Friday, May 22, 2015

Michael Brown Died for Your Sins

There's a reason why Whites are abandoning the western JUDEO-christian church and it's not just because a sincere faith interferes with jew-promoted materialism, careerism, feminism, the sodomite agenda and all the other spiritual pathogens being promoted in our modern world. Simply put, most churches are a cultural marxist embarrassment chasing the latest secular evils and ignoring the tradition and timelessness that's the main appeal of organized Christianity. We get sermons on "social justice," on bringing in the fuzzies from the darkest parts of Africa, on why the sodomite degeneracy is perfectly normal and fine, on why we must die for Israel and take down the cross because it offends the jew. Suffice it to say, very few Whites find this message compelling. Poz doesn't fill pews, marxist lies don't generate many tithes. In the latest bit of blasphemous insanity a female preacher compares cigar thief Michael Brown to Christ.

An Episcopal Church minister in Virginia declared in a sermon that God “became Michael Brown,” the black teen who was shot and killed by a police offer in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Anglican Church is always the gold standard for suicidal madness much like the United Kaliphate that spawned it. A huge negro animal attacks a Hindu, then a police officer and finally gets "limited." Truly this was the son of god.

Sarah Kinney Gaventa, associate rector at St. Paul’s church in Ivy, Virginia, was preaching last Sunday about Peter’s confession of Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

"Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law." 1 Corinthians 14:34

“The God we love came to disrupt the power structures of the world that tells us what we are worth. He is a living God, who loved us so much and was so grieved by our inability to love him and one another, that he was willing to become human.

I thought it had something to do with forgiving our sins, but if a jezebel spirit in a satanic false church that's hemorrhaging membership says it, it must be true.

"Son of God" battles Hinduism, turns violence into cigars.

“He became Michael Brown. He became the victim of our sin, so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice each other any more. His sacrifice should have been the last. His sacrifice was enough for us.”

After not doing anything our savior and aspiring rapper walked down the center of a street. He extended his hands toward the heavens and begged the "races" officer not to shoot. Then he gave up the ghost so that White guilt might be forgiven.

In a commentary published at, Schilling wrote: “Gaventa’s final remarks caused silent outrage, as she equated Michael Brown to Jesus, implying that Brown, like Christ, was a sacrifice for our sin,” he wrote. 

Silent outrage, the only kind normal Whites are capable of producing, when we're not running, groveling, apologizing or appeasing. 

“We don’t know exactly what happened between (officer) Darren Wilson and Michael Brown; we have not yet heard the full story. But the shooting has tapped into underlying feelings of injustice about how black men are treated by police all over our country and those concerns are certainly backed by data,” she said.

The willful denial of reality that is found in White useful idiots.

The glazed over expression of a White do-gooder completely insulated from the consequences of her actions.

“I think the problem of racism is so deeply ingrained in us that we aren’t even aware of our bias. We shoot unarmed young black men, we suspend young black boys because deep down, we are afraid of them. Call it white privilege, call it systemic racism, whatever it is, we are infected,” she said.

Must be the boogeyman of "racism" causing all the negro pathology. Five hundred years ago it was black magic and witchcraft, now it's this nonsense. 

The Ferguson Police Department says Brown, a suspect in a strong-arm convenience store robbery minutes before the incident, struggled to get the officer’s gun and was fatally shot attacking him. Brown’s accompanying friend claims the 6’4″ nearly 300 pound 18-year-old, who was unarmed, was raising his hands in surrender when he was killed.

It was all a lie. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

More Rand Paul Idiocy

We're not going to democracy our way out of the current racial, spiritual and financial mess. The Republican party is not your friend, it's just the long shadow trailing after tyranny, the careerists that support whatever the nation wreckers were calling for ten years ago. Unless a candidate says "I support White people" in simple, straightforward language, no innuendo or read between the lines nonsense, they don't. Consider Loser Party fringe candidate Rand Paul, once hailed by some White nationalists as the elusive "One Good One" from the side of the aisle that cashes checks and loses on any issue of importance. After all, he stood up to a national spy network, offering timid criticism of this unbelievable Orwellian attack on our rights. And his daddy once real talked about the negro. In a news letter. In the 1980s. Certainly his son would know the score when it comes to racial reality. As it turns out, that's not the case.

