Content of Their Character

If you're reading this, you must be part of the last remnant of humanity after we were nearly completely annihilated by the Kung Flu. Sure, I feel fine and it seems the dangers might have been exaggerated somewhat, but on the other hand Italy couldn't even cremate their dead and my holohoax indoctrination taught me that even thousands of dead bodies can easily be disposed of, so it must be a real charnel house over there. In any case, I hope you and the other handful of Woo Goo survivors can take solace in this tale of our nobility and self-sacrifice from the final days of our glorious "multi-culti." We were trying to raise funds for the millions of victims, but they got stolen by "African-Americans."

Police arrested two men on Monday in connection to the theft of a donation box at a Boise restaurant.  

It sure is great to hear the "more tar monsters for Idaho" jewish initiative is working so well. The exciting vibrancy and "diversity" of…

Allah's Punishment

Britain’s Muslims are amongst the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic – senior NHS officials that Muslims are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus.

To those inside Muslim communities like me, this is shocking but not surprising. This needs to be recognised more broadly before it is too late. If Muslims feel let down, excluded or forgotten by the government response, there will be repercussions that last longer than the outbreak.

We are all social creatures, but maybe Muslims are more social than most. We eat together – often from one plate, sharing utensils and side dishes. For many Muslims, social intimacy like handshakes and hugs are so hardwired into their behaviour that the week-old invention of “social distancing” is both alien and absurd to them. 

This is particularly the case in Britain’s 1600 Mosques (there are 130 just in my home town of Bradford).  

During Friday prayers (attendance at which is, under normal circumstances, an obligation for most Muslims), the close proximity …

Anarchy in the United Kaliphate

Two supermarket delivery vans were firebombed by a group of “youths” after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the United Kingdom would enter a three week nationwide lockdown.

Those crazy "youths" and their wacky little pranks, like destroying supermarket delivery trucks during a panic. It sure is amazing how an extremely mild civilization stress test reveals the total idiocy of voluntarily destroying your ancient homeland because a jew on the "tellie" said it was a good idea. My high trust open society, based on the semitic truths of "multi-kulti" and equality. Moe-ham-head blew it up. This is the transformation that must be made. Sorry, there's no food. Moon cult burned it. Keep calm and climb into the grave.

The group of “anti-social” teenagers took to the streets of Bristol in apparent defiance of the lockdown, throwing bricks through windows, destroying cars, and setting two food delivery vans from the supermarket chain Iceland on fire.


Dr. Trump's Miracle Cure

The Chinese Cough has done more to expose the follies, idiocies and crimes of our jew-run doomed nation than any event in living memory. Globalism, the communist indoctrination center scam, civic nationalism, "we're all equal," open borders, urban living, the time it takes to cremate an adult body, fiat currency and many other jewish fictions have collapsed before our eyes in real time. Semi-human brown bipeds are fighting over toilet paper. Even the most delusional Whites have to be reading the writing on the wall when a "relief bill" to fix the damage our inept government caused is packed with total nonsense about "diversity," defined as fewer Whites in everything. Yes, our people are bound to be waking up. Let's check in on the Boomer to confirm this.

A woman has spoken out after she and her husband both drank a fish tank cleaner called chloroquine - thinking it was the potential coronavirus treatment called hydroxychloroquine that Donald Trump …

Steps to Limit This

As more lectures go online because of the coronavirus pandemic, some professors are worried that what they’re teaching could be exposed to “right wing sites” and are discussing ways to limit the distribution of what they teach online.

Good news, communist indoctrination center victims! The Clown World dissemination will continue thanks to the miracle of "internet gas." The White Man Bad will not be interrupted by the rapidly approaching "Those tanks in the streets are here for your safety!" By the way, your student loan pound of flesh kosher debt can't be removed by bankruptcy, so don't even try it. Praise moloch for all this, but there is one little problem. The "right wing," defined as anyone who doesn't wholeheartedly support jewish communism, analism and White genocide, might intercept the insane transmissions coming from Mount Zion and frighten the dying Legacy Population with the total lunacy being hammered into young minds by sinecure c…

Weekend Dance Party


Everybody was Kung Flu Fighting
Those infections were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But the useful crisis had perfect timing

There were sickly China men from sickly Wuhan town
They were coughing gunk up
They were getting put down
It's an ancient Chinese art
And every bio-weapon lab knew their part
From a bat soup globalism slip
To your elderly neighbor getting sick

