This Appalling Escalation

Basic pattern recognition is going to interfere with your success in the ugly globalist bazaar we're building more than any other vice. It's good to practice the affected ignorance that will serve you well in your shekel chases while everything your forebears built burns. Today's subject is a good training weight for this noble endeavor, an opportunity to shrug your shoulders and say "I guess we just need more spending" while reflecting on the explosion of moon cult crime in Londonistan. It really is quite baffling why this is occurring, I'm at a loss. More knife control might help and don't forget censoring "hate speech" on jewish data collection websites. This naughty talk is making the moose-limb hostile. Time to go to prison.

Sadiq Khan’s London has seen an “appalling escalation” of serious crimes including murder, violent robbery, and home burglary in the last year, according to new police data.

Welcome to the London owned by a desert alien …

Taken Aback by the News

As you already know, your local Starbucks is the designated location for typical negro behavior, a sort of lawless simian sanctuary where the jungle monster can fully express the content of its character. In between waiting for its "business meeting," Barkevious is now encouraged to steal, destroy and assault the delusional leftist Eloi on the premises. It's the least we can do to atone for the time the evolutionary dead-ends were mildly inconvenienced and then promptly chimped out. But wait, there's more! This same sugar shack has now shown "racism" toward the la-teen-oh invader, so it's time to gather up your MS-13 cholos and head down there, vato loco. You and your fellow animals, who definitely are not people, are now invited to transform the place into a less habitable version of Guatemala.  Better hurry, there might not be any gringos left to victimize.

Nearly two weeks ahead of their day of nationwide racial bias training, coffee chain Starbucks i…

$2.8 Trillion Down the Toilet

We need a hundred years of war for Israel. This insane drivel isn't coming from mental patients smearing their own waste on padded walls, it's coming from mainstream politicians from both sides of the same kosher shekel. Defending the interests of the merchant is the reason we have a military, the reason for invading other nations, sacrificing White lives, leaving everything in ruins and ultimately ending up with more of the "terror" we were supposed to be fighting. Yes, we will defeat some nebulous concept while praising the Great Religion of islam and allowing their jihadans to infiltrate our country. Somehow it just didn't work out. Mission accomplished for our jewish enemy.

The U.S. has spent as much as $2.8 trillion on the fight against terrorism since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to a study published Wednesday.

In return we gave up our rights, allowed in enemygrants from shithole countries, got maimed or killed and helped establish ISIS. …

Conspiracy of Silence

You've probably never heard of the holocaust. Six million precious jews were lost in homicidal gas chambers. This event occurred during an historical obscurity called "World War 2" and is almost never mentioned in any form of media, let alone taught in our schools. As a result, the memory of the gentile crimes against g*d's favorite people has rapidly faded. We need to take action to ensure that we never forget the horrific crimes committed by the unclean meat, as recorded by soviets, communists and scumbag opportunists. If there's one record that should survive into the future, one monument that should stand above the blasted apocalyptic wastes of our near-future, it's the fact that evil "not-sees" made the poisonous mushroom do honest work, once.

Documents from the post-war Auschwitz trial have been classed part of the UNESCO "Memory of the World Register", underlining their significance as "common heritage of humanity", Germany…

Obtaining an Assault Weapon

What is responsible for the Chicago all against all? It's a question that's probably best avoided, or answered dismissively with mumbled remarks about global climate chaos or secret ingredients in malt liquor, but some brave semitic organizations are finally willing to admit the unpopular truth. It's your gun rights. You need to give them up because brothas keep getting hostile and "drawing down on dem hoes." Once you're completely defenseless, goyim, the schwoogie should start behaving itself for the first time ever. What do you mean you're not convinced? Well, have you seen this low-effort piece of degenerate art? I'm sure you'll be ready to surrender your inherent right of self-defense after you look at this, it's really something.

It's like a bike-sharing station, but with what appear to be AR-15 rifles.

Get ready to have your "square" button-down mind completely blown by this amazing kosher social commentary.Like, far out man…

Just a Bad Day

We should be able to educate the negro and transform it into a cut-rate version of a White person. They just need more Whites in their classrooms, or none at all, depending on what doomed and damaging idea the jew is pushing at the moment. We will fill a Neolithic tar creature with a love of learning, as long as we keep spending, keep appeasing, keep bleeding. Inside that dangerous genetic alien lurks the next great doctor, oceanographer or rapper. When the efforts to uplift a failed branch of humanity predictably collapse into disaster we'll be sure to blame it on "racism," the legacy of jewish slavery, the lack of resources (even as the worthless groid dumps hundred dollar textbooks out the window) and what about muh "bad days?" Please ignore the fact that the dark inferior is one "bad day" away from total and complete Dark Continent savagery.

On Tuesday, a student at Cedar Hill High School in Texas appeared to assault physics teacher Bobby Soehnge d…

Chiraq: "Teenagers" went Wild

Local alderman now says cops were "vastly outnumbered" and an internal review is underway to determine why police "early warning" system about mob actions failed. See our full update on this development HERE. Our original report follows.

Every now and then I like to start with the punchline. Somehow the advance scouts failed to notice the dark mob and the representatives of the decaying rule of law were vastly outnumbered by "teens." How could this happen? Everyone knows we have the best technology and doctrines in the critical field of controlling tar monster wilding. I'm sure the review will correct whatever one in a million flaw prevented the Blue Lives that Matter from throwing a huge net over the monkey metastasis. This is unlikely to happen again, be sure to plan your summer vacation to Chicongo, Drillinois.