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul says he will bash Hillary Clinton over her husband’s record of putting “a generation of black men in prison” if he is the nominee.

The first rule of Black Privilege is that the negro is never responsible for its own behavior. Must have been the bloated venal gasbag from Arkansas locking up good boys and aspiring neurosurgeons who clearly didn't do anything. Let them all loose on society, it's the right thing to do. Again, this is a semi-legitimate Loser Party contender. He's running on a platform of ignoring negro crime, promoting foreign invasion and prison amnesty. The White Man's candidate, finally "One of Us," vote for Libertarian insanity!

“If I were the nominee, we will compete in Philadelphia,” he told CBS radio talk show host Dom Giordano at the National Constitution Center.

All that matters is winning the right to rule over ruins. If you have to say and believe the most moronic and destructive ideas, so be it. You don't want blue to beat red, do you? We must be the big tarp, pulled over a massive pile of shit.

“I’ll ask Hillary Clinton, what have you done for criminal justice? Your husband passed all the laws that put a generation of black men in prison. Her husband was responsible for that,” he said.

Get rid of those laws against rape and murder! Turn loose brown animals. Vote Republican.

As president, Clinton signed the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which gave states fiscal incentives to enact tougher sentencing laws.

This is, of course, "bad" because we all know the negro is a being of pure light and goodness that sometimes needs to turn the life around before becoming a rapper or basketball player. Seriously punishing non-White crime is "races." Let's explore alternatives to prison, like ignoring the pathology and hoping it will stop on its own.

Paul noted that in some predominantly African-American communities such as Ferguson, Mo., there are substantially fewer black men than women because so many black men are incarcerated.

Must be the fault of tyrannical laws and a lack of free markets, right Libertarians? Low I.Q., poor impulse control, lack of future orientation, bastardy, negro appeasement...couldn't be any of that, no way. That's "hate."

He's secretly on our side!

He touted bills he has introduced with Democratic support that would give judges more discretion in handing out sentencing and would reduce penalties for non-violent drug offenses.

Nothing says "non-violent" like drug cartels. Also, let's have more book reports as punishment for "bored" negroes attacking Whites.

“I’ll also ask her what she’s going to do for poor people in Philadelphia. I have a specific plan that would dramatically lower the taxes for people who live in zip codes of poverty and high unemployment. I would leave billions of dollars in Philadelphia over 10 years. What’s Hillary Clinton going to do?” he said.

I don't think they pay taxes on their EBT cards and Obama phones, Senator. 

A spokeswoman for Correct the Record, a rapid-response group aligned with Clinton's campaign, argued Paul was engaging in partisan attacks. 

More like engaging in full-blown mental collapse, but please respond marxists. 

"Hillary Clinton has continuously fought for a criminal justice system that is fair and balanced by cosponsoring legislation to end racial profiling, fighting for community policing through the COPs program, and presenting bold ideas on how we can work together to fix the inequities in our current system," Mary Rutherford Jennings, deputy communications director for the group, said in a statement.

Don't worry, the lesbian witch also supports a policy of encouraging crime from brown animals. 

The other side of the same shekel.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Mask of "Diversity" Slips

Diversity means fewer Whites. This is accomplished through everything from preventing the birth of White children through careerism, jewish feminism, abortion and the sodomite evil to eliminating existing Whites by direct violent attacks from the same brown alien we've shown unbelievable generosity towards. Diversity is White genocide. As the West dies our enemies have become more and more brazen about their true goals and now they're simply calling for dead Whites. The response, of course, is cowardice, appeasement, "dialogues" and a general refusal to admit we're in a war for survival and we're losing badly.

A Welfare and diversity officer at the centre of a racism row could be Sacked after she allegedly urged 'Kill All White Men' from an official university Twitter account.

