Friday, September 19, 2014

Do-Gooders Murdered in African All Against All

We must take up the White Man's Burden and engage in endless doomed efforts to wish away the inherent genetic inequalities between the races. We must flood our lands with aliens, practice endless appeasement toward them and be ultimately rewarded for this amazing and suicidal generosity with our own violent destruction. In the African heart of darkness we can see a preview of what the final days of the West might look like, when superstition, idiocy and tribal violence reign and anyone foolish enough to try to change this meets with a horrible death. Unless a White nation is restored, unless we remove the brown invaders and their jewish enablers, this is our future.

Eight bodies, including those of three journalists, were found in a remote area of southeastern Guinea after an attack on a team trying to educate locals about the risks of the Ebola virus, a government spokesman said Thursday.

Suicide by negro. Maybe we can educate the savage, teach it to approximate human behavior. This madness has destroyed White nations and cost countless White lives. Hate-filled 60 I.Q. monsters attack their benefactors. The same old story, the same predictable failure.

“The eight bodies were found in the village latrine. Three of them had their throats slit,” Damantang Albert Camara told Reuters by telephone in Conakry.

They've turned our lands into a giant latrine, a place where aliens can defecate into our culture and gene pool.

He said six people were arrested following the incident, which took place Tuesday in Wome, a village close to the town of Nzerekore in southeastern Guinea, where Ebola was identified in March.

Disease and death in The Mother. Incredibly, the rot was arrested.

Since then the virus has killed some 2,630 people and infected at least 5,357, according to World Health Organization, mostly in Guinea, neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia. It has also spread to Senegal and Nigeria.

These lands are home to another virus the travels on two legs. A biological plague, an evolutionary dead end that is allowed to threaten White nations. The jew communist wants us eliminated and this is one of their many weapons.

Regional authorities in the affected countries are hamstrung by residents’ widespread fear, misinformation and stigma, complicating efforts to contain the highly contagious disease.

When Whites are gone this is what will remain. Fear and hopelessness, poorly formed simians preying on each other and any available Whites.

Fofana said the team — which included local administrators, two medical officers, a preacher and three accompanying journalists — was attacked by a hostile stone-throwing crowd from the village when it tried to inform people about Ebola.

Forgive me if I don't shed many tears. They exposed themselves to dangerous animals.  

The future of the U.S.S.A.?

He said it was regrettable that the incident occurred as the international community was mobilizing to help countries struggling to contain the disease.

Hopefully this will wake up some Whites who were considering sacrificing themselves on the "One World" altar.

A White nation or an African hell, a glorious future or the endless dark night? This is the heart of the issue, the reason we must resist White genocide and the jews and careerist traitors pushing for it. When the U.S.S.A. dies we will need to make this decision. More failed negro appeasement and the ultimate death of our race or a restoration of our lands? We must save our race.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Illegal Immigrant Sex Criminals to be Deported. Again.

It seems likely that the mulatto sodomite on the end of the jewish strings will be granting a massive "amnesty" as soon as the elections are over and the paycheck conservatives have settled into their self-enriching positions. There is no serious opposition to this massive treason from any of our elected criminals. The marxists want the invasion because it advances their goal of White genocide. The Loser Party assures us that the brown sewage pouring over an unguarded border are in fact "natural conservatives" who will vote for those family values the Repellingcohens so successfully championed over the last thirty years and maybe make cheap tacos.

Over the past two weeks the Tucson Sector Border Patrol has arrested seven illegal immigrants convicted of various sex crimes.   All of the subjects arrested have previously been deported from the U.S. 

Various sex crimes. Good old hard-working Pedro, the Ronald Reagan Republican. Foreign sex monsters walk across an open border where the White victims and welfare is waiting. When they're finally deported they just do it all over again. We could never keep all these la-teen-oh rapists and child molesters out of our dead nation, let's just give up.

Three subjects from Mexico had convictions including rape, aggravated sexual abuse of a child, and soliciting/engaging in child prostitution.

A perfect fit for the Republican party. Here for a better life, committing the rapes that Whites won't.

Two subjects from Guatemala were convicted for lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14, and annoy/molestation of a victim under 18.

With Mexico sending every last piece of rapist garbage into our dead nation the burden of consuming the corpse now falls on the Latin American sewer.

The subjects also had criminal histories involving assault, battery, aggravated domestic violence, voluntary manslaughter, great bodily injury with a deadly weapon, and kidnapping.

