The Actual Person

All lies matter. Whether it's tall tales about how a bitch-cloth will save you from the Kung Flu, Fentanyl Floyd kosher mythologies or the latest explosion of phony hate crimes, it's all very important in the planned jewish demolition of your homeland. You will be forced to agree with all these obvious deceits as a form of ritual humiliation. No one wants to miss out on the crumbs falling off the semitic plate to the dogs below. This slave scarf is keeping me healthy. A criminal negro who overdosed while in police custody is a hero. The monsters are here, spreading horrible "hate" against the innocent genetic aliens. Two and two is five. Just say it, what difference does it make? It's five. We'll destroy your life.

Police investigating racist messages left on a Texas A&M student’s car in June say all available evidence points to it being a hoax. 

I know, I was surprised, too. The default assumption in all these incidents should be it's a 70 I.Q. snow j…

Subsequent Racial Terror

Failed attempts to solve the genetic shortfalls of the "African-American" should inform all of our policies. We were so close to getting actual human behavior from these living fossils when the horrible "racism" from evil "five oh" led to more mindless pillaging from this worthless burden. Obviously, more needs to be done and it's impossible to say if the next destructive sacrifice to this failed race won't be the magical solution to pathology which can be traced directly back to foreign DNA. If you don't believe me, just ask g*d's chosen mayor who recently demonstrated amazing talmudic wisdom by allowing tar animals to destroy and now wants to give the criminal aliens shekels to make up for the time its tribe sold these animals into "muh slavery." Maybe we could also put out some of the fires, if there's any geld left.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, whose extended family were victims of the Holocaust, has said he supports repa…

You Never Win

We live in an era where the useful crisis seems to be activated by a semitic hand simply pulling a lever, so don't be surprised if we get a new completely manufactured outrage to waste energy on very soon. After all, the sodomite filth lost their special buggery month to the afromania and how about the wetback scum? We really need more focus on the poor and innocent illegal invaders who are facing horrible "racism" in the form of highly dubious incidents which later collapse completely. Today we'll look at yet another hate crime hoax that fell apart like an overstuffed burrito and then toss it on the pile with all the others. It wasn't real, again, but it could have been and this proves Whites are evil and deserve the planned jewish demolition of their homelands.

A man who claimed he received a hate-filled, racist letter from an anonymous person allegedly wrote the letter himself, Hermiston Police say.

A letter. In 2020. To some unimportant brown apparatchik. Are …

Judea Declares War on Wakanda

Yesterday we discussed the amazing story of an NFL negro who went off the "we wuz jewz an sheet" deep end. Suffice it to say, the demonic synagogue has proven much more proactive when it comes to direct threats to its power from worthless inferiors than the endlessly groveling White population who will endure nearly any humiliation to avoid conflict. The actual rulers of our dead nation have no such concerns and the full might of the moloch cult has been deployed against an uppity schwoogie who is already groveling and begging forgiveness from the poisonous mushroom. All animals are equal but some are much more equal.

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson apologized Tuesday afternoon for posting antisemitic quotes attributed to Adolf Hitler and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Has a tar monster ever apologized for anti-White comments even once in the last fifty years? My best guess is "no." Meanwhile, the proud lion of Ethiopia crawls on its belly in complete s…

A Serious Conversation

By tremendous popular demand, today's post is another submission from the Modern Levite. In the interest of amplifying marginalized voices it is presented with only minimal editing for spelling, clarity and logic. I feel this important statement by a black life that deeply matters deserves as wide an audience as possible so I'll meekly step to the back of the progressive stack and allow myself to be educated by a nigga body (Ah!)

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is being accused of anti-Semitism after sharing quotes attributed to Adolph Hitler on social media and voicing support for preacher Louis Farrakhan.

Shit, how are you mother fucking devils doing? Still wearing your bitch cloth, I hope. Too bad we can't cure your ossified pineal gland. I was going to holler at you suckers sooner, but this proud son of Wakanda has been busy pulling down statues, getting my loot on and spray painting walls to stop the hate from White devils. I done knocked over this dir…

Chiraq: Good at Math

We finally have the solutions to the genetically preordained failure of the negro: disbanding the police, releasing "non-violent" groids from our "overcrowded" prisons, endless wasteful programs, blaming Whites, groveling appeasement, blaming warm weather, giving completely impotent "enough is enough" speeches and ignoring the tribal warfare. After implementing this incredibly well-conceived "plan" to control the content of their character, we can only marvel at the staggering success we've had. For example, less than 80 simians were shot in the Chiraq all against all this weekend and only a few of the victims were under the age of ten.

Nearly 80 people have been shot in Chicago since Friday night this July 4th holiday weekend, and 15 of them have been killed. 

This is a tough break for our utopian goal of only 300 murders a year. While Vichy America was celebrating the founding of our dead nation, Replacement America was running wild in the …

NFL Death Watch: Systemic Oppression

120 million precious American bar codes have died from the flu hoax. Our cities are on fire. When you call the police you're going to get a dial tone. A drooling, senile half-dead child rapist is about to be installed by our jew masters in the highest office. Self-defense is now illegal. Our past is being erased. On the other hand, at least I have my Liberia Ball! Despite chicken little fears of a horrible plague that apparently selects its victims based on their politics, the Eritrea Eggball is coming back, better than ever. Grab that beer with the weird "U" on the bottle, collapse in front of the talmudvision and pull your pants down. It's time for a sickening worship session with the communist death cult.

"Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing," traditionally known as the Black national anthem, is expected to be performed live or played before every Week 1 NFL game, and the league is considering a variety of other measures during the upcoming season to recognize …

Remembering CHAZ

Seattle police stormed into the city’s protest zone early Wednesday morning, shortly after Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an executive order that demanded protesters leave the area, which has been occupied for more than two weeks.

