Y'all Let This Happen

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to save a copy; this sort of footage has a habit of disappearing off jewtube.

Welcome to Burger Kang. A giant and grotesque poster for fried chicken immediately sets the tone for what is to come. Obese nightmare animals with their clothes falling off brawl in the crumbling ruins of a dying nation. "Anybody dial the coppers?" wonders a debased White as we get a glimpse of the coming all against all. When the handouts stop, when the rule of law collapses, when our mighty ally Israel fails to swoop in and save us, this is what will remain. You'll call the "coppers" and get a dial tone. We hear various animal noises as identical dark and bloated hominids clash outside a globohomo semi-food concern.

I'm starting to realize just how completely wrong the "racists" behind intelligence research are. All races are equal (Whites bad, jew chosen). I.Q. has little, if any, predictive value when it comes to succ…

The Latest Incidents

Shootings within city limits over the weekend left at least 9 people dead and 32 others wounded.

Hide in your rapidly darkening suburb, parrot absurdities to keep your careerism, try to avoid the coming crash. Meanwhile, in the hopeless Chiraq darkness the rot endlessly devours. Creatures devoid of humanity and completely incompatible with the doomed modern world engage in "drilling" because warm weather, "racism" and pilgrims made brothers hostile. We are all equal. Race is only skin color and probably not even that. Ever hear of tanning, wise guy? Whites are bad and need to die.

The latest fatal gun violence incident happened Sunday in South Shore.

Here's the latest "gun violence." I wonder how many illegal weapons the heroic low I.Q. officers removed from "the streets." Probably several dozen, I bet. Victory over the content of their character is inevitable, we'll just keep chipping away at your rights.

About 1:55 p.m., two vehicles we…

Chiraq: The Welcoming City

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) moved this week to block Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials' access to the city's police databases following news of possible raids in Chicago and other major U.S. cities.

Good thing Chiraq has no other problems, like 70 primitives getting drilled over a single weekend, for example. We can now focus on what really matters: defying the rule of law and rejecting the most basic first principles of what constitutes a nation-state. This is the death of the United States as a meaningful corporate union. Totally corrupt scumbags will simply ignore their responsibilities to a central authority because it might slow down the kosher planned demolition of our ancestral homeland. We sure didn't learn about any of this in my civics class. Civil War 2 looms large as a dying country prepares to Balkanize along racial lines.

Lightfoot said Wedneday that the city has taken steps to ensure that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) will not co…

Real Equality that Values Diversity

We are ruled over by semitic child rapists and the useful idiots they recruit via their pedophile rings to somewhat obscure all the #6 noses behind the nation-wrecking. This was recently brought into the light and the response has been a quick trip to the "jew heaven" joke prison for the central kosher villain, some "I went 26 times but never inhaled raped" and the promotion of ridiculous distractions like dyke grass hockey and the tragic mulatto's new shoes. We got a horrific glimpse into the absolute state of muh democracy and no one seems to care. After all, if we start going after the jew molesters and the useful goyim idiots they ensnare with this sickening evil, the entire rotting system is coming down. Let's just pretend everything is fine. Say, you know what we really need? That's right. More "diversity."

Governor Phil Scott today announced the appointment of Xusana Davis as the state’s first executive director of racial equity. Davis w…

Chaos Ensues

Please watch the following amazing video.

Auditions for "The Little Mermaid" gone wrong. Here we see the profound ugliness of a rapidly dying nation: the obesity, the thuggery, the alien genetic material, the open sewer created by decades of being ruled over by jewish pedophiles. It's hard to pick any one highlight from this amazing footage, but my choice would be around the 20 second mark where two feral groids square up like they're going to fight a one hundred round bare-knuckle fight and then one of the dangerous inferiors promptly tees off on "dat hoe" for no readily apparent reason. These are our equals. The 100 billion shekels extorted from working Whites this year is going to fix this appalling pathology, you just have to be patient.

A fight was caught on video on July 6 at Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The fight, which according to Anaheim Police was between members of the same family, started as a verbal dispute before esc…

Chiraq: It Seems to Repeat

Five people were killed and 63 others wounded in shootings across Chicago over the long Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Total tribal war in a city completely annexed by the African zoo and the Latin American sewer. Poorly formed hominids blast each other during our big celebration of "independence." Part of this amazing freedom is endlessly subsidizing the predictable failures of these dangerous racial inferiors. Decades of appeasement have achieved nothing, obviously we have to do a lot more. How about 100 billion shekels down the drain? What was that definition of insanity? Something about doing the same failed action over and over, I think. Oh well, it's not important. I don't want to be called names and my country probably has at least a few more years before the total collapse.

Chicago police Supt. Eddie Johnson plans a news conference Monday to discuss the violence. 

Don't worry, our 80 I.Q. marble-mouth idiot token will be discussing exciting new plans to f…

60 Teens Descended

Please watch the following amazing video. Try to count all the various kosher euphemisms for "negro."

A group of teenagers allegedly looted a Walgreens in downtown Philadelphia Thursday evening, according to video footage of the incident.

Welcome to the next stage in our national death. We can expect to see a lot more of this behavior as the rule of law collapses and hatred of Whites becomes the closest thing we have to a national vision. Mobs of "teens" will hit any soft target available, these stores will close and the rot will close in from all sides. This is your fault, because you're "racist."

The video showed dozens of teens running through the streets on Philadelphia’s South Street Thursday, but things began to get violent when a group of 60 teens descended on Walgreens.