So we gave them a stern talking-to in a language they don't understand, turned them loose on our open border and walked away whistling happily.

Foreign rapists and pedophiles invaded the U.S.S.A. 

These individuals were charged for immigration violations and will be processed for prosecution and removal proceedings in accordance with Tucson Sector guidelines.

Removal proceedings. Because that worked so well the first time. Meanwhile we'll pay to feed and house this worthless dog shit. 

Full Story.

Criminal la-teen-oh filth will not be seriously punished, I'm assuming because it would be "races" to do so. Instead they'll be released to climb the "electronic fence" one more time. Obviously, we need to encourage a lot more of this. Adios America.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hush Crime: Fatal Black Pack Attack in Toronto

As quickly as the U.S.S.A. is heading toward the open grave of history we at least have protections that evil White men saw fit to codify in our laws. We can, and should, own firearms. We can think what we want and say what we're thinking and it will only destroy our lives, instead of being sent to a jewish gulag. In our neighbor to the north the truth is no defense and neither are their "gun control" laws. Unarmed victims are beaten to death by negro animals.

Toronto police have identified a second suspect wanted in connection with the beating death of a 60-year-old man in the west end on Thursday night.

A White man horrifically murdered by genetic aliens. Another victory for the planned demolition of our nations.

Police say the victim, Richard Pepper, was walking with a friend in the area of Dundas Street West and Mabelle Avenue at around 8:30 p.m. when they were approached by a group of men and assaulted.

Another case of Walking While White. Those always unpredictable "men" and the trouble they cause. Deliberate deception, the race erased. Stay asleep, Whitey, everything is fine.

The victim's friend was able to escape but police say Pepper sustained serious head injuries and later died in hospital.

Run! Run for your life! Helpless unarmed victims. Feral packs of moronic simians. Death. The plan of White genocide, the jewish communism that destroyed Canada.

Investigators previously released the name of the first suspect, 22-year-old Jamal Abdinasir Hassan, and now say a second suspect has been identified.

Let's add some "religion of peace" sickness to the negro failure. The silence from the elected criminals is deafening. That "discussion on race" is never going to happen.

The face of the racial enemy.

The suspect is described as black, five-foot-seven and weighs 143 pounds.
I'm surprised they were allowed to finally mention the obvious racial element. I'm sure someone got fired and maybe imprisoned for that.

R.I.P. Kanada. May you be replaced by a White nation. May the Great White North be restored.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Surviving a Home Invasion: Horrible Advice from Dinosaur Media

With the U.S.S.A. being prepared for dignified disposal, with your freedoms being removed like organs on an autopsy table, it's no longer safe anywhere in the land of the fee and the home of the slave. "It can't happen here!" is the final delusion, the hope that the negro or la-teen-oh won't figure out that it can easily reach your neighborhood via public transportation, entering a target rich environment of slumbering Whites. Obviously, you need to be armed and vigilant. Or you could listen to the dinosaur media and make sure the final horrific moments of your life are spend in the same pathetic negro appeasement that killed our country.

On September 8 NBC's Today show aired a segment on how to survive a home invasion. That advice included cooperating with the invaders -- "treat them like royalty" -- and telling them the location of everything they want in the house.

Give the negro monster everything it wants. Kiss its feet. It certainly won't attack you. Trust us.

This advice is going to get Whites killed. The jews producing this drivel are well aware of this. They want us dead. The days of cowering in front of brown genetic aliens must end. We tried cowardice, we tried trading space for time, we tried paying in money and blood. It all failed. We must be ready to defend ourselves.

Spoiler: The advice did not include acquiring a gun for the defense of one's life, the lives of one's family, and one's property.

Big surprise there.

During the segment, correspondent Jeff Rossen spoke with former NYPD detective and hostage negotiator William Zeins.

Let's get the opinion of a 90 I.Q. detective used to cowering behind vehicles in a suit of full body armor and trying to reason with the negro animal through a bullhorn.

Zeins said you should "absolutely" tell the invaders where "the money" and "the jewelry" are if they corner or capture you.

The only "talking" I'd be doing would be with my shotgun. I'm not going to get "captured" in my own house.

He said you should "treat them like royalty... [Don't] lie to them."

The same failed strategy, a disaster on a national level and on a personal level.

We'll treat you like royalty!

