back to life. This idea, and the Loser Party itself, needs to be thrown down. Last year there was a massive victory in the mid-term elections from the long shadow trailing tyranny. Since then the communist planned demolition has accelerated. It's obvious to anyone but an idiot that a careerist "I love Israel, Democrats are the real racists!" kosher Republican is not going to even make a dent in the fundamental transformation into fertilizer from the mulatto Romulus Augustulus and the jew wire-pullers controlling it. 

Hate speech laws are next and it's almost surprising it has taken this long. We don't have a lot of time to wake up slumbering Whites. The good news is the internet still gives us a powerful platform, but the window is going to close. The myth that needs to be shattered most is the idea that if just got rid of all the hyphens and special preferences we could create an equal society free of racial strife. I think every decent White that isn't completely deluded or a slave to the jewish shekels eventually comes to this conclusion. 

The problem is it can't work. We can't have an equal society because we're not equal. Genetic determinism is real and all the wailing in the world won't change it. A full standard deviation lower in I.Q. is a crushing handicap in a technological society and even that low number is inflated by White admixture. In a true meritocracy the negro would be almost entirely absent from any position of importance. There's only two alternatives: pushing them into jobs they can't handle with horrific consequences or their removal. Only one of those is fair.

 The end game of "we're all equal!"

We've reached peak negro and that's good news for us. Convincing your average White person that an African with foreign genetic material is fundamentally incompatible with White civilization is no longer the bitter uphill battle it was before the internet broke the jew monopoly on the flow of information. The same goes for the la-teen-oh, to a somewhat lesser extent. Even getting Whites jew-wise, once an almost impossible task in the face of "you're a nawrtzee that wants to electric belt zillions!" is now as easy as telling someone to Google jew pornography. 

We're at a place in time where we can awaken as a people from the long nightmare of the jewish century and it's clearly happening. Defeatism at this stage is ridiculous. We must keep pushing the advantages that we have, fighting the kosher lies with the truth, never giving an inch. Wait until the real persecution comes, the gulags and thought crime laws, and then we can start counting the cost, deciding if a few more years of living peacefully in the face of encroaching "diversity" and spiritual evil is worth selling out our children's future.

This is not the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning. The last time there were conditions like this was in Germany in the 1920s. Interesting days are ahead, there's no doubt about that. Be armed, be ready, be organized. Once the collapse comes we will build a White nation from the ruins.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jewess Encourages Suicide for "Fellow White People"

No, I didn't accidentally post the same article from two days ago. This is a new case of yet another jewess being deployed in the endless Long March through the culture, another "I'm White, honest!" desert alien full of horrible, suicidal ideas for any goyim foolish enough listen. Apparently the cattle are falling for this, because this is the third incident of this I've discussed this week. Is this the new strategy from our enemies, using wise jewesses pulling a Tim Wise act? In a way it's ideal for the nation wrecker. The jew can make the most outrageous anti-White statements, can openly promote White genocide and then hide behind the "Hey, I'm White like you!" defense, as if self-loathing is some type of virtue. Of course they're not White, they're the satanic enemy within and I'm here to take the mask off and show you the nation-wrecker behind it.

June 17, 2015 started on a high note: Our first African-American woman Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, sworn in by our first Latina Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, in front of our first African-American President, Barack Obama, on Frederick Douglass' Bible.

One "yella" mulatto replaced another one that should be indicted under the supervision of a foreign-born African tribesman sodomite, with the aid of a Wise Dyke la-teen-oh who mindlessly supports communism while ignoring the Constitution, using a the Bible of a dead "yella" that's probably full of missing pages and blocks of text blotted out (See you later, Letter to the Romans!). If that doesn't make your heart swell with patriotic pride at our dispossession and destruction you're evil.

It ended with a new nadir: a hate crime in Charleston, South Carolina

I assume this is a reference to the kosher "useful crisis" attacks on southern heritage and the Confederate flag.

Racism thrives not only in these instances of extreme brutality that capture headlines and provoke our outrage; it's permeated in deep and sometimes subtle ways throughout our society, in ways that are often much harder to see.

