Norway: No Permit to Burn the Quran

The supervised protests, during which members of a local anti-Islamic organisation slammed Islam as a religion of violence and labelling the Prophet Muhammad a “paedophile”, culminated in the central religious text of Islam being burnt, likely for the first time in Norway.

Another exciting first for my ancient homeland, the same one currently besieged by hostile aliens and the jewish criminals promoting this invasion. The holy korn becomes ash, another triumph of our vibrant and sustainable "multi-kulti." It sure is weird how these conflicts never happened when our country was homogeneous and sane. It's almost like "diversity" isn't actually a mighty strength like the traveling merchant promised it would be. We've got moon cultists from a distant desert making demands and half-awake Whites struggling to resist the kosher planned demolition.

Muslim leaders in Agder, Norway, have announced plans to file a police report after the Quran burning that occurred…

The Legacy of Racial Injustice

Justice is "racist." Noble, innocent, highly intelligent and introspective "African-Americans" are routinely given much harsher sentences by KKKorts for the exact same crimes committed by Whites. No really, you're supposed to believe this incredible kosher snow job, often disseminated via "we gots duh rahts" living fossils. Yes, in a jew-ruined globalist bazaar, where even noticing racial reality can immediately destroy your future, there are evil "racists" in robes throwing the book at good little genetic aliens because of a completely irrational hatred for the color of their skin. If you don't believe me, just ask a sinecure groid in Bodymore, Murdaland. As this dying city is consumed by a tribal all against all at least we've got our priorities straight: fighting against an insidious evil that, strictly speaking, doesn't exist.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby on Saturday cited a flawed American criminal justice syst…

Liberia Ball Gone Wrong

Please watch the following amazing video.

Welcome to the Negro Felon League, the opiate of the slumbering White sports cuck. We join the Botswana Ball already in progress, although the ball isn't actually in play at the moment. I know, what are the odds? Instead a creature straight from a nightmare swings a helmet at one the few remaining Whites in this degenerate kosher soma for a doomed legacy population. You have to wonder how long it will be until a person without color is literally murdered on the field by a super orc. At this point "just a matter of time" seems accurate, although efforts to completely remove Ice People from this semitic shuck might be a mitigating factor.

Some of the negroes begin attacking another coal creature on the ground. What do they think this is, Popeyes Chicken? "Whoa!" declares the announcer, presumably as a placeholder for "I can't believe the jew was able to intimidate us into pretending these monsters are even partia…

The Precious 300 Lost

Baltimore has lost 300 people to homicide for the fifth consecutive year.

On Thursday, police confirmed the staggering total, which has become an unofficial milestone for marking Baltimore’s struggle to quell extreme violence.

The city is on track to see one of its most violent years on record. In 2018, the 300th homicide was recorded on Dec. 20.

Police reported Thursday morning that 21-year-old Donnell Brockington, of Aberdeen, died at an area hospital after he was found Wednesday night with gunshot wounds in the 2600 block of McElderry St. and an unnamed man and woman were killed early Thursday morning in the 1900 block of McHenry St.

One resident Joseph Calloway said people in Baltimore “get killed for nothing.”

Last December, Calloway’s brother Edward was also shot and killed outside the mini-market. An aging memorial to his brother still clings to a pole outside the store.

“I wish I was rich, I wish I wasn’t in the neighborhood but I wish a lot of things,” Calloway said. “But it’s the…

Extremely Disappointed

The indigenous White population in Europe is irredeemably evil and deserves every horrible thing the jew and its dark biological weapons are doing to them. Furthermore, the crime of unfair skin is so serious that nothing less than total and complete destruction will serve as an atonement for the massive crime of existing. As you might imagine, this insane kosher hatred occasionally comes under some scrutiny, so it's necessary to fabricate lies which would appear to justify this semitic planned demolition, whether it's "the precious six million lost" or some poor innocent genetic alien being treated badly in a White country it invaded. The fact that all of these slanders prove to be false doesn't matter; it was real in my mind and it could have happened and why haven't you died yet?