Welcome to the last days of the United Kaliphate, where mystery meat scumbags use official channels to call for the murder of Whites. Maybe this mentally defective outsider will be fired. Maybe. You have to wonder what an anti-White has to do in order to lose their sinecure position. Certainly demanding more White victims of "minority" pathology won't do it.

Bahar Mustafa, Vice-President for Welfare and Diversity at Goldsmiths Student Union, first sparked fury last month when she appeared to ban all white people and men from an 'equality' event.

This I totally agree with. Whites have no business legitimizing State Religion madness with our support. We all know "equality" is just a pack of lies intended to destroy White nations. It's good that this is now being openly ceded by our enemies. Maybe this will even wake up a few slumbering Whites.

But Ms Mustafa later defended her actions by saying it is not possible for her to be racist because she is an "ethnic minority woman" who can not "stand to gain from inequality".

"There's no way I can gain from being anti-White. Well, back to my Stalinist "job" that pays me to howl and wail about killing Whitey."

Mystery meat head-case wants dead Whites on the altar of "diversity."

However, the student has been embroiled in yet further outrage after she allegedly tweeted from the official Goldsmiths Student Union Welfare and Diversity Officer Twitter account with the hashtag #KillAllWhiteMen.

This is what tolerance and the endless appeasement of a brown horde that wants us violently dead purchases. An alien that derives endless benefits from squatting in a White nation shows gratitude by calling for our destruction. Will there be a "Diversity Officer" position when Whites are gone and mo-ham-headans totally control Britainistan? All signs point to no. This alien will be wife #17 for a mudslime warlord. "Come back Whitey, I'm so sorry!"

Her alleged actions have led to an online petition being launched - and so far reaching 1,500 signatures - calling for her to be removed from her job.

The sad White resistance. Scream for our extinction from the rooftops and we barely notice. After all there's coal black football on the telly and a warm kosher pint in hand. There will always be an England. Go back to sleep.

The Twitter account in question has since been closed.

Toss it all down the memory hole. Eliminate incompetence, pretend it never happened. Watch those negroes kick that ball, aren't they amazing?

But she defended her use of the hashtags, including #KillAllWhiteMen, as nothing more than "in-jokes" about the ways in which "many people in the queer feminist community express ourselves".

It's just the way profoundly broken mentally defectives express themselves. Perfectly normal. Stop being so uptight about spiritual cancer and your own dispossession and destruction.

She added: "It's a way of reclaiming the power from the trauma many of us experience as queers, women, people of colour, who are on the receiving end of racism, misogyny and homophobia daily."

More like on the receiving end of pathetic appeasement, hand-outs, kosher lies that paint you in the most favorable light possible and suicidal altruism from people you openly hate daily.

Ms Mustafa has been also been accused of oppressing the voices of disabled people, an allegation she denies.

Please hurry up and die United Kaliphate.

She added that she has received racist and sexist abuse, and even death threats, since she gained media attention.

There's an incredibly small number of Whites who displayed token resistance while meekly slouching to the grave. We need more hate laws!

 Full Story.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend in Chicongo: 49 Shot

Negro lives matter. They matter when they can be used as a biological weapon against Whites by the jew, when they can be used to attack our rights and our persons. They matter when it's time for free medical care paid for by White tax-payers. They matter when you turn on the electronic synagogue and see nothing but brown faces. For the negro, their lives and those of others couldn't be more worthless. While our kosher enemy is pretending there's great value in this failed race for political purposes and Whites are displaying pathological altruism toward the genetic alien they're engaging in tribal warfare. Standing on a corner or sitting in a "whip" could prove fatal to the "African American," its valuable existence ended by its fellow animals.

Two men were killed and at least 47 other people — including an 81-year-old woman — were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

All out war in a city with no future. When the Whites are gone, taking their evil "racism" that creates civilization and prosperity with them, this is what remains. Very important negro lives ended by hot lead, stone age creatures holding guns in malformed hands. The content of their character, the endless winter, a world without Whites.