He said you might avoid capture by keeping a can of "wasp spray" by your bed with which to spray the invaders in the face.

Wait a moment Mr. Negro, let me fumble around for bug spray, probably getting a lot of it in my own face in the process. 

Zeins did say you might distract or frighten away the invader with horns and flashing lights by pressing the panic button on your car alarm.

Or even just screaming. Scream, Whitey! Scream for your life!

Pesticides, flashing lights and full capitulation are not going to save you from the biological weapons that have been unleashed in the U.S.S.A. by Big jew. You need to be armed. The gun will make the difference between survival and being another forgotten hush crime victim.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Third World Amerika: Mexican Machete Attack in Chicago

The savage and horrific crimes formerly confined to the Latin American sewer and the African all against all are now making their way into the West, crossing open borders and being brought in by the jew nation wreckers. In the Chicago rot, a once prosperous city devastated by "diversity," machete attacks by brown sewage are becoming a common event. The genetic alien brings the same pathology that destroyed their own homelands to the U.S.S.A. We don't magically uplift them with the endless tax payer handouts and pathetic groveling appeasement. Instead, they pull everything down. Chicago will soon join Detroit, a city of millions placed on the ash heap by predictable genetic differences.

Seven people, including three 15-year-olds, are accused in a machete attack that left a deep wound on a man's head after he and his brother refused to flash gang signs at a Chicago train station, authorities said Wednesday.

May-hee-can invaders tearing into negroes. The rich flavor of our national "salad bowl." When the Whites are gone this is what will remain. Endless tribal warfare, senseless and moronic violence, no culture, no intelligence, no hope.

I'm sure we can get them to vote for the Republican party.

Cook County State's Attorney's office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said a 26-year-old man and his 17-year-old brother were sitting there when the seven suspects — four adults and three juveniles — surrounded them and told them to flash gang signs.

Scenes from a dead nation. An affirmative action negress tells the story. Natural conservatives, the saviors of the Loser Party, wanted to see them flash the "Republican" sign.

When the brothers refused, saying they were not in a gang, one of the adults threw a beer he was holding to the ground, pulled a machete out of his pants and "held it to the throat of one of the victims." 

We need more amnesty and foreign invasion, just ask any elected criminal. They're hard-working and decent. Only some of them pull machetes out of their pants. 

One of the juveniles pulled out a box cutter and pointed it at one of the brothers, too, Simonton said.

This is what democracy looks like.

The suspects blocked the brothers' path so they couldn't escape. The older brother tried to keep the situation from escalating further, but "one of the defendants swung the machete at him ... causing a massive head wound," she said.

Tribal warfare. A biological weapon unleashed by our kosher enemies.

 "Dreamers" attack.

She said the blow left a gash 6 inches long and 1.5 inches deep on the man's head, adding that the attack was captured on Chicago Transit Authority surveillance video. The man was taken to an area hospital, where he received about 30 stitches.

Yes, we have grainy footage of the invaders. The surveillance state is a good thing, it can document the crimes of the meskin welfare colonists. This demographic disaster is also good, of course.

Police said the seven were all arrested about 45 minutes after the attack not far from the station.

It's practically a miracle.

At a court hearing Tuesday, the four men were formally charged with felony counts of robbery, aggravated battery with great bodily harm, and trespassing on CTA property.

How about "attempted murder?" The "races" justice system prepares to slap the wrists of these pieces of living dog shit. We could never punish all these la-teen-oh criminals, after all. Let's just give up, that's nice and logical.

As Whites we hold the lamp of civilization. If our enemies win, if we are eliminated, that light will go out forever. What will remain is endless darkness, half-formed aliens monsters preying on each other, ruins and rot. We must not fail.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Eight Shot at Negro Prayer Vigil

The negro is not capable of even the most modest standards of civilized behavior. Low intelligence, propensity toward violence and perversion and a mind that learns nothing from the past and doesn't plan at all for the future leads to the same predictable failure wherever this failed race gathers. In the Detroit ruins we can clearly see the content of their character, the return to a state of all against all savagery when the protective hands of their White benefactors are removed. We see a prayer vigil gone wrong.

Detroit police say a prayer vigil on the city’s west side turned into a deadly family feud with several people shot, a car wreck and multiple suspects under arrest.

Pretending that these animals are fully human, let alone equal to Whites, has been the delusion of our time, the Flat Earth belief demanded by our State Religion of cultural marxism.