A Somali-born Social Democratic Party (SDP) politician in Finland has apologized for lying about kicking a passenger out of his taxi after the passenger allegedly hurled racist abus…

A Single Punch

In the North American Women of Color Employment Economic Zone we're currently in the stage of White genocide where the laws of our sick and dying nation are being used against us, both to severely punish any resistance to our planned replacement and to completely excuse crimes committed against us by the brown metastasis. We've already passed through the open vilification and blame for all the considerable failings of our "multi-kulti" trash heap and the next step is Thought Crime laws and open persecution formally endorsed by our jew-controlled government. Today's story graphically illustrates the current reality: the legal system we created and handed to the poisonous mushroom now exists to punish defending yourself against communist thugs and to ensure that a worthless negro monster who makes a murderous attack on a White man receives a grotesquely lenient sentence.

A father-of-two has been left paralyzed, in a coma with half a skull after a vicious 'one-pu…

They Should be Taken to Auschwitz

There will always be an England, much in the same way that Carthage still exists. Cuck Island can easily absorb all the worst hominids from "Asia" and the African sewer, the negroes are still kicking a ball on the "tellie," everything is fine. Okay, there is one problem and you can probably guess what it is. You are correct. "Racism" from the doomed indigenous population, including highly dubious "hate crimes" against the Light of the World. The solution is obvious: more replacement immigration, fewer rights and the eventual planned kosher demolition of your ancient homeland.

Police are hunting a vandal who daubed sick slogans and swastikas on cars, vans and garages on Remembrance Sunday.

The monsters are here! Hindu good luck symbols and the vile ideas shared by any sane White person before the disastrous jewish century were found on the day we were supposed to be remembering how two entire generations were destroyed fighting insane brother wars…

Hitler Turtles Defeat Authorities

Police in Washington state are struggling to apprehend a pair of turtles spotted with swastikas painted on their shells in a bizarre act of vandalism. Despite their slow-moving reputation, the fugitive reptiles remain at large.

Startled visitors at Gene Coulon Park in the town of Renton notified police of the swastika-sporting reptiles earlier this week, but the Renton Police Department says it has been unable to catch the critters and wipe off the offensive symbols.

“Renton Police were made aware that two of our Gene Coulon turtles had some markings painted on their shells,” the department said in a Facebook post. “We made an attempt to locate them but so far they have evaded apprehension.”

The police have enlisted the aid of the US Department of Agriculture to round up the turtles, according to the Merced Sun Star, but residents are already a bit shell shocked by the strange experience.

“It sits with you uncomfortably,” one park-goer told a local media outlet, while another said in bewi…

Black Country Down

Many years ago, lost in the shifting sands of history that have obscured everything except the "holocaust" and muh slavery, it was time to fix Somalia. Bush the Senior, fresh off his electoral defeat against a Jeffrey Epstein client, decided (with a lot of help from the jew working the wires) it was a good idea to use his lame duck slouch of shame to become involved in arguably the worst failed state in all of Africa, no doubt hopeful of getting pictures of our brave heroes feeding skinnies and helping them put out all the tire fires. Well, we got those pictures, but they showed deformed moronic animals parading the dead bodies of freshly killed Whites.

The American golem failed, the "humanitarian crisis" went unsolved, young men died for nothing and because we couldn't fix centuries of genetically preordained failure in a few months we were required to bring in "refugees" and settle them in the Whitest available areas. Flash forward a few decades an…

A Dispute Over One of Our Products

A fight over someone cutting in line lead to a fatal stabbing Monday night at a Maryland Popeyes.