It's just a chaotic mob of dangerous alien inferiors.Everything is fine. Did you know "African-American" unemployment is at a record low and we just poured 100 bil…

Not to this Level

It seems one hundred billion shekels don't go as far as they used to when it comes to negro appeasement. Despite this tremendous waste of resources on a failed race, we're still waiting for some discernible improvement or even a hint of gratitude from the genetic aliens. Don't even get me started on the record low "African-American" unemployment. Maybe trying to force moronic and dangerous racial inferiors into our homelands wasn't the best of ideas, the glowing endorsement from our mighty ally the merchant notwithstanding. I guess more really does need to be done. The next sacrifice on the bloodstained kosher altar is sure to be the one which fixes everything. The negro will start improving tomorrow.

The Pleasant Prairie Police Department is working to identify ten male suspects after they were caught on camera stealing more than $30,000 worth of merchandise from The North Face store at the Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets. 

Welcome to the ironically named Pl…

The Police Call Them Nafris

I can't wait to start celebrating the fourth of jew lie. I'll be drinking my booze with this weird little "U" on the bottle and taking my pills to make the pain go away. Did you know there's going to be a big military parade, just like in a rapidly collapsing totalitarian Iron Curtain satellite? Yes sir, I can't wait to see the big guns and those super awesome fly-overs. We need war with Iran. Faced with this impressive display of late stage imperial rot it's very hard to believe that Whites are rapidly becoming a hated minority and we're reaching a terminal velocity of spiritual sickness, alien looting and slavish obedience to the jew banker. I mean, look at those cool Space Force assets! USA all the way! I'm sure my ancestral homeland back in Europe is also doing really well. Before I get wasted, soil myself and pass out in front of a semitic display of force I think I'll check up on that.

A swimming pool in the German town of Kehl had to be …

Strong Indications

Everything about the past was wrong and needs to be either eliminated or replaced with lies. America was an evil "racist" hate-state created by vile White criminals or we were founded by moose-limbs, women of color, sodomites and indigenous may-hee-cans. Perhaps we can believe both of these ideas at the same time through the miracle of doublethink. In any case, we shouldn't let little things like the truth get in the way of the glorious, free health care for all illegals, here's your slavery shekels extorted from working Whites, "multi-kulti" burning kosher trash heap we're well on our way to building. On this front, Western Europe is showing us the way, with amazing delusion and a complete refusal to address obvious threats. What part of "everything is fine" didn't you understand?

Dutch prosecutors said Monday they have a “strong indication” that a man accused of fatally shooting four passengers on a tram in the central city of Utrecht in …

60 Shot in Chiraq All Against All

It seems the antifa useful idiots have outlived their usefulness, now that Whites have been successfully intimidated from public assembly by the full weight of our criminal government and these masked degenerates have been reduced to battering Oriental sodomites. Now we can condemn them as the real White supremacists, since Whites are the only group that can be safely criticized in the North American Economic Zone and everyone knows we're at the root of every ungood thing that happens. We should also point out that these hammer and sickle flag waving scumbags are actually fascist, because historical illiteracy is a good thing and jew communism is a mighty force for good. So there you have it, Whites are bad and right wing politics are bad, as demonstrated by mongrel leftists. Here is the wacky fun house mirror for our clown world. Meanwhile, the rot continues to devour.

Four people are dead and at least 56 others have been wounded in a violent start to the weekend across the city o…

Chiraq: Romantic Rivals

A Cook County jury acquitted a 26-year-old Chicago woman Friday of killing her romantic rival after a petty feud turned deadly.

One of the best aspects of living in a dying nation that still retains some vestiges of its former health is you get articles like this, where a deadly encounter between two worthless animals with foreign genetics is given the Jane Austen prose treatment. Tar monsters were found in a state of inelegance. It must have been a delightful romantic misunderstanding when La-ah and some other mule of the world engaged in a brawl ridiculous that went wrong. Fatal bongo parties must always be forgiven you know, because there is no hope of a cure. These things are fully human and should definitely be treated as such.

Prosecutors contended that Chynna Stapleton intentionally rammed her Jeep into 18-year-old Tatyanna Lewis multiple times.

None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives.
But Stapleton’s attorneys said it was a tragic accident and that she was distraught…

The Crisis Evolved

It looks like our blowhard jew-loving president failed to keep a promise to deport "millions" of illegal invaders. I know, I'm surprised, too. This must be some clever tactic, some amazing display of deal-making prowess that might seem impossible to understand for those of us who don't own any hotels. It's eventually going to happen, just like the wall. Any moment, now. Meanwhile, the dark hordes continue to pour across an open border and we have to allow it because what looked like two turds wrapped in clothes washed up in filthy water in may-hee-co. Also, they should all get free health care (Can I renounce my worthless citizenship to get in on that?) and lots of handouts. One of our elected criminals stood by a fence and pretended to cry, what more do you need? Let them all in and give them free stuff provided by the White tax-paying chumps they'll be replacing.

Groups of hundreds of Africans, Haitians and others from Central and South America continue to t…

Without Migratory Background

America has now passed the tipping point where less than half of children under 15 are White. Even this depressing tally is probably optimistic, since the racial identity of various mystery meats is allowed to change based on whatever agenda our jewish enemy currently has. Here the point is clear: demoralization, but not so much all at once that it would shock one into action. No, everything is fine. Drink you booze with the little "U" on the bottle, take pills, watch the negroes and sodomites on your talmudvision. This is not a planned genocide.

A nearly identical silent disaster is currently unfolding in Germanistan as the indigenous population is displaced by invasion columns of moon cultists. Despite the massive head start the Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave got with the kosher Hart-Celler suicide pact in 1965, Europe is catching up fast. Will these developments have consequences? The answer is, obviously, "no." All races are the same (Whites bad, jews ch…