About 12:10 a.m. Monday, a man was killed and another man was critically wounded in a South Shore neighborhood shooting.

We let these monsters vote. We give them handouts. We pretend they're human. This is the insanity of our time.

Morial Ewing, 28, of the 8100 block of South Bennett, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene at 12:40 a.m., according to police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Age 28 "teen" turned into fertilizer, its rich and vibrant life cut tragically short. Who knows what crimes this piece of shit might have committed?

The other man, 29, was shot in the chest and leg and was taken in critical condition to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, police said.

Now Whites will struggle at great expense to save this turd. You'll get the bill.

Kosher madness in the Chicago Plantation. 

About midnight Saturday, Ronnie Montgomery, 24, was found on the sidewalk in the 1300 block of West Hastings, authorities said. He had been shot in the chest and shoulder.

70 I.Q. hominid found sprawled out on a sidewalk after being made more aerodynamic by a rival tribe.

The 81-year-old great-grandmother, Iola Burress, was shot about 5 p.m. Friday, just minutes after viewing the body of her recently deceased daughter at a South Side funeral home.

The content of their character.

Iola Burress, 81, survived being shot four times, relatives told the Sun-Times. Her 34-year-old grandson, Sylvester Burress, was also shot in the drive-by attack in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood.

You have to wonder how much money was taken from Whites and given to this modern version of Harriet Tubman over its long life. Pay to pull bullets out of its hide, feed and house it, pay for its bastard brood, receive nothing but hatred for your endless sacrifices to a failed race.

Chicago Police said that Iola Burress and her grandson were standing outside in the 7800 block of South Carpenter when they were shot by someone who was in a passing white SUV.

Standing around outside, the most dangerous activity a negro can engage in other than sitting in a car.

A 24-year-old man was shot in both legs and his abdomen in the 2900 block of East 78th Place, police said. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was listed in serious condition.

Police said the man was not cooperating with investigators.

Negro doesn't "snitch" to the "five oh." Why is this living sewage in our country? 

The shooting happened about three blocks from the fatal shooting in the 7800 block of South South Shore Drive, but police could not immediately say if the two shootings are related.

It's a very rich tapestry, that's for sure.

At least 44 other people have been shot across the city since 1:55 p.m. Friday.

Genetic determinism and its consequences. We're not going to wish it away, or correct it with pathetic groveling and negro appeasement. The answer is their removal. 

The next Detroit.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Science Goy

Science, like everything in our dead nation, has been co-opted by the State Religion of jew-run cultural marxism. This apparatus decides what is and is not acceptable and the truth, as always, is no defense. Findings that are considered kosher include "climate change" and the stripping away of rights and all-out attack on the remaining middle class Whites it demands and a childlike belief in equality, in the face of massive DNA evidence to the contrary. The new scientific method in the West is very different from that old one created by evil dead White males. First, come up with a conclusion that will be approved by the criminal jews in charge. Second, do some sort of experiment or study (this is optional, feel free to skip this step). Third, start raking in the shekels by parroting the marxist party line on the talmudvision and in front of student loan victims.

Graduation day at Rutgers University is a chance for students to relax after four years of college and celebrate with family and friends before entering the real world.

A time for nappy-headed hoes to get dem nails did and sip on dat sizzurp and prepare for the White hand-outs and promotions into jobs they're totally unqualified to hold and for Whites to wonder how they're going to pay the massive debt owed to the always generous Merchant of America.

Or, when Bill Nye is the keynote speaker, it's a reminder that the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere is rising and its future may be a "no-way-out overheated globe."

Global pollution map clearly implicates Whites in "Climate Change."

"It's a heavy topic, but it's something that was necessary to address," said Jesse Bagley, who graduated with a bachelor's degree in science and biomedical engineering. "He's right. We all have an opportunity to make a choice as far as that goes, so it was something that we needed to hear."

I can't wait to start giving up my rights. 