“It appears we have eight people shot; two in custody, fleeing the scene; five in custody at the hospital that, instead of going to show support, decided to act stupid — we had to lock them up; and we have three weapons we’ve recovered,” Detroit Assistance Police Chief Steve Dolunt told WWJ’s Mike Campbell.

The negro never "decides" to act the way it does. It's driven by animal instincts and whatever destructive impulse seems the most appealing at the moment. They need to be removed.

As the vigil was wrapping up, a vehicle drove by and a gunman opened fire on the group of people standing outside. At least eight people were struck by gunfire; one man was killed.

Those awful "gunmen," at it again. Race erased, as per policy.

Severe deficiencies in intelligence and self-control have profound consequences for society as a whole. It created Detroit.

Pray for deportation.

“There was a short intermission and then I heard a different type of gun going off. People were screaming and yelling and banging on doors. The shots went off, back and forth for like five minutes, or even longer,” he said. “It’s a mess but I’m not surprised at all, not in this neighborhood.”

African chaos in middle America, animals hooting and hollering. I'm not surprised either. Not with this violent race of genetic aliens. 

Police say a woman in the vehicle was ejected and declared dead at the scene. Another passenger who was in the back seat of the car is hospitalized in critical condition. Two other passengers were arrested.

"Ratchets" being ejected from "whips." Sitting in a car, one of the most dangerous activities for the negro, leads to a trip to Obama Care paid for by Whites. Two other pieces of garbage enter the "races" justice again. The dark night descends with no hope that the light will ever return.

It appears everyone involved in the shootout knew each other, Dolunt said, but other circumstances aren’t clear. At least one assault rifle was recovered.

Let's try to blame the gun for the "African American" failure.

“A lot of family members or extended family members have been shot in this. We’re still trying to determine how this occurred and why they’re targeting this particular family,” he said. “And it appears this family also had weapons. So, we’re trying to sort it out. It’s still a fluid scene.”

Tribal warfare in the U.S.S.A.

Police Chief James Craig said getting information from witnesses has been a problem for investigators, who are still trying to figure out what led to the shooting.

“We heard that there was a car crash. We have no idea of who was chasing them or nothing. They’re not letting us in the hospital, they’re not letting us identify the body. They asked us for a picture, we showed them a picture and we’re still left without no information,” she said. “They’re not even letting mothers to the people that’s at the hospital in the hospital at all. Our rights are being tooken (sic).”

Our rights were "tooken." We were forced to share our nation with stone age leftovers. 

For the grave cannot praise thee, death can not celebrate thee: they that go down into the pit cannot hope for thy truth.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Emotional Needs of the Foreign Invaders

A nation that loses the will to defend itself from enemies without and within will quickly collapse. It's an obvious lesson of history, one that has played out countless times. We now live in an era where common sense and sanity has been declared "races" by the jew wire-pullers, allowing White nations to completely lose their way and begin the descent into third world status via foreign invasion and internal decadence. We can't defend our border, it's the Wrong Thing to Do. We must pander to the biological weapon that is being used for White genocide.

All summer, Central American children caught at the U.S.-Mexico border have been trickling into the Washington area, sent to live with relatives in Latino communities.

Trickle? More like a burst sewer pipe spraying brown shit on the corpse of America. The usual dinosaur media strategy of pretending everything's fine and our country is still alive is employed. Go back to your sports and jew pornography Whitey, there's nothing wrong here.

Now, they are descending en masse on the region’s public schools, bringing an array of problems that school officials are scrambling to address.

Third world pathology, ugliness, filth, ignorance and crime, coming to your doorstep courtesy of Big jew.

Reunited with parents or other relatives they barely know, and still grieving for family and friends back home, they may feel depressed and resentful.

The obvious and therefore "races" and evil solution is to send this garbage back to where it came from.

“Some of these kids arrive feeling very angry,” said Rina Chavez, a counselor with the Montgomery County schools.

You don't know what angry is, you alien turd. You'll see some real anger when Whites awaken from the kosher coma filled with dreadful resolve to restore what was stolen away by traitors and careerist scumbags.

“At first, some even refuse to learn English.”

I know, hard to believe. The Loser Party assured us that they're natural conservatives eager to assimilate and they would never lie to us.

All of the children will face eventual hearings on their immigration status.

It's "eventual" in the same way that our Sun will eventually burn out.

