Educate and Inspire

The most heroic act a U.S. American living in the North American Economic Zone can engage in, other than total and complete submission to Israel and the international financiers, is being violently sodomized. This is beautiful. Having your rectum blown out by a faceless stranger in a boathouse is "love." You must never criticize the anal destruction, it is our mighty strength. Soon you and your children will be forced to watch these vile acts and then mandatory and coerced participation ("rape," if you will) is the next inevitable step. But don't worry, we'll dress up the pure spiritual evil as goofy cartoon rodents in service of the child grooming efforts from completely debased perverts. You must support the LGBTQP agenda and the jew pushing this cultural cyanide pill.

Season 22 of "Arthur" kicked off with a special wedding episode that had people across the country talking. However kids in Alabama did not see the May 13 episode, in which Arthur&…

Poland: Skullcap of Hate

In the United States political discourse is primarily a vehicle to express an elected criminal's undying love for international financiers and their ethnostate. We'll also be sure to praise sodomy and other degeneracy, but the complete and total submission to our great ally the jew must always come first. We gain so many benefits from this mighty companion, from burning warships and endless illegal wars to the aforementioned spiritual illness. By the way, I'm really worried about Iran. Time for some gentiles to go die or become horribly disfigured over there, it's extremely important. Meanwhile, a political debate in Poland is, as you'll soon see, just a little bit different. Incredibly, appeasing the poisonous mushroom is not only neglected, but sometimes directly criticized.

An election debate in the Polish city of Kielce on Saturday descended into a display of anti-Semitism and skullcap-throwing, as candidates sparred over restitution to Jewish Holocaust victims.…

The State of Chiraq

Illinois Republicans unhappy at the influence the Democrat-controlled city of Chicago holds over the state are looking at trying to blow the Windy City out of the state altogether -- despite the long odds that such a push would face.

This is why it's very important that you vote cocksuckrative. This uniquely Loser Party form of totally useless grandstanding is sure to be effective in saving a rapidly dyingnation controlled by the jew alien and flooded with brown inferiors brought here by "heart and merit." Once we make Chicongo its own semi-autonomous tribal warfare zone this will certainly end our negro and la-teen-oh problems in the Midwest Mogadishu. Besides, you pretty much had me convinced when you told me how extremely unlikely it was to succeed. As a Republican voter, this is music to my ears. It doesn't matter if everything burns, we're making impotent gestures. So much winning.

The outlet reports that a resolution calling on Congress to declare Chicago Am…

Cherished Members of our National Family

Besides the wonderful food and music, the best part of unlimited foreign invasion based on "merit" and "heart" is that the brown sewage flooding in will be sure to care for me in my twilight years. Not only are they saving our pensions and renewing an "aging" population (enemygrants don't age and there's no way to produce White children that I know of) but they're also going to be very eager to provide some loving ministrations in the nursing home as I prepare to stumble off into the gray oblivion. This is the ultimate triumph of Obongo Care: brown creatures from a nightmare cleaning out heaven's waiting room of its stale and pale contents.

A healthcare worker living in the US illegally is suspected of being involved with more than 1,000 unexplained deaths in Texas. 

The robust spiritual and physical health of my "multi-kulti" nightmare state. A foreign looter might have killed five figures worth of elderly Whites. I'm sure we…

Muh Adversity Score for Clown College

A new "adversity score" assigned by the College Board on the SAT exam will reportedly reflect students' family income, environment and educational differences in an effort to level the playing field in the highly competitive college admissions process. 

 Learn a trade, White man.
The College Board is a New York-based non-profit that is in charge of overseeing the SAT. A dialogue about wealth and privilege in educational institutions exploded this year in wake of the college admissions scandal, in which 33 parents were charged with paying huge sums of money to have their children cheat on the SAT and be admitted into top colleges under the false pretenses of being student athletes.  

This new "adversity score" number is calculated by assessing 15 factors that can better help admissions officers determine an individual student's social and economic background, the Journal reported.
Adversity is our greatest strength.

These factors are first divided into three ca…

Likely to be Bogus

Now that "African-American" and illegal la-teen-oh unemployment is at a record low, the most inspiring of victories, we're going to need a lot more people to work in all the factories we're going to be getting. This imperative for brown humanoids is so pressing that our best philosophers figured out we could remove that whole "leaving" part from the useless blowhard's "they have to go and then they can come right back" and instead of a big open door in the wall we could just have a massive open border. At least this solves the incoherent hypocrisy of our "nationalist" president, I guess. Every vile scavenger can grab a bloody chunk of our national corpse, we're making necrosis great again. Obviously, this means may-hee-can African invaders, because why wouldn't it?

A large group of African migrants gathered on the south side of the Laredo Port of Entry to protest U.S. immigration policies that are keeping them from entering th…

Poland Rejects the Kosher Con Game

Let me tell you a story, gentile (that's a derogatory word we use to refer to you and everyone you love). During Europe's Second Semite-Assisted Suicide Attempt six million innocent jews were put to death in fire pits and then made into living room furniture. This actually happened. Don't worry, you can make up for it. All you have to do is open up that wallet and give up the shekels and how about a million moe-ham-head enemygrants this year? You have to be punished financially for Soviet war propaganda and we need to ensure that something which never happened never happens again. For some reason there are at least a few European nations who don't see this as the bargain of a lifetime from the traveling merchant.

Thousands of Polish nationalists marched to the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw Saturday, protesting that the U.S. is putting pressure on Poland to compensate Jews whose families lost property during the Holocaust.