The content of their character. Being coerced to pretend these animals are our equals is an absurdity on par with saying having your rectum violently destroyed by strangers while blasted out of your mind on narcotics is "love." With complete control of a corrupt kosher system it's truly amazing what our enemy has gotten away with. This violent inferior the merchant brought here in semitic chains is definitely fully human. They murder each other over fried chicken. Everything you heard in your publik schmuel, everything from the talmudvision, all lies. Deportation back to The Mother is the only sane solution.

Prince George's County Police say they received reports of a fight at a Popeyes location in the 6200 block of Livingston Road in Oxon Hill on Monday at around 7 p.m.

Welcome to Murdaland where getting yo chucken awn goes wrong. Not a single "stereotype" was …

Straight Out Racism

When I was younger I was told the meaning of "racism," to the extent it meant anything other than a talmudic slur to silence Whites, was hating someone for "the color of their skin." You got a bad sunburn, I'm afraid we can't be friends any more, that sort of thing. Now this communist neologism has lost whatever vestigial definition it initially had and "racism" is basically any action or thought that isn't intended to bring about White genocide. Obviously, this ridiculous kosher concept is ripe for parody and a simple insistence that perhaps White Man Not Bad is now enough to cause the entire corrupt system to drop the mask of sanity. All you need to confound a jewish enemy that controls nearly everything is the most simple and tepid display of pride in your heritage.

Police in Oklahoma City are investigating “It’s okay to be white” fliers that were posted at the Oklahoma City University School of Law as a potential hate crime.

Yes, you read t…

The Bright Future of Cuckservatism

As most of you already know, I'm a staunch Republican in the proud tradition of Mitt Romney and that sweaty guy who was one of the less offensive versions of la-teen-oh. I believe in liberty, small government, free markets, buggery, our great ally Israel, fighting "socialism," more green cards, more foreign invasion, military intervention on behalf of zion and all the other stations of the cross for the modern day Reagan. It's also critical that we somehow convince the mud flood to start supporting our side of the kosher coin, because our cowardly behavior has doomed America and it might be hard to get votes when it becomes a cold weather version of Honduras and/or Sudan. Fortunately, our best mystery meat thinkers are on the case and I'm sure Red will figure out a way to convince the brown hordes that getting slightly fewer hand-outs is the better choice.

If the Republican Party does not start diversifying to represent the new demographics sweeping the nation, th…

Typical Negro Behavior Ends in Mass Shooting

Before we perform an autopsy on today's amazing story I've got a quick update on the Cuck Island suicide tourist. The body that never birthed a single White baby was found in the ocean. No prizes for getting that one right. At least she lived life to its fullest, leaving an incredible legacy of embarrassing "party" pictures on the internet and boldly exploring the Asian anus before becoming another forgotten victim of the profound spiritual sickness of our times. Rest in peace, you did everything the jew told you to do and somehow it ended in disaster. Don't worry, you'll be replaced by the fusillade of inferior brown aliens produced by moe-ham-head semen cannons. Meanwhile, back in the North American Economic Zone, we've got another tale of "African-American" pathology for the memory hole.

Four people were killed and several others were injured in a shooting late Thursday night at a Halloween house party in Orinda, officials said. 

100 billion s…

This Could Have Been a Mistake

When you live in a jew-created waking nightmare of spiritual sickness, dark inferiors, foreign invasion and carefully planned White genocide there is little need to invent fake Halloween scares. Who needs a lunatic with a mask when you have typical negro behavior or a zombie outbreak when your ancient homeland is being invaded by moon cult rapefugees? Then there's the jewish vampire draining the blood of your nation in furtherance of its ultimate talmudic goal of ruling over mindless brown slaves. Yes, there are monsters and they're all too real. We are ruled over by pedophile useful idiots controlled by the synagogue.

The body of disgraced money man and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his Manhattan federal prison cell in August, bore telltale signs of homicide despite an official ruling that he killed himself, a pioneering forensic pathologist revealed to “Fox & Friends” in an exclusive interview Wednesday. 

Yeah. NO FUCKING SHIT. After weeks of moronic…