It's not just the obvious stuff like black pack attacks, polar bear hunting and foreign invasion across an open border. It's also subtle things like a jew playing a character to attack Whites.

It's inscribed in our geography and culture and entrenched in our institutions and systems, including those that govern access to capital, education, employment, health care, philanthropy and justice.

Well, there's a new one. "Races" geography! That mountain range is a hate crime! Scream louder jew, I'm sure a few Whites are still listening.

"As a White person I'm troubled by "races" maps..."

It exists among liberals as well as conservatives, in universities and corporations, in neighborhoods and houses of worship, in the North, South, East and West.

All Whites are bad! My tribe, I mean "progressives," working to eliminate you is good!

I ask my fellow white people, how much worse is it going to have to get before we take accountability for our racism and actively engage in dismantling it?

My fellow Whites: ask not what the synagogue of satan can do for you, ask what you can do for moloch.

As hard as this may be to hear, we, white people, are the originators of racism in America.

Whites invented "races!" Are you sure you're not thinking of penicillin, or the internal combustion engine, or magnetic resonance imagery or the telegraph, or sonar, or freedom of the press, or the internet you're using to spread this drivel, or...

While we do not have an exclusive monopoly on racism, we sit at the top of the racism food chain, and we are the ones with the power to end it.

Replace "White" with the more truthful "jew" and this statement becomes accurate. There's groups of people in America you're not allowed to criticize and believe it or not normal healthy Whites aren't one of them. If there's a "food chain" we're at the bottom, paying and appeasing, absorbing attacks and genocide propaganda, trying to survive the coming collapse.

Right about now, you might be saying to yourself, "Hey lady, wait a minute, what do you mean 'our racism'?

You might be saying "What do you mean 'we' you jew turd?"

I've never called anyone a racial epithet, I believe in treating people the same regardless of skin color, I even have a couple of black friends. What have I got to do with any of this?

Sorry, your very existence has been declared criminal by nation-wreckers that want you violently dead. No amount of appeasement is going to change this.

You might even think the solution is simply to say, "I see no color distinction, I see only humans."

This is the stage most Whites pass through on the way to waking up. Why do we have a country full of hyphenated outsiders hostile toward us and each other? Can't we just be equal? Then the alarm clock goes off and you discover White nationalism. 

It's time for us, white people, to face that racism and racial inequality in America is not other people's problem. It's our problem, it's our problem as white people and a problem we all share as Americans.

Stay on you knees. Grovel. More needs to be done. Have no children. Chase after materialism. Apologize for everything. Die. 

I have been walking on the journey of reducing my biases my entire career.

What a hero. 

Here I am with a schwoogie!

I considered myself a good person, and since good people are not racist, I was, ergo, not racist.

2 + 2 = 5. Semitic logic from a demon in human form.

My intent is to help white people recognize that it's our responsibility to end racism. Because racism is a learned behavior, we can actually unlearn it.

It'll be like installing a kommissar in your own mind! Win the battle against yourself, comrade!

Until white people step up and do our share of the work, we are going to be mired in this mess indefinitely.

Over fifty years of massive sacrifice, unbelievable generosity and insane altruism don't count. As long as one White is alive, we've got work to do destroying your people.

I am grateful for the many and growing number of white antiracism activists and educators who are leading the way to this conversation in the white community, including Tim Wise, Dr. Robin Diangelo, Ali Michael, Sally Kohn, Laci Green, Janet Helms, Peggy McIntosh and others.

LOL. Here's a list of jews. All those heroic anti-Whites with the little caps on the back of their heads, they're just like you.

 Another brave "White" fighting for genocide.

White people must understand our role in perpetuating racism and seek to form authentic caring relationships with people of color.

There's no reason why I wouldn't help a "well-behaved negro" get to the deportation pier in Israel, for example.

We need to have honest open painful conversations about race.

Here are the societal consequences of a full standard deviation in I.Q., etc.

We need to request the feedback of people of color on how to improve the way we interact, listen deeply and humbly act on that feedback.

Just keep debasing yourself, the State Religion demands it.