Everybody was Kung Flu Fighting
The spread was fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But it happened with kosher timing

There was bumbling senile Joe and a phony tough guy clown
He said, here comes the big jew, let's all bow down
We sold our "stonks" and made a stand
Started waving tiny hands
A sudden convulsion made me skip
Might be Captain Trips

Everybody was Kung Flu fighting
Those outbreaks were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
Make sure you have semitic timing

Some …

Baltimore: The Level of Deadly Firepower

With our country literally circling the drain, it's critical that we attempt to reason with violent 70 I.Q. negro scumbags in the Bodymore all against all. The tar monster apparently doesn't realize that we're facing a staggering explosion of the Peking Puke which has already killed a few dozen people. Once we gently remind the moronic coal creatures that we're going to need all available hospital space to treat the greatest existential menace in American history, we're sure to see improvements in the same predictable pathology this failed race has reliably delivered ever since staggering off the jewish slave ships as an "economic necessity." Our country has a virus and it walks on two legs.

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young urged residents to put down their guns and heed orders to stay home after multiple people were shot Tuesday night amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

Let's cool it with all the tribal warfare. Barkevious was trying to practice "social …

Philadelphia: Delaying Arrests

It's getting bad in the North American Economic Zone, so bad that problems like "racism" and "actually arresting negro criminals" are really starting to get out of hand. For whatever reason, creating a zionist Tower of Babel to reach up to moloch has failed to instill high trust cooperation in the various dark bar codes. When faced with even the mildest crisis it's obvious to anyone but an idiot that this kosher experiment has failed. Still, this is the land of the fee and home of the slave, the land of the jew and home of the flu, so we must soldier on by removing the rule of law to make sure Barkevious doesn't get sick in between all its criminality. It's a good idea, trust me.

One day after Philadelphia courts closed until April 1 to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw notified commanders Tuesday that police will be delaying arrests for nonviolent crimes, including drug offenses, theft, and prostitution. 

The p…

Peace Must Prevail

The biggest threat facing our rapidly dying homelands is "racism." Unkind words and glances are certainly more of a danger to our "multi-kulti" paradises than the collapse of jewish economic pyramid schemes or the alarming spread of Chinese Ant Flu. As you prepare to climb into that grave, you should really watch your manners. After all, globalism, enemygration and turning your formerly homogeneous country into a kosher petri dish is a mighty strength. Just ask Western Europe, where everything is going great.

Two women in Londerzeel, Flemish Brabant on Wednesday were victimized to a gang of aggressive immigrant youths. 

They're here to save your pensions and work hard in yucky jobs you wouldn't want. These sand monsters are better [Belgians] than you.

One of the victims filed a complaint with authorities are after a dozen or so immigrant ‘youths’ attacked and humiliated her and another woman, kicking them several times and calling them “dirty smelly white pe…

Cuck Island: Kicked and Stamped

Shocking footage captures a gang of youths stamping on a man and hitting him over the head as he lies on the road in broad daylight. 

Those crazy "youths" and their innocent exuberance for life. Just a couple of little pranks, nothing to see. You were young once and probably regularly participated in gang attacks, get off that high horse.

The video was posted onto social media and took place yesterday on Ben Jonson Road in Stepney Green, east London.  

It's just a part of life in the big city and something you need to get used to. Brutal broad daylight attacks by moe-ham-head-dan alien looters are an important feature of our globalist sick house. Don't worry, I recorded the whole thing with my camera phone. That'll show 'em.

The clip shows a man curled up on the floor and surrounded by at least six people.

The religion of peace. Maybe the jew wasn't totally straight with us about the "widows and orphans" and "economic necessity." Bring t…

Spewed Ethnic Hatred

A 63-year-old Asian man told police he was punched in the face by a stranger who spit at him and spewed ethnic hatred on a subway in Midtown, police sources said.

Won Yi, of Brooklyn, was on an F subway on Tuesday about 8:30 a.m. when the stranger got on at the Jay Street station and sat next to him.

During the commute, the attacker turned to Yi and said, “Why don’t you go back to your own country?”

When the train pulled in to the West 42nd Street and Sixth Ave station, the perpetrator got up, spit on Yi and began punching him numerous times in his face, neck and shoulder.

The attack left Yi with bleeding on the inside of his mouth and swelling and bruising to his left cheek and jaw.

Yi, who refused medical attention, described his attacker as a Hispanic man in his mid-30s.

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