Warning the Pugilists

Please watch the following amazing video.

It's Spring Break in Miami, and fists are flying. 

Spring Break, everyone! Wooooo!!! Get ready to "party hardy" in South Beach. I bet it won't be ruined by a failed branch of humanity we're forced to share our country with.

A shocking video has emerged on social media over the weekend showing a colossal brawl involving dozens of scantily-clad women in South Beach. 

I know, I was surprised, too. Idiotic and destructive behavior from the mule of the world, a creature normally known for its reserved nobility and not needin' no man. Hottentots clash in a preview of the coming all against all, bloated shit-colored creatures straight from a nightmare engage in brawl ridiculous. Not exactly the fantasy suggested by "dozens of scantily clad women." More like African wildlife completely returning to their bestial condition, despite 100 billion shekels tossed into this vile chasm in the last year alone. Maybe this whol…

Associated with the Incident

"Diversity," defined as fewer Whites in everything and a tempestuous sea of identical brown waste, is our greatest strength. We benefit in immeasurable ways from the presence of dark aliens who hate us and see our generosity as the jew-coerced weakness it truly is. The biggest problem is "terrorism" from the "extreme right wing." We need to give up a lot more rights. The last thing we want is a replay of an incident that's already been overshadowed by a fresh batch of mudslime pathology. Turn in your guns, monitor your speech and thoughts. It's worth the sacrifice in service of this talmudic paradise we're creating. The great replacement continues.

A gunman killed three people and wounded five on a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht on Monday morning in what the mayor said appeared to be a terror attack, touching off a manhunt that saw heavily armed officers with dogs zero in on an apartment building nearby.

Another "gunman," presumabl…

Separate Attacks

I have decided to start my own religion. It will be called "White Supremacy Lamb" which, when translated from ancient Hyperborean, means "complete submission to whatever we tell you." I plan on opening our first church in Jerusalem. The local jewish population will be expected to pay for this, as well as giving us hand-outs and endless appeasement. I'm a "refugee" fleeing "war." I will reward this suicidal generosity from the semites by endlessly preaching violence toward the "shit people," the phrase our Holy Books use to describe non-believers. We will expect to have our endless bad behavior at the expense of our long-suffering host excused, downplayed or simply ignored and any criticism outlawed as White Supremacy Lamb-o-Phobia. We'll also mount several loudspeakers on the building which will loudly spew the strident "Prayer Time" announcement five, no ten, times a day. The talmudvision will explain that we're …

Massive and Hate-Filled

With the end of the disastrous jewish century and the beginning of a new era of Nationalist sanity competing with globalist nihilism, Europe stands at a crossroads. In the East there are many signs of hope and even the West is beginning to show signs of life after being mercilessly pummeled by the international chosenite financier for decades. France is in the middle of civil war, Italy has voted to stop the "refugee" suicide by a thousand cuts, and in Holland we have a story of ordinary outraged Whites resisting the semitic rot.

The small northern town of Urk has been rocked by riots of Urk youths.

Those crazy "youths" and their wacky pranks. But hold up, Darnell! I guess the degenerate p.o.s. who wrote this clunky line doesn't own a kosher style handbook, because it turns out the "youths" are Whites who have had their fill of "immigration" and the problems that must accompany waves of worthless brown inferiors descending on your ancient hom…

Vanished in Guatemala

The naked body of missing British backpacker Catherine Shaw was found on the side of a mountain yesterday, one week after she vanished in Guatemala.

Another forgotten victim of jew-promoted suicide tourism for childless White women. Visit dangerous mud world holes, you piece of unclean meat. Think of the amazing opportunities to interface with the vibrant diversity presently invading across an open border (someone has to work in all those new factories, don't be a wacky nut) in their own soiled nest. It's hard to imagine what could go wrong when a delusional blonde shiksa meets future American citizens and work units for the Trump Tower floor mopping patrol. Yup, just found the naked body.

It is believed she hiked up a peak overlooking Lake Atitlan to see the sunrise.

This is your purpose, gentile filth: to stare slack-jawed at the rising sun before being raped and murdered by la-teen-oh sewage. You definitely should not be having White children. It's bad for the environme…

Shocking Insight

We need a lot more people to work in all the new factories we should be getting. This means moving the entire population of the worst available mud pits into our neighborhoods and hoping the magical soil of the Land of the Fee will magically transform failed branches of humanity into good little workers for my booming economy and its record low "African-American" unemployment. If you're thinking "I don't care about making plutocrat chosenite bastards slightly more wealthy, I don't want my country destroyed by alien inferiors," I regret to inform you that you are "racist." Please report to your local Minilove to face your worst nightmares and be completely broken. For the rest of us with the Right Opinions, let's discuss how to move criminal monsters from the Congo into our rapidly dying ancestral lands. You're not some "wacky nut job" who thinks we can't miracle these tar monsters into good little Trump Tower window washe…

Muh Democracy: Illegal Alien Voting Rights

Every night I sincerely thank the awesome g*d who didn't pick me or anyone I love that our government is back cranking out wisdom and light after the terrifying "shutdown." First we got a desperately needed White Man Bad proclamation and we all waited with bated breath to see what would follow. Forcing Whites to bow down to a hat on the ground that belongs to the traveling merchant? War with Iran? Voting rights for foreign looters? Guess what, one of those isn't a joke.