And then work side by side with people of color to dismantle racist institutions and create new inclusive ones.

We could start by getting rid of that "races" Constitution. I mean, even more so.

Racism will not end from on high; it will end when a grassroots movement of people like you and me committed to reflect on ourselves and our communities grows in size and influence until the culture shifts.

It will end when we're allowed to have a White homeland.

Which side are you on? Now is the time to decide and act.

Heritage and soil or an open grave? Choose carefully.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How Much Damage Can They Cause?

The American negro has been given every possible opportunity to approximate the minimum levels of civilized behavior by long-suffering and unbelievably accommodating Whites. The hand-outs, the special preferences, the stripping away of our culture and heritage because it's "races" and makes little Barkevious cry, the groveling apologies and pathetic appeasement, the wasted money and shed blood has resulted in the same predictable genetic failure one would expect from a failed race full of foreign genetic material. Our thanks for playing the kosher equality con game is endless pathology and open hatred from savage animals. "We can fix the negro" is no longer a defensible position. They need to be removed, along with the jew that unleashed them.

Surveillance video of a wee-hours ruckus at a Macon Wal-Mart on Sunday shows a teenager race inside flashing gang signs ahead of a mob of four dozen or so people who burst in and smashed merchandise.

Folksy down-home Georgia reporting meets the Jew York Slime style handbook. Those wacky and innocent teens and their little pranks. You were young once, right? I'm sure making "gang signs," gathering in mobs and putting businesses on tilt was a normal part of your youth. This is not societal collapse, no sir.

The commotion, which caused an estimated $2,000 in damage, appears to have been planned.

The negro Manhattan Project. "We gwine bust up dis sto. Get all yo niggas."

Some in the crowd also snatched a man, apparently a shopper at the Zebulon Road store, from a motorized shopping cart and dragged him to the floor, Bibb County sheriff’s officials said Monday.

The content of their character. You do not want to be weak or vulnerable around a black pack. You need to be armed.

"Teens" run wild in a dead nation.

The vandals, said to number between 40 and 50, sprinted down the store’s main aisle about 1:50 a.m. Sunday, “destroying merchandise displays and items,” a sheriff’s deputy’s report of the incident noted.

The negro experience in America in microcosm. They ruin anything they get their paws on. 

When sheriff’s deputies got there, the crowd “began to flee into many different vehicles and leave the scene,” the report said.

Now to pull a Jesse Owens while 90 I.Q. police afraid to confront the rot for fear of the jew do nothing. Let me guess, "no arrests were made."

The teenager seen leading the rushing horde of young men and women told a Wal-Mart employee “that this was a planned event ... to see how much damage they could cause,” the sheriff’s report said.

If you want a good idea of how much damage they can cause visit Detroit. Or Baltimore. Or St. Louis. Or Paris. Or...

The teen, identified as 17-year-old Kharron Nathan Green, of Ashton Drive in northwest Bibb County, was arrested when he returned to the store to retrieve his cellphone.

The mind of the "teen" criminal. This moronic animal returned to a crime scene and even our "races" "five oh" couldn't screw this one up. Now to have this creature read a few pages from "Roots" and write one paragraph on why killing Whitey and destroying civilization be bad, yo.

How can we blame this on Whites?

Green, according to the sheriff’s report, first told cops that “he did not know anything about what had happened in the store and that he did not know anyone involved.”

LOL. I'm sure it was communicated this articulately with superb grammar and diction. Certainly not some alien piece of dog shit screaming about how it "dindu nuffin" over and over. 

He refused to name others in the crowd, but according to the report said they had all come from a party on the city’s south side.

Good job not snitching. Maybe next time visit a swimming pool or cigar store instead.

“Hopefully we can identify the others,” Sheriff David Davis said Monday. “Hopefully it’s not a pattern of behavior.”

They appear to be a bunch of brown blobs. As for as this not being a "pattern," you're in pretty deep denial if you don't think this is typical negro behavior. That or a careerist scumbag with a badge and a sub-average intelligence quotient. 

“Due to the lateness of the hour,” he said, “I don’t know that they were going to be going to church the next morning.”