At least four people were injured and two arrests were made after a large group of teenagers went wild near Chicago’s historic Water Tower o…

Rare for Baltimore

Attempting to apply the rule of law to the negro is wrong. It's impossible to hold the jungle monster to civilized standards and, furthermore, it's "racist." The solution is to simply allow the nightmare animals to run wild and pretend the disaster that must inevitably follow is somehow unforeseeable. Consider Bodymore, Murdaland where the "African-American" inferior has been given all the room to destroy it could possibly want, resulting in an all against all that wouldn't be out of place in Sudan or Paris. It's now much easier to explain why you didn't do the job than why you actually did it, so don't expect any national attention to be given to this Heart of Darkness unless another career criminal scumbag dies while in the custody of the "five oh."

Two teenagers have been shot to death on Baltimore’s streets–the latest a 16-year-old boy–as the city surpasses 100 murders for the first time this year.

You can only "surpass&quo…

Whites to Blame for "Minority" Sex Disease Outbreak

The consistent and predictable failure of the negro animal and the la-teen-oh invader can always be laid at the feet of a shrinking White population that is expected to lug around the brown burden. We must fund doomed programs, agree to kosher absurdities like "systematic racism," be steadily replaced in everything as quickly as the dubious competence of the worthless dark mass will allow and then accept all of the blame when this jewish madness ends in total disaster. After all, you had a frown on your face around a queer nigga body (Ah!) riddled with anally infected plagues and this is why said body can't survive.

The teenagers tucked their hands into their sweatshirt pockets as they shuffled to form a circle. Some gazed at the asphalt, trying to avoid the game they had been drafted to play.

What could this "game" possibly be? Liberia ball? Galloping dominoes? Muh slavery make-believe?

“It’s like hot potato/musical chairs, but with a penis,” said the girl lead…

The Gruesome Statue

It's very important that most of our history is erased. You need to know about muh slavery, the holocaust and maybe the heroic story of Israel. Everything else is unnecessary baggage that only makes it difficult for you to perform your tasks within the globalist nightmare state. You're better off not knowing, ignorance is strength. Any questions you might have are already being answered by the talmudvision: all Whites are bad, your planned genocide is justified, the jew is g*d's special miracle. Your goal should be mindless, soulless and rootless consumerism paired with self-loathing and suicidal impulses. To help in this process, we're going to remove some reminders of an unpleasant past. No, not the disastrous 1861 jew-authored Brother War. This time, it's communists murdering the gentiles during Europe's Second Jewish Century Suicide Attempt.

The proposed removal of a memorial to the victims of a 1940 Polish massacre is officially an international incident, w…

Chicago's Frightening Incidents

The negro will get better tomorrow. When some Oriental sits down to write "Well, That Didn't Work: A History of the Ghost Slaves in the Land of the Baizuo" this ant-man historian is going to marvel at our stubborn refusal to learn obvious lessons, even after having them rubbed in our face repeatedly. By Current Year it's obvious to anyone but an idiot that the "African-American" is a failed race that needs to be removed, but this truth must never be articulated. You don't want to ruin your life over this, do you? Are you some dumb-ass hero? Just pretend the morlock is fully human, it's much easier. By the time they destroy everything you care about you should be safely dead. You like your shekels, right?

The warm weekend weather was accompanied by a sharp increase in gun violence on Chicago's streets.

We need common sense heat control. Summer was created for a primary rural and agrarian nation. Our founders couldn't have anticipated the effe…

Illinois: More Sodomite Education Needed

The mentally defective sodomite pervert has made many valuable contributions to the American mud pot. Everything from injecting spiritual poison into the kosher entertainment industry, cutting little holes between bathroom stalls and keeping emergency rooms busy with "I must have fallen on top of this light bulb" is contributed by the noble Anal Destruction-American. Teaching children about the wonderful achievements of the LGBTQQIAP+ community should be the top priority of our publik schmuels (This and muh holocaust, of course). Little Johnny needs to know what a "positive load" is if he's going to compete against the Oriental Ant Farm in an increasingly hostile globalist bazaar.

The Illinois Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would require public schools in the state to teach lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history, as well as use inclusive and “non-discriminatory” textbooks.

We'll be removing some dull and "races" stuff about the…

Phony Hate Crime Implodes

We may be seeing the end to the negro phony hate crime racket. It's becoming more and more difficult to trick the White debil who has seen so many of these hoaxes collapse and the 70 I.Q. of the typical tar creature makes it difficult to pull off a deception more complex than "someone dunn called me duh En Word, mudda fudda." I expect the next frontier of genetic alien shucks will revolve around committing minor, but annoying crimes (loitering, disturbing the peace, etc.) and then screaming "racism" after being arrested. With a sympathetic jewish media and delusional White cucks who aren't burned out on this latest jungle monster scam, there are big shekels to be made from the rapidly decaying rule of law. Meanwhile, we get another obvious tar monster snow job that fell apart in record time.

A Florida woman found racial slurs spray painted onto her home and cars, her phone lines cut and a fire in the backyard. Nakea Darisaw told WFTV that the vandalism likel…

The Undocumented Governor

White countries are for everyone. Borders are "racist." All human beings are equal and completely interchangeable. We must move the entire population of Africa into formerly White nations and don't forget the wonderful moe-ham-head-dans. It's easy to spout this sort of drivel from behind the walls of your mansion, but what happens when a crazed piece of negro garbage decides the borders of your property and house are also completely negotiable. Surprisingly, the globalist useful idiot and jew pawn suddenly starts having forbidden "extreme right" opinions when a homeless "The aliens are trying to eat my brains" groid bashes in the front door.

A homeless man who was arrested last month after breaking into California Gov. Jerry Brown's home in Sacramento reportedly said he only tried entering the mansion because he figured the sanctuary state politician was "an open-door policy kind of guy."

Honestly, this is a very good argument from th…