Resisting the rot in Poland. After decades of suffering…

The Best Defense

Back in the distant past, well beyond any coherent memory, some people did something in New York. I don't really remember much about this minor bump on the road to the "multi-kulti" paradise and it's probably best to keep it that way. I think it had something to do with evil White "racists" attacking the innocent and precious jew and/or the deluge of worthless mud intended to replace us. Whatever the case, we learned the correct lesson from this historical oddity: we need a lot more moose-limb foreign invasion combined with endless submission to our steadfast ally Israel. This conclusion is so logical and thoroughly defensible it's almost unbelievable. Jump ahead from the horrible day when a bunch of whatever occurred to Current Year and you can easily see the wisdom of this incoherent and contradictory policy. Look at all this national health, I can't get over it.

At first glance, it looks like an abandoned dump.  

Another excellent candidate for Am…

Too Late to Escape

Please watch the following amazing video.

Dawn Bales and her 15-year-old daughter are already on the ground by the time the Facebook Live recording begins, the former frantically trying to shield her child from the barrage of kicks delivered by a ring of teenage attackers.

After America dies, after all the "winning" is over, after swiping muh EBT returns an error message, this is what we have to look forward to. Worthless inferiors straight from a nightmare, or "teenage attackers" if you want to keep that careerism, brutalize the people without color while making noises normally heard inside a monkey house. Here is the content of their character. Make sure to record your racially-motivated attacks on Faceberg; don't worry, the alien jew and its brown foreign slaves are too busysilencing White Nationalists to care about this sickening spectacle popping up on the semitic information gathering hub. I guess the 100 billion shekels we just wasted on the "African…

Still More Troubling

It's really nice to have that big, beautiful wall that may-hee-co paid for protecting us from foreign looters. Wait, it didn't get built? Well, that's a disappointment, I have to say. On the other hand, we did dump 100 billion in Federal Reserve kosher counterfeit down the negro sewer and we're really standing up for our best friend in the entire world, Israel. I can see why those actions, plus releasing criminal negroes from prison and starting a war with Iran for the jew, would have to take precedence over basic self-defense for your rapidly dying homeland. We'll give the drug cartels and welfare colonists one year and if they haven't started behaving themselves by then we'll have no choice but to make the same empty blowhard remarks, followed by absolutely nothing.

ICE has already released 168,000 illegal immigrant family members into the U.S. this fiscal year, and the number is likely to surge as the border situation deteriorates, a top deportation offic…

When He Began Losing

After a long day enjoying our globalist economic zone and interfacing with living fossils, diseased sodomites, packs of sawed-off may-hee-cans and all the other clear signals of societal health and a bright future, you're probably up for some degenerate recreation. Yes, it's time to pull out your joystick and enter a world of kosher make-believe, inhabited by heroic negroes, constant attacks on Whites and a general feeling of Brave New World if it had more brown sewage and confirmed bachelors with destroyed rectums and immune system deficiencies. This escapism into a poisoned semitic fantasy world is deeply beneficial to the work units and bar codes of our internationalist bazaar, although sometimes even the wonders of the lotus-eater box fail to soothe the savage beast.

A father angered over losing a video game hit his infant son in the head, leading to the child's death on Sunday, police say.   

Those crazy "fathers" and their wacky "man cave" behavior…

Gun Violence Incidents

I can hardly believe how good everything is. You can start with muh booming economy and the record low unemployment for illegal aliens and "African-Americans." Then you've got our excellent support of our Great Ally Israel. We're fixing the mess made by Obummer and John Kerry by finally getting that war with Iran. Did I mention our sodomites are aggressively recruiting children now that any criticism of sick degenerates who get aroused by human waste is illegal? Then you have the 100 billion shekels extorted from working Whites and allocated to the urban negro, which is already leading to massive and tangible improvements in the behavior of the tar monster. Consider Chiraq, where 32 got zapped over the weekend. All this winning, I just can't handle it, make it stop, please.

At least 32 people were wounded — four of them fatally — in gun violence incidents within city limits this weekend, including a 15-year-old boy who was shot to death Sunday in Wentworth Gardens…

Regularly Scheduled Deployment

The Trump administration is deploying a carrier strike group and bombers to the Middle East in response to troubling "indications and warnings" from Iran and to show the United States will retaliate with "unrelenting force" to any attack, national security adviser John Bolton said on Sunday.

We finally have a real tough guy president with the massive stones to do whatever Israel demands. Prepare the American golem; we need a lot more war for the precious jew. I'm really worried that Iranians might try something against my dying country and its 51st zionist ethnostate, the same one that cynically uses the dumb gentiles to advance their own interests. We're gonna put a boot in your ass, Assad or Iran or whoever the jew tells us to hate, wee-haw.

With tensions already high between Washington and Tehran, a U.S. official said the deployment has been ordered "as a deterrence to what has been seen as potential preparations by Iranian forces and its proxies tha…

Too Much Winning

I'm not religious, but I am deeply spiritual. A nebulous belief in incoherent mush is a mighty strength, as opposed to traditions, which are very, very bad. We must evolve our faith to suit a new jew-dominated country where sodomy and usury are our holy sacraments. Who better to lead us into this spiritual outer darkness than our "nationalist" president? After all, now that the border is secured, the illegals have been deported and wasteful taxpayer funding to the negro and the zionist has been cut off, there's lots of time to concentrate on the "great religion" of slavish devotion to international bankers. "Make it illegal to criticize Israel!" I screamed at the last Trump rally until my throat was raw. A bright red MIGA hat was on my empty head.

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, the rabbi of Chabad of Poway who survived the shooting at the synagogue, visited the White House Thursday for the National Day of Prayer, RNS reported.

Our real leaders stopped by…