Whoa, let's not be "races." I'm sure these violent and destructive outsiders were spreading the message of Christ that day, on their way to Grandma, gentle beings full of goodness and light, about to go to college, turning that life around, future rappers, etc.

Good job attacking that Hindu.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jewess Doesn't Want to be White

In the past the jew's favorite saying was "I'm not a jew, but..." This has now been replaced with "I'm White and deeply ashamed about my race." The enemy within, the alien infiltrator that can never be loyal to anything other than its tribe and the devils they worship, always seems to be the one behind the anti-White propaganda. The jew wears many masks, from poor oppressed victim, to "progressive" revolutionary and finally phony White eager to atone for imaginary sins. Our unprecedented kindness to these desert aliens has been rewarded with this treason. They are the parasite feeding on the dead body of the U.S.S.A.

Rachel Dolezal is a fascinating case study in White racial identity development.* She is stuck in the immersion/emersion stage, in which White people, having learned extensively about the realities of racism, and the ugly history of White supremacy in the U.S., "immerse" themselves in trying to figure out how to be White in our society, and "emerge" with a new relationship to Whiteness. 

We're being "immersed" into a jew-created cesspool of spiritual evil and hostile brown outsiders. The kosher enemy wastes no time going on the assault, bleating about imaginary crimes. The profound "races" evil of building a prosperous and civilized nation that everyone wants to be part of and many of those same people want to destroy.

Only in the case of Dolezal, her way of dealing with the pain of the reality of racism, was to deny her own Whiteness and to become Black.

Oy, the pain of being a "races" White! How to make up for conquering the wilderness, stamping out disease and banditry, building cities, creating a strong middle class and reaching toward the stars? To whom should I make out the check, jew?

She is an extreme example of a common phenomenon. The "immersion" stage is typified by White people taking more responsibility for racism and privilege and often experiencing high levels of anger and embarrassment for racism and privilege, which they sometimes direct towards other Whites. They sometimes try to immerse themselves in communities of color, as Dolezal did. She's not alone.

Self-loathing is not a virtue. The War on Whites is not just fought with negro mobs and la-teen-oh hordes. It's a war of words, of ideas. Our enemy wants us to hate ourselves, to lose our identity and die. This is the evil we must fight.

Trust me.

I definitely experienced this. There was a time in my 20s when everything I learned about the history of racism made me hate myself, my Whiteness, my ancestors... and my descendants.

Jew pretends to be White in order to further the goal of White genocide. I can't believe we cured polio, harnessed electricity, wrote symphonies and allowed more individual freedoms five hundred years ago than nearly any modern non-White nation. Better not have any children.  

I remember deciding that I couldn't have biological children because I didn't want to propagate my privilege biologically.

Biological privilege. I like that, it's honest. High I.Q., creativity, beauty...there's a lot that's unique and special about a European heritage. This is why it's under attack. The jealousy and wickedness of an ugly jew that's told it was chosen by g*d but faced with White achievements must see itself as the satanic rat it is.

If I was going to pass on my privilege, I wanted to pass it on to someone who doesn't have racial privilege; so I planned to adopt.

The demonic jew encourages racial cuckoldry.

I disliked my Whiteness, but I disliked the Whiteness of other White people more. I felt like the way to really end racism was to feel guilty for it, and to make other White people feel guilty for it too.

The mask starts to slip, the massive kosher hatred for the shkotzim shines through even in the middle of its "I'm White, too!" act.

Many White people also feel like we don't have culture, and this isn't a coincidence.

A truthful statement, floating like driftwood in a sea of deceit. Not coincidental, indeed. What's causing it? Over a century of direct attack, the disastrous jewish century where the West lost its mind and soul?

Throughout the 20th century, countless immigrant groups abandoned the artifacts of cultures that racialized them as immigrants (language, religion, food, styles of speaking, gesticulations, family structures, traditions, etc.) in order to become White.

Swing and a miss.

Because at the end of the day, we need White people to see that we are White. When we recognize and own our Whiteness, we can account for our own portion, our one 1/billionth of responsibility for what White people have done throughout history.