Because all three regional school systems already serve large numbers of Spanish-speaking students, the schools are equipped to handle some of the newcomers’ needs, such as testing for English skills and academic placement.

Because we're already in the midst of a national collapse this new invasion fits right in with our existing policy of lying down and dying.

“We have been integrating these kids into the system for years,” said Chrisandra Richardson, who oversees student services for Montgomery schools.

"Thanks to our negro problems the la-teen-oh failure fits right in."

John Torre, a Fairfax schools spokesman, said non-native English speakers were already the fastest-growing segment of students, with more than 6,000 enrolled since 2011. “This is not a new phenomenon for us,” he said.

This foreign invasion designed to destroy White America has been official policy for a long time.

Officials at Mary’s Center, a nonprofit health agency that provides 12 schools in the District and Maryland with mental-health therapists, said they have been swamped in the past two weeks with school referrals.

Don't worry, you'll get the bill for this nonsense.

But she also noted that local Latino gangs often prey on new students who seem lonely or alienated — much as they would do in Central America.

It's like they brought the Central American malfunction with them! Hooray for "diversity!"

“These kids have so much on their minds."

The rich thought life of the la-teen-oh invader. "Ey, I get on dee gringo wel-fare, I theeenk."

And even for young people who have grown up amid violence and poverty, counselors say, it is a shock to be wrenched away from routines, friends, and the relatives who raised them.

The solution is a one-way ticket back to the Latin American sewer and treason charges for the elected criminals that allowed this disaster to happen.

Full Story.

R.I.P. U.S.S.A.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Walking While White in Memphis

In the U.S.S.A. the War on Whites continues to rage, in our streets, at our open border, on the electronic synagogue. Our jewish enemy and their useful idiots are no longer even trying to conceal their agenda. They want Whites to disappear. We are fighting for our racial survival in a dead nation that we owe no loyalty whatsoever. They want us dead. Every demographic shift, every promotion of the sodomite agenda, every negro pack attack represents the planned outcome of decades of cultural marxist subversion. The long march through the culture has killed America, now all that remains to be determined is whether there's a future for Whites.

The undeclared one-sided race war continues to rage, claiming forgotten victims.

At least three people were beaten by a group of teenagers Saturday night in the parking lot of a Kroger grocery store in Memphis.

Another racially motivated hush crime. Hey, did you hear about those amazing Africa Ball negroes?

The violence was caught on video by a store employee.

You can watch the low quality footage of the inevitable end game of "diversity" and democracy at the link below.

According to WREG, a 25-year-old man said he was attacked by the group of teens as he walked to his car.

Walking while White. Another unarmed, nameless victim of the evolutionary dead-ends we have been forced to share living space with by our kosher, criminal government. Get it in the memory hole.

The reward for over fifty years of negro appeasement.

Two Kroger employees, ages 17 and 18, ran to help the man, but they were apparently repeatedly hit in the head and face.

A nation is shared vision, culture, religion and genetic make-up. Reject that truth and pay the predictable price.

The Kroger employees claimed that pumpkins in excess of 20 pounds were thrown at their heads while they were on the ground. That can be seen in the video.

Elect a communist sodomite mulatto. It will improve the negro behavior, we were told.

Both of the Kroger employees lost consciousness as a result of the attack, WREG reported. Eventually, a security guard stepped in.

R.I.P. U.S.S.A.

The motivation for the attack was not immediately known.

Riddle wrapped in enigma. What could possibly explain this?

Full Story.

The racially motivated attacks against Whites continue, ignored by the dinosaur media and our elected criminals. The goal of White genocide is advanced. You need to be armed. You need to get organized. A once great White land is about to be placed on history's ash heap.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Concealed Carry and a Robbery Gone Right

You need to be armed. An undeclared one-sided race war is currently raging in the U.S.S.A. and it's only going to get steadily worse as we enter the final hours of the national funeral. The negro appeasement has failed, the police state has failed, the wishing away of reality via materialism and careerism has failed. The body politic is lowered into the cold earth, the criminals in our government reenact the final days of the jewish soviet union. It's our job to protect ourselves and get organized. It's our job to be ready for the predictable negro pathology.

A mob of Wisconsin teens attempted to rob a group of adults in Milwaukee only to be shot at by a West Allis man carrying a concealed carry weapon.

The gun made all the difference. Be armed. Be ready. Avoid the negro areas.