The elected criminals have made the next logical step in the transformation of our ancestral homeland into a strident and ugly globalist bazaar. Any brown animal able to break the plane of our undefended border (It's not really a emergency, gasp, wheeze) should be able to negate the voice of the legacy population in our proud tradition of snout-counts. The wetback filth who just collapsed on our side of the rusty chain-link fence (So much winning) is every bit as American as you, probably a lot mo…

Weaponized Hate

I'm sure glad our wise and noble government, the mighty protector of Israel and globalist jew plutocrats, is back up and running. It's doing a lot of good, let me tell you. We have a vital people race to win, after all, especially now with record low "African-American" unemployment and the danger of wages possibly rising as a result. Better import the entire mud world, it's fine as long as it's "legal." Nationalism is our creed, America First in all things, we might get some rusty fence eventually, send in the brown aliens in service of muh economy. This is the voice of the voiceless. We were promised something new, he has shown himself to be no different than all the rest. Now, let's get going condemning Whites and pushing for Thought Crime laws in response to the actions of an 80 I.Q. tar black moon cultist alien. Stop it, I can only take so much "winning."

The House passed a resolution condemning anti-Semitism and other forms of hatr…

Open Border Mud Flood

President Trump has done a fantastic job keeping his campaign promises. At least I think so, I'm pretty sure those well-worn stickers on my car say things like "100 Billion Shekels for the Negro" and "Israel Loyalty Oaths for our Criminal Government." Maybe they don't, my memory isn't what it used to be, but the important thing is we're Making America Great Again. Letting those "non-violent" drug offenders out of prison, for example, pure fifty dimensional chess. It earned a lot of good will; the fraud news is still praising it and we get the added bonus of irredeemable negro scumbags "reunited with their families." Yes Mr. President, you have definitely proven you're not "racist" and that you're no friend to any normal White person, good job. Now you can savor a Mitt Romney-style defeat to whatever brown biped the Evil Party vomits out for the next election. I know I won't be voting.

Meanwhile, on our open …

Sinecure Gone Wrong

We should start seeing tangible and measurable improvement from the "African-American" any day now, especially after dumping 100 billion shekels into this yawning chasm. One more failed program, one more display of pathetic groveling before the dangerous inferior, one more systematic privilege, one more denial of reality coerced by semitic threats, maybe "repp-ah-mah-ray-shuns" for muh slavery and the dark millstone around our necks will become the mighty strength that it is on the talmudvision and in Harvey Weinstein films. How about giving shit-colored criminals do-nothing positions? What could possibly go wrong?

A man who worked to prevent violence and conflict on Louisville's streets as part of the Cure Violence program was arrested last week after police said he raped and choked a woman.

Poison was the cure.

Dwight M. Taylor, 36, was arrested Friday in connection with a Feb. 16 incident in which he is alleged to have raped a woman at her home and choked her…

The Coordinated Attack of Foreign Invaders

The French port of Calais plunged into chaos after over 100 migrants stormed a ferry bound for the UK in what police are calling a “coordinated attack.”

Or, as we also call this sort of thing in Western Europe, "weekdays."

A mob of migrants broke through a high-security area, and using dinghies and ladders, managed to charge aboard a DFDS Seaways-owned vessel after its arrival from Dover, with some climbing to the top of the ship’s exhaust funnel and others hiding in the ventilation system, the Daily Mail reports.

We want cuck island! While France descends into open civil war against its criminal government the nightmare animals seek the green pastures of Albion. Dangerous inferiors crawl into ventilation systems. Please don't die in there, that would break my heart.Moe-ham-head down an exhaust funnel, the fundamental transformation Europe must make to survive. Jews will be at the center of this process.

The port was temporarily closed, stranding some ships at sea and for…

Hate Pollen

There are two types of hate crimes. The more common variety is the cynical hoax, the "Hey rabbi..." incidents of vandalism, the forced removal of muh hijab, the noose Nigerians in Chiraq and all the rest. Then you have the other version, which has been growing at an alarming rate in our dying nation. No, it's not "real ones that actually happened." This particular societal Saint Vitus dance involves the mistaking of ordinary items for "racism" by primitive minds taught to see this imaginary menace everywhere by the jew. Shoelaces become lynching implements, a banana peel is "hate," a microscope cover is a "klan" hood and now we have the unknown horrors of botanical processes.

The mayor of a South Carolina town believed she was the target of a hate crime after cars belonging to her and her husband were dusted with a mysterious, “yellow, sticky substance.” 

The monsters are coming to South Carolina. The mysterious yellow sticky substa…

He is Alive

The new leader of one of the most prominent neo-Nazi groups in the U.S. is a black activist who wants to dismantle the group from the inside, The Associated Press reports. 

The absolute state of American nawzees. This bizarre group, which was always entirely about individual pathology and mental illness rather than any coherent political position, will not be mourned. Rest in peace, costumed clowns providing false opposition and a convenient anti-White scapegoat, your new negro Führer has decided you are no longer useful idiots. The future is a war of ideas and images and a kosher-approved mental defective stretching his 1933 cosplay to the breaking point with a giant beer belly while yelling inanities is not the winning product.

James Hart Stern is the new leader of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), a neo-Nazi group being sued for its involvement in violence during the white nationalist "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Va.,in 2017.

We were not ready to step …

The Cookie Monster

Lazy dishonesty protected by direct threats to whatever future you might have is very much the coin of the realm in our rapidly dying homeland. These are lies as humiliation: you're expected to agree with something anyone but an idiot can see is false in a ugly show of naked force and contempt. Yes, that negro is my equal, please don't destroy me, jew. Maybe the endless abasement will purchase some goodwill and besides, I still have a lot to lose, not realizing it's already gone. Meanwhile, the search for a "feel good" story about the dangerous inferior goes wrong as if it was a robbery or something. It turns out the latest magic simian messiah wasn't really the wise and generous evolutionary throwback observed only on the talmudvision and in Harvey Weinstein films.

A Good Samaritan who bought a freezing Girl Scout troop's entire $540 supply of cookies has been arrested on drug dealing charges just days after a photo of him posing with two of the young gir…