We can start putting stripes on our backs for sins like alternating current, the steam engine, refrigeration, freedom of assembly, chemotherapy, the automobile, the airplane, freedom of religion, computers and all the other horrors we've visited on the poor brown people and the special favorites of g*d who always seem to be causing problems.

We can work with other White people to begin to challenge bias, ignorance and colorblindness. We can use our privilege to confront the sources of that unfair favoring.

We can organize, arm ourselves and prepare for the common defense after the U.S.S.A. collapses.

I'm not sure what happened with Rachel Dolezal. Maybe it was mental illness.

Yeah, I think you might be on to something.

But being White -- and facing the truth of what that means historically and systemically -- can drive you to do the weird and unthinkable that we see in Dolezal today.

Your existence is a crime. Die for the jew.

But we cannot not be White.

Well, you can, merchant.

And we cannot undo what Whiteness has done.

I wish we could take back the jet engine, protections from unreasonable search and seizure, assembly lines, heart transplant surgery and the printing press, but I guess you're stuck with what Whiteness has done.

Full Story.

Monday, June 29, 2015

"White Privilege" Proven by Mystery Meat Jewess

Being treated with respect and dignity in the nations your ancestors built is wrong. Having a homeland where you can feel safe and secure among your own kind is the ultimate sin against our kosher state religion. Every last White must be hunted down. We need more Somalis in Wyoming, more sodomites in Utah, more spiritual rot and lectures on how we should run our country by invaders still dripping Rio Grande water.

Clearly Whites, who are endlessly attacked by a criminal government, vilified by a jew-run educational complex and media and targeted for "random" violence by simian monsters, are actually receiving unearned gifts. Just trust me, it's happening, says the jew. If that's not enough proof, and g*d knows the word of the chosen people is more reliable than your lying eyes, here's a jew "comedian" to show us the way and maybe teach us uncool and uptight shkotzim how to laugh in the process.

Jessie Kahnweiler took to the streets of Los Angeles to carry out a series of actions in the hope of attracting the attention of the LAPD.

Seems legitimate. The only problem is the jewess in question has skin the same color as a bowel movement.

"I'm White! Trust me!"

In a series of skits she can be seen trying to get in trouble for public drunkenness, assaulting a police officer and finally attempting to sell prescription anti-depressants to no avail.

The brown desert alien proves the existence of anarcho-tyranny. They were afraid to arrest that special tiny minority that has us completely surrounded. No one wanted their career destroyed over performance art from a demonic jew outsider.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News,she explained she made the video to explore her own privilege in the wake of the accusations of police prejudice against black people in America over the past year.

Let's examine jewish privilege. Pulling the wires to control the mulatto puppet. Complete control of our media. Soviet propaganda lies taught as fact. Severe punishments for noticing any of this. There's a group of animals that are more equal and it's not the shrinking and embattled White population. 

Desert alien educates and entertains.

She said: “I found myself, as a white Jewy liberal, pretending like all the horrific stuff that’s happening is none of my business. But hating racism on Facebook isn’t enough. It’s not an excuse to sit on my ass.”

Shit-colored jew becomes White. Spreading genocidal anti-White propaganda online isn't enough. As long as one White person still lives, more needs to be done. Then they'll curse us in our graves. Had enough of this yet? 

She said she would never presume to understand what it is like to be black in America but said  “it was a really eye-opening experience.”

With your snow White complexion and all-American religious and cultural background I imagine it would be. Probably the closest analogue to the negro experience is getting drunk. The poor impulse control, inflated sense of self-worth, delusional belief in your own abilities, lowered intelligence and all the rest that comes from hard drinking gives a fairly accurate impression of what's going on in the mind of the "African American," although you'll have to imagine the violent resentment they hold toward all Whites.

She found several black people who said she would get away with more as a white person with one woman commenting: “You will never understand it.Until you walk a day in the lives, in the shoes of someone that has gone through it.”