Nye urged students to challenge those who dismiss climate change. The scientific consensus on climate change is as strong as the consensus that smoking causes cancer, he said.

We used to call it "global warming" but since that house of cards collapsed it now has a new name that's pretty much impervious to being disproved. The climate is changing! Get rid of your car and flush toilet!

It was "global cooling" once, too.

"Climate change is a real deal," he said. "So, hey deniers — cut it out, and let's get to work."

Let's have more blind faith and less questioning of Holy Mother Church. 

It's to be expected that any graduation speaker will plug their own politics, said Michael Bruchert, who earned a degree in journalism and media studies.

"Just like I'm supposed to plug my own far-left idiocies when I join the dinosaur media."

"I learned from Bill Nye probably more than any other science class because he is so awesome, and I was was so excited to see him speak today," Bruchert said.

"White man bad." It's totally rad, yo!

Along with talking about climate change, Nye encouraged students to vote and briefly mentioned racial conflict, saying skin color is a consequence of ultraviolet light, latitude and climate.

Caused by geography, the weather and evil White "racism."

"There really is no such thing as race," Nye said.

This is science. Please ignore all the research on human genetics and DNA. It's not real, just ignore it and the negro will become a sun-tanned White person with a flat nose, giant lips, burry hair and tiny frontal lobes.

"We all came from Africa. We are all of the same stardust. We are all going to live and die on the same planet, a Pale Blue Dot in the vastness of space. We have to work together."

This is religion. Blind faith in the death cult of our time. We're from stars and all equal. We're all negroes. Bow to the cultural marxist altar. Bow to the jew.

He also offered some lighter advice. "If you smell fresh paint, don't walk under the ladder, somebody is up there with a wet pain brush," he said. "Wear good shoes in a thumbtack factory and don't try to smoke in the rain. In fact, don't smoke at all, ever."


How about some real advice? Learn a trade. Don't fall into the kosher student loan debt trap. Build wealth instead of chasing after materialism. Turn off the electronic synagogue. Get in shape. Learn to fight. Be armed. Avoid the negro areas. Have White children.

 Goofy goy denies reality, gets paid.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Ravings of Madwoman Indistinguishable from Mainstream "Anti-Racist" Rhetoric

Cultural marxism is a mental illness. For our enemies it's the delusional belief that removing the only race in the entire world that shows tolerance and acceptance toward outsiders is somehow going to improve their lot in the world. Destroy White civilization and things will get better. Somehow. Just like in Sudan or Latin America. All against all, not a coffee-colored paradise, awaits. For Whites it's a suicidal insanity, pathological altruism raised to the level of self-negation. This sick self-hatred is endlessly pounded into us via the talmudvision, the criminal government, publik schmuels and kosher debt-generating colleges. The result is Whites calling for their own destruction, their deranged and pathetic ravings no different from what you'd hear out of the mentally ill.

A schizophrenic woman snuck up behind an Arlington Stop and Shop cashier and put a knife to his throat on Tuesday, according to police.

Just another scene from a dead nation, nothing to see here. Hold on, there's a lot more to this.

After her arrest, she allegedly told police, “I want black people to start an armed rebellion against white oppression.”

Institutions and "meds" or a a position in the mainstream dinosaur media? There's less of a difference between the human wreckage in these two areas than you might think. A mentally defective woman repeats marxist talking points while foaming at the mouth and menacing people with a knife. Get her a show on MSNBC. That or a restraint chair, whichever.

Elaine Koenig, 55, of Arlington, also said she only meant to call attention to her cause by making a scene, and never actually intended to harm anyone.

Yes, this lunatic is no different from the "activists" who stage phony hate crimes that could have happened or call for our cities to be burned in the name of "justice." It's fine because the end goal of White genocide always justifies the means. Give this nut-job room to destroy.

Gary Busey?

Her alleged intention to start a race war with violence bears eerie resemblance to the “Helter Skelter” end-times pseudo-prophecy of the infamous Manson Family, which inspired them to murder seven people in the late ‘60s in California.