As police flooded into the zone, protesters responded with chants and calls for them to leave. The protesters had erected barricades and occupied several blocks around a park and the east precinct of the Seattle Police Department after police fled, dubbing the zone the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP.

“Police issued the order to disperse around 5 a.m. local time Wednesday, telling protesters to leave within eight minutes,” Fox News reported. “At least 13 protesters have been arrested so far for failing to clear the area, police said.”

“Anyone who remains in the area, or returns to the area, is subject to arrest,” the Seattle Police Department wrote early Wednesday morning on Twitter.

The mayor’s order came after several shootings in the CHOP zone that left tw…

Nothing but Tears

Cowardice is not the answer. Several decades worth of fleeing, groveling, appeasing, paying, bleeding and dying to earn no goodwill whatsoever from the dark jewish biological weapons should prove this statement beyond any reasonable doubt. If you won't fight, you have no future. If you won't think for yourself the jew will do it for you and the poisonous mushroom does not have your best interests in mind. Our kosher enemy wants us completely destroyed and no amount of pathetic debasement is going to change this. The grave doesn't care that you were full of semitic "virtue," the scavengers feasting on the delicious eyeballs aren't impressed by your "activism." Our choice is to either resist the rot or accept destruction and meekly stagger toward the gallows funded by the merchant's shekels. Consider today's subject, but have your air sickness bag ready.

A former white supremacist who is now a proud BLM supporter cried happy tears after having …

Dear God and Dear Chicago

Once we abolish the police and completely erase our past we should start seeing discernible improvements in the "African-American" burden. The real problem was attempting to control their staggering pathology, to say nothing of statues for abolitionists. Left to their own devices, the tar monsters should immediately start building Wakanda. The tribal warfare is going to stop because we threw paint on a monument, just you watch. If you're still not scared enough to parrot this humiliation propaganda from jewish plutocrats, consider the impressive success story that is Chiraq. In the Midwest Mogadishu the precious nightmare monster lives matter more than ever.

Chicago police and community leaders are struggling for solutions after back-to-back weekends in which young children were shot and killed.

What could possibly be the answer to this bizarre aberration in the behavior of the normally polite and circumspect American negro? We're destroying our history as quickly as …

Imagine a Circumstance

We live in an age of dishonesty. We're being fed a steady diet of kosher lies, the more outrageous, the better. Our ruling criminals, the jewish money cabal, have decided the proud Soviet tradition of humiliating the goyim by making them parrot absurdities is back and better than ever. The entire system is completely hostile to White interests, but we are told there is "systemic racism" from people who wear sheets on weekends dominating from the shadows. The negro, we are assured, is a sun-tanned White who would start behaving like one if more appeasement (always more!) was provided. Meanwhile, Chiraq recorded another weekend of tribal warfare and every I.Q. test seems to be "biased" against the tar creature. Then we've got the phony hate crimes, events so completely ludicrous in both their execution and supposed intent that it's obvious to anyone but an idiot we're dealing with hoaxes, but we must talk in our serious voice about the vile spectral a…

The Respect for Humanity

In the Midwest Moscow the long kosher war against "racism" continues, targeting evil dead abolitionists and elected sodomites. It's clear that these amazing heroes are bringing about "justice" with this insane and destructive tantrum. Afromania means freedom and dignity. If you're still not convinced, did you know that a mystery meat whose appearance calls to mind the tan slaves promised by the talmud was set on fire (but remarkably undamaged) by evil "nazis?" The Fascists have rushed to the defense of confirmed bachelor leftists and the memory of delusional 19th Century Scandinavians who died fighting for the negro. We need a lot more summary punishments aimed at a demoralized White population.

An assault on a black woman in Madison, Wisconsin was being investigated Thursday as a hate crime after the woman told police she was burned by lighter fluid thrown at her and ignited by a white man.

This certainly looks like the sort of crime Whites would …

Poland Rejects the Jewish Experiments

Polish President Andrzej Duda has vowed to oppose the kind of “social experiments” performed on children in some western countries that have led to the erosion of the traditional family unit.

If you want good news from Europe, the place to look is the Visegrád Group. After enduring the long nightmare of jewish communism the people have no patience for semitic experimentation intended to demoralize and destroy. While the West climbs into a mass grave in the name of avoiding being called names by their enemies, the East is emerging as our last, best hope.

Speaking during a campaign rally in the town of Poronin before elections on June 28, Duda asserted that he would continue to pursue pro-family policies.

Compare this to America's phony tough guy who panders to sodomite evil when not hiding in an underground bunker from the rot he did nothing to reverse or even slow.

“These were policies of dignity for Poles and Poland — a dignified fight for Polish interests anywhere, where the trut…

The Lawmaker Provoked Them

I'm currently awaiting the official announcement from NASCAR that Bubba Smollett has been "eliminated" from the kosher circle runs. After all, that was the red-faced promise made by scumbags, criminal opportunists and cowards when faced with what every sane person immediately recognized as an obvious hoax. Well, we caught the "racist" behind this anti-White libel and it was the half-breed. Let's see that severe punishment. Also, get used to those empty stands, you're going to be seeing a lot more of them on your current kosher trajectory. We can't dwell upon this memory hole fodder for long, of course. In the Midwest Moscow a sodomite apparatchik got pummeled by the encroaching darkness and we're really not sure how to react to this.

Amid heated demonstrations that left two statues destroyed and windows smashed in Madison, Wis., a Democratic state senator was reportedly attacked by protesters near the state Capitol.

The communist death cult.Organ…