Luckily I have a solution: deportation to Africa. Your own pathetic negro countries where all that amazing and soulful authenticity can occur free from the oppressive grasp of evil "races" Whites. Back to The Mother to resume pyramid building and flying. The healing can begin. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Firefighters Attacked by Negro Animal

We keep carrying the White Man's Burden, the dead weight of moronic negro savages, lazy and filthy may-hee-can invaders and the jew making sure this highly visible backpack stays firmly between our shoulders. The sacrifices made to these alien outsiders mean nothing, they purchase no goodwill and only make the new demands even more severe. We're expected to happily struggle under the crushing pathology and then silently die.

In San Diego firefighters were attacked by a 70 I.Q. savage. This is not an uncommon occurrence, despite the best efforts to get these stories into the memory hole. Helping the negro is dangerous. They need to be removed.

Two San Diego firefighters were hospitalized with multiple stab wounds but one of them was expected to go home late Thursday night, a day after a bystander attacked them as they were helping a drunken man on a packed trolley platform.

Whites attempting to prop up the ruins of civilization in a dead nation are attacked. No race mentioned, as per official policy. Go back to sleep. Everything's fine.

Police and other firefighters rushed to the scene and authorities arrested a suspect. One firefighter was stabbed in the back and both were stabbed more than once, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

If you still aren't sure if you need to be armed, consider this your final gentle reminder.

Their alleged attacker, Ryan Allen Jones, 34, was being held in county jail without bail and faces charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

A mid-thirties "teen" commits a senseless and horrific crime. Then a little of that resisting arrest, because we know how evil police are. Pull a Jesse Owens, declare your breathing problems, hands up but not actually up, don't shoot. Somehow it survived this new age lynching. Now the "races" justice system can assign some homework.

"I've been around for 35 years and while we've had altercations," Fire Chief Javier Mainar sad at a news conference, "I've never seen one that resulted in two firefighters facing a near-death experience."

A near-negro experience. Go toward the White area, my son. Notice the nonchalant dismissal of "African American" pathology by the la-teen-oh Affirmitive Action placement, the same negro malfunction found anywhere they gather in number. "Eyyyy, we used to beeing spat on and pelteeed with rocks by the evolutionary dead-eeens, I theeeenk. Usually dey ain bee stabbeeen, mang."

This turd attacked the remaining vestiges of civilized society.

Police were trying to determine a motive.

Yeah, that should be a tough one. Who can explain the complicated thought life of a violent jungle monster with no future orientation or impulse control? 

Fire department spokesman Lee Swanson said he did not know if the firefighters exchanged words with the assailant before the attack.

They might have said the "N word" in which case this appalling crime is completely justified.

"My understanding was he just came upon them," Swanson told the Union-Tribune.

All against all, the coming collapse of the U.S.S.A.

We be far-fatter nao.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Multiple Deportations Fail to Prevent Mexican Pathology

We need a lot more foreign invasion, more saw-offed racial and cultural aliens bringing their third world failure with them. Just ask any wealthy jew. They've destroyed entire communities in the name of becoming slightly more wealthy and, of course, hurting the hated White people. This obvious and blatant attack on our country is being endorsed by most paycheck conservatives and at best faces timid and "I'm not races, but..." opposition. The flood of brown sewage continues, the timer ticks down on the demographic bomb, there is no serious resistance to this unprecedented national suicide. The best we can do is put the may-hee-can in front of a "races" judge when it finally kills a White man.

 Authorities confirmed Wednesday morning that a man, accused of causing a crash that killed local sports journalist Bob Barry Jr., had previously been deported three times.

Third time is not the charm for this piece of alien dog shit. Just stroll back across that open border and resume the looting and killing. It's the right thing to do. The good book says...

Gustavo Castillo Gutierrez, 26, has been charged with causing an accident without a valid driver's license and drug possession on Tuesday.

You might wonder what this completely worthless turd was doing in our dead nation. Seeking a better life in the "non-violent" illegal narcotics trade? Sucking welfare? Voting for Loser Party sodomite Lindsey Graham?  Yes, we need a lot more of this.