It bears eerie resemblance to the "narratives" presented by our State Religion. Madness or the mainstream? It's getting very difficult to tell the difference.

However, as Koenig was only approximately 9 years old when Charles Manson’s disciples stormed the home of actress Sharon Tate in 1969, it is unlikely that there is any direct affiliation.

Hearing the exact same anti-White depravity on the electronic synagogue every night is the "direct affiliation" this article is very careful not to mention.

Koenig was yelling “War Against Race!” all the while, according to police.

The terminal illness of a dying nation. A broken mind parroting the words of a broken country.

Following her arrest, police were made aware of her history of schizophrenia.

We might never have guessed it otherwise. You're just an ordinary anti-White, maybe a little wilder than most, right? The only argument against White Nationalism is the argument of a schizophrenic.

Full Story.

The political platform of the mentally defective.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

As Worthless As a Tubman

When the communist is in control the purpose of propaganda is not to convince people communism is good and they should follow it. There's secret police, snitches, kommissars, starvation campaigns, "anti-semitism" laws and gulags for that. The purpose of the campaign of deceit is to humiliate and demoralize, to present the most ridiculous lies and attacks on the majority, always with the implied "What are you going to do about it, goyim?" So it is in the U.S.S.A. Rewrite our history to include constant references to great leader. Lie about the past, demonize the heroes and uplift the villains and scum. What are we going to do about it, indeed. White nation or destruction, those are the choices.

Harriet Tubman could be the new face of the $20 bill, if more than 118,000 online voters have anything to say about it.

A worthless dead negress on our worthless dead currency. Get ready to push a wheelbarrow full of "Tubmans" through the streets of Weimar America, hoping to trade in this pile of jew counterfeit for a slice of bread.

Tubman, an abolitionist and conductor on the Underground Railroad, emerged as the winner in an online vote to suggest a woman to replace Andrew Jackson on the bill.

Let's replace the father of the modern presidency with a proto-communist negro nothing. Control the past, control the future. Worship the false gods of cultural marxism, goy.

We voted for a stack of rocks for the 100 Trillion.

The poll was conducted by the organization Women on 20s. Voters chose between four finalists -- Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, who came in second place with 111,227 votes, Rosa Parks, in third with 64,173 votes, and Cherokee Nation Chief Wilma Mankiller, who garnered 58,703 votes.

Sadly it doesn't look like we'll see the alien face of Miss Mankiller leering menacingly with some wagons burning in the background on our currency. Apparently the requirement for getting support in this poll was the woman in question had to be a dyke and a communist.

More than 600,000 people cast votes in the two rounds of the election.

That's really not that many for an online poll, but the howling, sobbing mob has clearly spoken. 

“Our paper bills are like pocket monuments to great figures in our history,” said Women on 20s executive director Susan Ades Stone. “Our work won’t be done until we’re holding a Harriet $20 bill in our hands in time for the centennial of women’s suffrage in 2020.”

"Our work won't be done until Whites are destroyed and all of America is burning."

The ultimate decision in selecting new bill designs lies with the Secretary of the Treasury Department.

Hopefully we'll soon have a wise dead negress on our federal reserve toilet paper. We'll pay that Chinese debt with bills depicting what they call "garbage people."

Inspiring economic confidence.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

African School Economics in Chicago

When our national credit rating was downgraded for the first time ever, a clear mile-marker on the highway to collapse we've been driving down since 1965, the reaction from our ruling criminals could best be described as denial. The mulatto sodomite assured us we were still a "Triple A" nation in our hearts, where it really matters. Forget the 18 trillion in sin debt, the worthless currency churned out by jewish bankers in the Federal Reserve, the large areas being annexed by Africa and Latin America. Everything is fine, go back to sleep. Entire cities died. Detroit has been carpet-bombed by the content of their character, a genetic disaster more devastating than an atomic bomb. Chicago is preparing to join it on the Midwest ash heap. The jewish plantation is broke, Whites tired of paying taxes to remove bullets from some negro's "booty" are fleeing and the endless winter is beginning. The body of the U.S.S.A. is prepared for disposal, riddled with the necrosis of spiritual sickness and "minority" pathology.

