Tough Talk as Sweden Burns

There is no such thing as evil. All humans are equally valuable (Whites are bad, jews are g*d's chosen) and therefore it makes sense to win the "people race" by bringing in whatever biological detritus is available. The Great Religion of Islam is sure to enrich your dying country and if the "women and children" fleeing "war" end up lighting cars on fire you can always bring them back into line with a stern lecture on why burning down the West in the name of a death cult is actually a bad thing. Don't make us reprimand you again, moe-ham-head. We really hate to do it, but this scathing rebuke is sure to correct your predictable failure and transform the sand monster into a good little consumerist bar code.

The prime minister of Sweden has vented his anger on national radio after a spate of car fire attacks carried out by youths across the country.

Our cuck nation is being conquered and put to the torch by the moon cultists. What are we supposed to u…

The Complexities of Fellow Humans

What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? At some point, no amount of semitic materialist diversion is going to be sufficient to silence the most important of questions. We're also unlikely to be happy with the answer the dying modern world has to offer: You are here to work a terrible job to fund your dispossession by brown invaders. The reason you were given conscious awareness and a rational mind is so you can prop up and then be replaced by hostile inferiors. Also, be sure not to have children. This desolate kosher solution to the growing existential malaise in so many Whites must fail, even when promoted endlessly by our media, educational system and criminal government. Chase materialism, stimulate your stomach and genitals, medicate yourself with narcotics, die. We were made for something far greater. Unsuccessful attempts to seek this higher meaning seem to be dominating the news cycle lately, from stealing planes and doing sick barrel rolls to today's story of com…

Muh Democracy: Somali Alien Wins Racial Headcount

Our nation is a proposition, an amazing idea, an experiment in philosophy that can be shared in by anything that's vaguely humanoid. It certainly was never intended to be a homeland for people of a specific racial background, even though the word "White" appears in the first Naturalization Act. No, we can transform even the most pathetic foreign sewage into good little Americans using our magic soil and our voodoo elections. This is why you shouldn't be worried about becoming a hated minority in your own ancestral lands. You'll always have muh constitution, after all, and that worthless rag is sure to protect you against a massive subhuman brown horde that wants you violently dead. I mean, look at how strong our speech rights are in this Current Year and realize it's only going to get better when mudslime jew puppets are ruling over you.

Somali-American legislator Ilhan Omar neared another first Tuesday by winning the Democratic primary in a congressional race…

"Reverse Mentors" to Fix Thought Crime

Whites are bad. They must be completely removed from everything and then destroyed. If the dying West has a unifying principle, this is it. We see it expressed in everything from "diversity" initiatives that represent nothing but systematic discrimination, endless foreign invasion from the World's worst countries and sullen hostility from the racial inferiors and their jewish controllers when we stubbornly refuse to just hurry up and die. On the other hand, the now openly expressed kosher desire for White genocide has led to many exciting growth industries, not merely the professional victims and alien tapeworm organizations of the distant past. One such example is today's amazing semitic tale of bringing in kommissars to help the rapidly vanishing United Kaliphate indigenous population realize their own inherent evil.

Male, pale and stale university professors are to be given “reverse mentors” to teach them about unconscious bias, under a new Government funded scheme…

Least-Effort Strategies

New archaeological research from The Australian National University (ANU) has found that Homo erectus, an extinct species of primitive humans, went extinct in part because they were ‘lazy’.

An archaeological excavation of ancient human populations in the Arabian Peninsula during the Early Stone Age, found that Homo erectus used ‘least-effort strategies’ for tool making and collecting resources.

This ‘laziness’ paired with an inability to adapt to a changing climate likely played a role in the species going extinct, according to lead researcher Dr Ceri Shipton of the ANU School of Culture, History and Language.

“They really don’t seem to have been pushing themselves,” Dr Shipton said.

“I don’t get the sense they were explorers looking over the horizon. They didn’t have that same sense of wonder that we have.” 

"To make their stone tools they would use whatever rocks they could find lying around their camp, which were mostly of comparatively low quality to what later stone tool makers u…

Negro Hero Athlete Arrested

Get ready for another exciting year of College Liberia Ball, White cuckolds! Watch the amazing "four star" negro "scholar athlete" collide with other nigga bodies (Ah!) and then mill around with its mouth hanging open from the grueling three seconds of continuous movement while kosher advertisements flash across the screen. Salivate on your ball gag when Blue wins slightly more often than it loses. Worship criminal genetic aliens who would gladly kill you and everyone you care about if given the opportunity. Yes, this is the purity of "amateur" athletics, where plantation master psycho coaches steeped in corruption guide creatures straight from a nightmare toward the "big game" that you care about because you're a weak gelded fool. These are good boys who have turned their lives around, they're actually in college and a true credit to their race, namely the human race.