The fatal crash occurred on Saturday. According to police, Barry was on his motorcycle in the left lane on May Ave., near Memorial, when Gutierrez was driving in the right lane. Police said Gutierrez made an illegal U-turn in front of Barry, and Barry was thrown from the motorcycle after crashing into Gutierrez's car.

Another forgotten victim of the endless War on Whites, the long campaign of White genocide that has been silently raging in our dead homeland ever since the disastrous jewish century. A foreign invader bereft of even the slightest value does what he was allowed in by the jew to do.

Maybe we can get this creature to vote for Rand Paul.

ICE officials confirmed that Gutierrez had been voluntarily returned to Mexico three times, twice in 2010, and once in 2013.

Our national sovereignty is a total and complete joke.

According to an accident report released on Wednesday, Barry took “no improper action” in the crash, meaning he was purely a victim. Authorities said Gutierrez had been distracted before the collision for an unknown reason. 

Just like Whites as a whole have taken no improper actions over the last fifty years, but are endlessly attacked by the kosher criminals in our government and the brown garbage they've unleashed.

The collision report stated that the vehicle driven by Gutierrez was owned by someone else.

Natural conservatives with deep family values. At least 30% won't vote for communism. 

Must be a "Young Republicans" meeting.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Guns Blamed For "Teen" Malfunction

Once the most obvious answer is declared criminal, once the simple solution to a simple problem has been removed for fear of being called a name, the dinosaur media and our ruling criminals are forced to perform elaborate contortions to explain the predictable failure of the lower races. We must not be spending enough. We have too many rights. Grandpa said the "N" word at Thanksgiving. All of these pathetic excuses are presented, when the negro and la-teen-oh failure is even dignified with a moment of recognition. Noticing inherent racial differences and the natural conclusions about separation and deportation that spring from this recognition must be prevented at all costs. You don't want to be a "races" or a "not-see," do you?

Two minors are recovering after they were shot at an Orlando park. It happened Monday evening at Poppy Park, on Lescot Lane off Raleigh Street.

Will the mulatto alien sodomite cry fake tears and use racial slurs to address this pathology? Seems rather unlikely.

The shooters were four teenagers. Police said the boys opened fire at the park where dozens of people were gathered. 

Those crazy "teens" and their innocent little stunts like ineptly "busting" at a brown mob. Clearly the process of doing the old life u-turn is nearly complete for these angelic rosy-cheeked cherubs.

“That incident happened in the courtyard over there where they play basketball,” neighbor Eddie Maldonado said.

This is the closest thing to a mention of race in this article. Basketball Americans, African tree hockey gone wrong.

Orlando police said 30 to 40 people were gathered in Poppy Park when an officer patrolling the area saw several young men get out of a sedan and open fire, shooting two young people.

Scenes from a vibrant and healthy democracy.

The vehicle tried to get away, but the officer was able to stop the car after a brief pursuit. Inside were four teenagers and several firearms.

Four well-meaning youths getting ready to go to college and some inanimate objects that deserve all the blame.

They are charged with attempted murder with injuries, conspiracy to commit murder and multiple felonies related to the possession of the firearms.

Please read the first ten pages of "Up from Slavery" and write a one hundred word report on what you read...

We are not releasing their names per our Crime Guidelines.

Race erased, per cultural marxism guidelines. We'll have to guess if they were negroes, la-teen-ohs, or some sort of brown mix-n-match.

“How do they get their hands on these guns?” Maldonado asked.

"Eyyy, where dey geeeeting da guns, mang?" The same way you got into our country: by breaking the law.

He said he has seen a rise in teen crime and said gun control is the problem.

Surrendering completely should make us safe from the predictable non-White behavior.

It’s a problem that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is trying to get in front of. Just last week Sheriff Jerry Demings said his department takes about 2,500 guns off the street every year. Yet teens are still getting access to guns.

Huh. It's almost like something about these teens, the "content of their character" if you will, is actually responsible for the crime and rot.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said so far this year there have been more than 1,300 violent crimes committed in unincorporated Orange County. More than 500 of those suspects are teens.

Keep paying your taxes, keep biting your tongue, keep sacrificing your children to the moloch of "diversity." It's clearly working.