Moody's downgraded Chicago's credit rating down to junk level "Ba1" from "Baa2."

Pointing out the obvious cause of this new "junk" rating is "races." Let's pretend it was liberal policies and those dawg-gone Democrats says the loser party. Let's blame this all on Whites, says the cultural marxists. The only solution, removing the negro and la-teen-oh, is off the table because it's wrong and we don't want to be wrong and it's 2015.

The announcement, which the ratings agency released Tuesday afternoon, cited a recent Illinois court ruling voiding state pension reforms. Moody's said it saw a negative outlook for the city's credit.

In another decade Chicago should be indistinguishable from Detroit. That's about the most negative outlook you can have. Low intelligence, lack of future orientation, poor impulse control, bastardy and all the other rich and soulful elements of "diversity" have consequences. How long can Whites keep funding the predictable failures?

"Whether or not the current statutes that govern Chicago's pension plans stand, we expect the costs of servicing Chicago's unfunded liabilities will grow, placing significant strain on the city's financial operations absent commensurate growth in revenue and/or reductions in other expenditures," the agency said in a release.

A dismal forecast from the dismal science. Unless there's fewer negroes and other foreign invaders or more Whites, a once prosperous city of millions is doomed. 

This has economic consequences.

The firm said its downgrades could trigger up to $2.2 billion in accelerated payments on Chicago debt.  

How we bee makin' dem cellerated paymants, gnomesayin'? We ain't gots no chedda.

The jew plantation master.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Officer Brutalized by Negroes, Saved by Armed Citizen

A long war is ending in defeat. It's the war to control the negro, to somehow keep the same pathology that created the South Sudans of this world from overwhelming a White nation. In the final days of this doomed struggle we're being told it's wrong to try to stop the criminal animal from displaying the content of its character and our law enforcement is clearly taking this message to heart. No one wants to lose their place in the world over the actions of some "African American." Look the other way. Forget it, it's negro town.

A rookie officer, perhaps not knowing any better, attempted to control the rot under the new jewish rules of engagement and became a victim himself. Fortunately an armed bystander was there to stop the dindu nuffin gentle giant.

New information is coming out regarding the rookie Oklahoma City police officer who was beaten by a suspect with his own baton following a burglary on the northwest side of the metro.

The obvious question of why the officer didn't shoot the negro is going to be ignored by this article, but we all know the answer. We don't want another burning city. Negro privilege.

An armed witness may have been the only thing that kept that officer from a more serious beating, or worse.

Suffice it to say this story is not getting national attention. There won't be any "million" simian marches or speeches from racial con artists, no greasy tears on the electronic synagogue. This sort of story is what our enemy wants. A White officer nearly murdered by a worthless shit-colored savage. White lives don't matter.

The two suspects in the burglary, Tremaine and Jermaine Williams, are twin brothers. Police say Tremaine was already gone when they arrived, but Jermaine was there and when he saw the officers he took off on foot.

When they're not attacking or insisting on their innocence in broken English you get the Jesse Owens act. Typical negro behavior, as predictable as the sun rising.

Look at all the remorse. If you think these things are human you're insane.

During the chase the two officers became separated. Eller found himself alone when he caught up to Jermaine in a driveway of a nearby home and as he tried to place him under arrest, a fight ensued.

Hands up, don't shoot! Good job protecting that important black life, officer. We don't care if you die in the process. 

During the struggle, Jermaine was able to take Eller's police baton and then proceeded to strike him over the head somewhere between six and 12 times.

Unarmed teen. Good boy, turning the life around. On the way to see Grandma. Aspiring neurosurgeon or rapper. Wouldn't hurt anyone. Ready to go to college. Brought joy and sunshine with him everywhere.  

According to a report, that's when a witness nearby charged up with his weapon drawn and told Jermaine he would shoot him if he did not stop hitting Eller. That heroic witness has not been identified.