LSU suspended linebacker Tyler Taylor on Wednesday after learning he&#…

Foreign Invader Falls

There's no hurry to get that wall built. After all, we have a lot more pressing issues like that animal Assad and his Donkey Kong nerve gas barrels. We're not doing that any more? I'm sorry, I meant that damn animal Rouhani and his nuclear program. It's very clear that whatever, if anything, is happening in distant Persia is a clear and present danger to my daily life as a wage slave in a rapidly dying country. Once every nation the jew disapproves of has been transformed into a healthy democracy destroyed, then we can start worrying about minor problems like a wide-open southern border and an invasion of worthless, criminal aliens from the Latin American shithole. Besides, a lot of them are great people and muh civic nationalism clearly teaches that we can alchemize anyone into a good little citizen and consumerist bar code. They have to go back and then they can return right away through that big open door. This is very logical and makes a lot of sense.

At least the …

The Complicated Dynamic

Following the insane tribal warfare in the Chiraq all against all last weekend, there was no shortage of the usual excuses made without the slightest bit of sincerity and the usual promises made with zero chance of being kept. After flooding hospitals with leaking brown bodies that had been rendered much more aerodynamic by gunfire and filling the morgue with the only variety of negro it is safe to relax around, it turns out not a single arrest has been made. This is certainly a far cry from the artless and bizarre claims that crimes would be prevented before they could even happen and the illegal guns (the real cause of the crime, not genetically preordained failure) would be removed from the "bad streets," mostly emanating from a magic 70 I.Q. tar creature who doesn't know the difference between left and right. However, before we go crazy blaming the world's dumbest law enforcement leadership we should also consider the deep and unchanging cultural pathology of rac…

Much More Needs to be Done in Austria

There are many sensible arguments for flooding your ancestral homeland with dangerous and wildly incompatible aliens. It's the "economic necessity" that ends up costing you precious shekels instead of earning any. It's going to save your pensions, even as the future is completely destroyed. It's doing the work of your JUDEO-christian church, the same one that is currently being torn down to make way for a mosque. Most importantly, it's what globalist jews are demanding, so stop asking for explanations you damn shkotzim and get in the mass grave of "immigration" dug with a semitic shovel. If you're still not convinced, here's a rapefugee to explain why you're not doing enough to accommodate the invasion columns of moon cult scumbags. If you'd only open your home, wallet and legs even wider you might start seeing some discernible improvement in moe-ham-head's behavior. Well, probably not, but at least you'll die faster.

A Syrian…

Over 60 Shot in Chiraq All Against All

We're not equal. An average negro I.Q. of 85, with even that being an optimistic number boosted by mulattoes and mystery meats, is going to have massive consequences in behavior. Combine these primitive minds with heightened aggression, inability to connect future consequences to current actions and mix in staggering jewish corruption and the end result is the Midwest Mogadishu, the mistake by the lake, Chicongo. This past weekend we saw the content of their character fully expressed and now it's time to draw the usual willfully ignorant conclusions. Maybe we should give up our rights? How about paying for another dead-on-arrival "fix the negro" program? "Racist" police could be the problem. We can't address reality, so this is all that remains. The same failure. This will happen again in a few days time.

A violent weekend in Chicago left 10 people dead and dozens more wounded, police said.

Total tribal war in a city annexed by Africa and the Latin Ameri…

The Lighter Side of Negro Pathology: Aspiring Pilot

A little over a year ago the decomposing remains of Trayvon Martin stopped resting in power long enough to graduate college with a degree in aeronautical science. This grotesque award finally completed the long effort to turn the life death around and become a good boy and now serves as an inspiration for other moronic and dangerous genetic aliens. Yes, it's time to get aboard the "soul plane" with your Skittles and drank, because we're heading to a (c)rap concert in today's amazing story of Dunning-Kruger idiocy and the total and complete incompatibility of the negro with a complex, modern White nation.

A man arrested at the Texarkana Regional Airport on July 4 allegedly told investigators he intended to fly a stolen plane to a rap music concert in another state.

The intelligence, long-term planning and ability to connect cause and effect that typifies the "African-American." The only difference is "skin color" and even that is just caused by …

Chiraq: Redistribute the Pain

Dozens of racial inferiors were shot in Chicago all against all tribal warfare last weekend. This is about as surprising as the sun setting or the summer producing warm days. The negro failure is as predictable as it is pathetic: you could take a liberal article on "fixing the negro" from 1970 and all the points would be as salient today as they were then, which is to say not at all. The "African-American" will get better tomorrow; maybe in the seventh or eighth consecutive decade of endless appeasement, cowardice, delusion and waste we'll finally start seeing some effort from the tar creature to approximate civilized behavior. Until then, animals from a nightmare are going to block a freeway in protest of their own savage pathology. It just makes sense.

Organizers of Thursday’s planned anti-violence march on the North Side say they just may shut down all lanes of Lake Shore Drive. 

The already hellish commute of the shrinking number of working, tax-paying White…