The two people injured in Monday night’s gunfire suffered non-life threatening injuries. But now four teens will face consequences for violent life-changing actions.

A life-changing slap on the wrist for the unnamed dark monsters.

Full Story.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Holohoax Garbage Disturbed, Jews Outraged

A dead human body is not flammable. In order to burn it accelerants will be needed, fuel that might be badly needed for a war effort. Cremating an adult body takes about two hours. A gas chamber, such as the one used in California, looks like a bank vault. It does not have wooden doors or glass windows. It was orginally claimed that the camps in the West contained homicidal gas chambers. This claim has collapsed and no mainstream historian still believes it. Auschwitz is a Soviet reconstruction. During times of war it's common to create blood libels against your enemies, so your own people will be willing to die fighting these horrible monsters. Soviet jews called for the rape and murder of German civilians. Six million jews were dying after World War I, according to the New York Times. All of the above is completely incontestable fact. We were taught Soviet war propaganda as fact.

Defending the outrageous pack of lies that is the "holocaust" is a full-time job. We must always be vigilant against hate facts and evil reality. Question this kosher snow job and go to prison. Disturb some debris left over from the Soviet rebuilding process and you might get ten years in a gulag.

Two British teenagers have been arrested for stealing items that belonged to concentration camp victims at Auschwitz.

Oy, literally stealing from the precious dead chosen that went up a chimney! Punish those goyim!

The 17-year-olds were on a history trip to the infamous killing camp with The Perse School, a private school in Cambridge that charges £15,423 a year fees, when they were caught digging for items belonging to former inmates.

We can assume these evil-doers represent the steadily vanishing White "gentile" population of the United Kaliphate.

Suspicious guards spotted the youngsters and searched them, to discover they had taken shards of glass, buttons, a hair clipper and bits of metal.

These are holy relics of our state religion. This flotsam and jetsam left behind by communists is proof that not-sees killed the precious six million.

They faced a possible 10 years in prison for the thefts, but Polish police said they are likely to be released in the next 48 hours, once they have paid a fine.

A decade in prison for disturbing the sacred jew pocket lint sounds about right.

A spokesman for the school said the sixth form pupils have apologised 'unreservedly' for taking a the items, which they said they had 'picked up without thinking' from the grounds.

The wailing and flagellation can now begin. We're so sorry jew enemy! Please don't use your complete control of our government to ruin our lives!

Chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust Karen Pollock MBE said they were appalled by the incident. She said: 'This is absolutely shocking and shows gross disregard to the memory of the Holocaust.

The main White issue: trying to survive the coming demographic destruction of our homelands and the endless campaign of hateful propaganda aimed at encouraging White genocide. The main jew issue: some punk kid stole a button.

'Every single artefact found at Auschwitz-Birkenau tells a story of the more than a million people who were ruthlessly murdered by the Nazis there and this incident serves to show why our work is crucial now more than ever.

Tells a story is right, as in "You wouldn't believe how big the fish was!"

So very, very precious.

'We have a duty to educate the next generation to prevent ignorance and hate, and in over 15 years of organising for thousands of British teenagers to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau, we have never known of such an incident.'

We have a duty to brow-beat Europe's shrinking White population with Soviet tall tales. Usually the good little goyim just silently absorb the abuse.

He added: 'We understand they have explained that they picked up the items without thinking, and they have apologised unreservedly for the offence they have given, and expressed real remorse for their action.'

They're groveling like crazy in the face of a lengthy prison term. Imagine that.

'The whole party was deeply aware of the scale of the tragedy associated with Birkenau and the other camps of the Holocaust.

We were loading them up with Right Think. I don't know what went wrong.

The items were found in the ground around the storage warehouses in the 'Canada' section of the camp, Polish news website Radio Poland reported.

Remember when nawrt-zee Germany conquered Canada and sent all its jews here? 

Around 1.5 million people, mainly European Jews, were gassed, shot, hanged or burned at Auschwitz during the war.

Trust us, it happened.

The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum was founded in 1947 and has over 80,000 British visitors each year.

In unrelated news, Great Britainistan is limping toward history's ash heap.