Police say that a group of teens attempted to rob a group of adults when one of the men pulled out his gun and began shooting at the teens.

Those crazy "teens" and their harmless little pranks. The usual kosher deceits from the dinosaur media. Disguise the negro failure. Lie. Thanks to the internet, it doesn't work anymore.

He fatally shot one of the robbers, a 15-year-old known gang member who was already the victim of another non-fatal shooting on August 1.

A worthless criminal animal is removed from society. Where the constant spending, the cowardly refusal to address racial differences and the endless pandering failed the gun succeeded.

The teen had previously been charged with armed robbery, auto theft, theft, and fleeing.

Another gentle giant, turning his life around, on his way to Grandma's house.

Police have arrested another two 14-year-old males, a 16-year-old male, a 17-year-old female, and an 18-year-old male.

The negro mob melts like snow in June in the face of armed resistance. Expect joke sentences from the "races" justice system and more crime out of this walking dog shit. 

End of the line for "teen" criminal.

Police say this particular group is responsible for multiple armed robberies that have recently hit Milwaukee. Police say the group may be responsible for “dozens” of robberies over just the past three days.

The militarized 90 I.Q. police aren't going to protect you. One concealed hand gun ended a negro crime wave.

“This is criminals that are running around the city creating opportunities for them to rob people all over and this was just the timing,” Alderman Jose Perez said. “This has nothing to do with the district or the neighborhood.”

"Ey, dis was just the timing, I theeenk. It not national collapse, no boss." 

The Daily Caller reports that a “similar incident involving a Milwaukee robbery gang occurred in July. A nurse carrying a concealed carry permit shot a 15-year-old assailant as he and a 17-year-old accomplice attempted to steal her car. During the investigation it was discovered that the two teens had been involved in previous armed robberies that involved numerous others.”

If you're White and unarmed you need to stop reading this, go get a gun and learn to use it.

90 I.Q. police in body armor and masks totally helpless. A la-teen-oh careerist politician rambling incoherently about the negro animal running wild. The gun put a stop to this madness. Exercise your rights while you still have them. Get organized. The U.S.S.A. is finished.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Africa Ball Hero in Action

Yesterday an alarming number of Whites were slumped in front of the electronic synagogue watching genetic and cultural aliens play a children's game. They were plugged into the kosher matrix, absorbing endless cultural marxist "narratives," commercials promoting materialism and the profound ugliness of criminal negro animals. This is what the jew wants. Debased Whites who wouldn't lift a finger for their White neighbor but spend ridiculous sums of money on negro idolatry. Put on a $200 jersey with a negro name on the back. Drink yourself stupid. Root for Red to beat Blue while you're dispossessed and destroyed in your own nation. It's time to pull the plug on this jew-controlled evil.

Please watch the following video containing typical negro behavior.

This is what a two game suspension looks like -- Ray Rice delivering a vicious punch to his fiancee's face, knocking her out cold ... and TMZ Sports has the shocking video.

This negro monster is worshiped by debased Whites. At least it wasn't a White woman, for once. Instead this criminal savage's "yella hoe" gets battered.

We've already shown you the aftermath outside the elevator ... Rice dragging the unconscious woman on the floor.

A scene from South Sudan plays out in the U.S.S.A., courtesy of Big Jew.

What was the NFL thinking when it wrist-slapped Rice with such feeble punishment?

Punishing the negro is "races." Besides, it has plenty of pathetic White fans who would gladly take those brutal blows themselves if it meant this creature could come back sooner to score "tugs" for "their" team.

The punch knocks Janay off her feet -- and she smashes her head on the elevator hand rail ... knocking her out cold. Ray doesn't seem phased ... and when the door opens, he drags her out into the hotel.

The content of their character.

Illegal hands to the face, five yard penalty...

An employee of the hotel  -- which just shut down for good -- tells TMZ Sports he was working there at the time and says the NFL saw the elevator footage before imposing the 2-game suspension.

It's surprising this monster was even punished at all.

We reached out to the NFL for comment several times -- so far, radio silence.

Please go back to sleep. Nothing to see here.

Our enemy wants us to keep sleeping. The White "man" sinking into a battered couch, covered in spilled domestic beer, rooting for the "fantasy" team made up of negro garbage is no threat to the nation wreckers. Blue beating Red doesn't matter. The future of our race does. Turn off the talmudvision, stop bowing down to criminal scum. Our team is our race.