The reason you need to be armed. It might be up to you to save White police from negro attacks.

Both Tremaine and Jermaine Williams were eventually taken into custody and booked into the Oklahoma County jail Tuesday night.

Now the "races" justice system can administer some token punishment and get these worthless monsters back into society to cause more crime. Don't worry Whitey, you'll get the bill. In money and blood.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Negro Privilege

Whites have many special rights in the U.S.S.A. The right to pay taxes for the latest round of failed programs for the alien. The right to chase the materialism and careerism carrot while our own country is lowered into the cold earth of "diversity" and a jew counts the shekels. The right to be the official scape-goat for any and all "minority" failure. The right to be called names, vilified, mocked and attacked. Yes, there are many special privileges for a White population that is rapidly being displaced and destroyed. But what about the negro, the brown animal that must be discussed around the clock on kosher televised news? Today we're going to take an honest look at negro privilege. Let's unpack this highly visible shit-sack.

The negro is never responsible for its own behavior. Ever. It's always caused by "racism," the "legacy of slavery" or pilgrims. Over fifty years of failed negro appeasement hasn't even slightly mitigated this negro privilege. It's still Whitey causing them to soil their own nest. As long as one White person exists, that's who made the "African American" stupid, violent and unable to connect actions with consequences. When we're gone, they'll blame the grave. We tried so hard to prove we weren't "races," wasted so much money and shed so much blood and that will be the final insult. It's never the negro. It's you.

  I was so upset over what negro police did I stole toilet paper.

The negro doesn't have to live with its own kind in Africa. The American negro should thank whatever wooden idols their savage tribes worship for this privilege every single day. Lifted out of the all against all on jewish slave ships and brought to the land of White prosperity, far from the pathology the genetic alien generates when left completely to their own devices. Here even the albino is relatively safe, living without fear of being made into witchcraft amulets. They have all the benefits of White civilization, even as they bring it down through the content of their character. 

The negro can expect a life of hand-outs and free stuff, courtesy of the White tax-paying chump. From the E.B.T. to the Obama phones and $300 dollar Chinese sneakers purchased with welfare checks the almost unbelievable largesse just keeps coming. If you expect a thank you for this insane generosity, you'll be waiting forever. At best all this spending purchases sullen hostility. At worst, the Uncle Sucker card will fail to scan and our cities will go up in flames.

  Look at all the "diversity."

In the unlikely event the negro feels like working, that doesn't mean the giveaways have to stop. Even the most marginally "well-behaved negro" can expect to be promoted far above their abilities and be completely secure in this unearned position no matter how inept. Don't worry, Whites will cover the predictable failure, until their aren't any and it all crashes down like in Detroit or Baltimore. 

When the negro turns on the talmudvision they can expect to see their kind presented front and center. The telavivision negro is, of course, presented in the most glowing fashion possible, the smooth hero with the flat nose, the dedicated surgeon and lover of White women with no frontal lobes, the hip and cool scientist with a 70 I.Q. In contrast, Whites are portrayed as nerds, losers and "neo-nazi" criminals. Change the channel to the jew-controlled sports and expect a sea of brown, with a few White zookeepers in the mix. Watching the electronic synagogue you would think the U.S.S.A. was at least 50% negro, maybe more.

The negro is free to rant and rave about "killing dem pink people" and "White debils" with no consequences whatsoever. If anything they'll be rewarded. Just be careful Barkevious, there is one special group of "Whites" that you aren't allowed to criticize. Otherwise, feel free to hoot and holler at your long-suffering benefactors. We'll take the abuse and run and hide, because that's our failed survival strategy.

I could go on, but I think the point has been made. We support a failed race, give them special rights and endless "cash money" gibs me dats and there is no discernible improvement in their predictable behavior. The time for a half-slave (White tax payers) and half-free (negro tax suckers) country must end. We need our own White nation where the burden of this failed race and the jew that unleashed them can be removed. We need a White homeland.