Monday, February 8, 2016

Phony Hate Crime Snow Job

Every human being is equal and full of special value. Some are much more equal than others. When Whites are targeted by "minorities" in the polar bear hunting, robbery gone wrong, isolated incidents and wrong place at the wrong time attacks it's memory hole material, another boring dog bites man story to be buried as efficiently as possible before anyone starts asking uncomfortable questions that might offend the State Religion. When an incorrectly formed nawrtzee symbol is found drawn with the very finger of hate in snow (The most "races" type of precipitation there is!) it's time to deploy every available resource, time for Operation Infinite Justice against the cold weather evil-doers. Then when the jew behind it gets caught, back to business as usual with no further comment. Hey, did you see the Africa Ball? Man, look at that boy run.

Temple University police on Saturday released security camera images of three people they said were sought in connection with a swastika and racial slur scrawled in snow on a car near the school's North Philadelphia campus.

Making hate doodles, snow demons, the worst "hate crime" imaginable. Let's examine security camera footage of the malefactors (Just like in the United Kaliphate!) kicking off a lengthy investigation of the Mind Crime. This is a good use of the limited resources we have available.

Did these Africa Ball cucks commit blasphemy?

A member of the Temple Black Student Union took a photo of the messages before the image was shared on social media.
"Sheeeet, dis in-sid-dent not be specious at all. Shoe is venient how dis done happen round da kill whitey act-a-vast."

"Temple University condemns the use of these symbols and language in the strongest terms," a statement from the school said. "The university will make every effort to identify those responsible, and will hold them accountable."  
The Holy Office of the Inquisition and defenders of Holy Mother Synagogue denounce these signs and wonders of the Fallen One crafted through evil witchcrafts. We will make every effort to track down those within this Modern Canaan who are trafficking with the devil and his demons and burn them at the stake.

Anyone with information was asked to call campus police at 215-204-6493 or submit a tip at the agency's website. 

If your routine spying and vigilance against "hate" turns up some crime think be sure to inform the proper authorities. Will you be the hero that turns in your friends? Let's hope so. Hey, I wonder who wrote this article?

Noah Cohen may be reached at Follow him on Twitter @noahyc. Find on Facebook. 

Every. Single. Time. It would be wrong to contact this jew and let the chosenite know what we think about all of this, so be sure not to do that.

Another hate crime hoax.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Cologne: A Cross Section of the General Public

The death of Europe and especially Germany's unbelievable national suicide clearly demonstrates the end game of pathological White altruism and "everything's fine" denial, the two traits that most typified our collective experience during the latter half of the disastrous jewish century. Only now, with a critical mass rapidly approaching, a plunge off sanctimony's precipice, are some Western indigenous peoples starting to wonder if partaking in activities with well-documented success rates of zero percent was actually a wise course of action. Perhaps a jihadan fresh from the Somalian all against all is in reality fundamentally different from a native German. Maybe the jew wasn't entirely honest with us. At the risk of Thought Crime imprisonment we might even timidly suggest that "muh GDP" and "muh endless penance for imaginary war crimes" weren't the best cornerstones to build a healthy future on.

Police in Cologne have said that 22 incidents of sexual assault occurred in the city on the first night of the traditional Carnival street party.

Leave it to stupid old reality to ruin the kosher snow job, to make it blatantly obvious that the "racist" and "xenophobe" were right and the nation-wrecker wasn't trustworthy. The last gasp of German tradition, now replaced with the new Germanistan tradition of moose-limb attacks on our women. The invading army now claims the spoils of war, while betrayed and gelded locals watch helplessly, fearful of being called names or getting sent to the Miniluv for having illegal thoughts.

They have 190 people in custody and officials have described them as "a cross section of the general public". 

Yeah. Look at all the diversity among the rapefugee criminals, a real slice of everyday life. We've got Syrians, Turks, Pakistanis, African nightmare animals and assorted shit-colored moe-ham-heads of every stripe. This is your new "diversity," an endless sea of leering, drooling brown sex beasts imported as biological weapons in furtherance of White genocide.

Germany was shocked by the New Year assaults, largely blamed on migrants.

I like how this article implies that the innocent fighting age sheep were merely "blamed" and it was probably White native Germans attacking the kuffirs. You know those Germans and their legendary scapegoating, like the time they blamed the innocent and noble merchant and sent six dibblezillion up a chimney.

This is what the kids would call an "epic fail."

More than 100 women were victims, but the full scale of events on that night only emerged later.

Hush crimes, over a hundred victims, probably a lot more. Numbers that don't add up, obvious lies and distortions, weasel language...the liar press, ladies and gentlemen.

Police said the number of sex attacks on the first night of Carnival was higher than at last year's event.

Much like El-France keeping careful statistics on burning cars the efficient Germanistani neatly tracks the death of his nation, before being told by the smiling merchant to just memory hole it all, it's "racist."

A suspect was in custody after a woman was attacked and raped while on her way home, they added.

It was worth it to get a childless, sociopath witch on the cover of a jew magazine.

Turnout is said to be lower than usual despite the extra security, which some officials have attributed to rainy weather.

Blame it on the rain, because the rain don't care.

Authorities spoke of a new type of crime, in which gangs of drunken men - described as North African - targeted women.

Yeah, this is all very new and novel and hasn't been going on for years throughout a rapidly dying Europe. "North African." Huh, that's weird, I thought it was a "cross section." It's almost as if a massive foreign invasion of hostile aliens has consequences, but we all know that can't be true.

Migration to Germany from outside the EU soared to a record 1.1 million last year, with Chancellor Angela Merkel criticised for having welcomed so many asylum seekers.

R.I.P. Germany.

Cologne resident Miriam was attacked as she and a friend made their way home on New Year's Eve. She said she was going to the Carnival celebrations "but with really mixed feelings". "I'm wondering if something like that could happen again." 

Stop worrying, it probably won't. Isolated incident, random attack, wrong place at the wrong time, islamic courtship rituals gone wrong, etc.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

(C)rap Music from White Do-Gooder to Fix Negro

The negro is the "we'll be better next year, just wait" of humanity. The next wasteful program, the next ridiculous and pathetic gimmick, maybe pull Whites down, this is sure to correct the genetically-coded pathology of a failed branch of humanity that stalled out at the Stone Age level and still represents the violence and ignorance of that long dark night before civilized man emerged. Still, more needs to be done because it's the right thing to do, never mind the zero percent success rate. Inside Barkevious, somewhere, is a third-rate White just dying to get out, if we'd only recognize this staggering potential and offer endless appeasement in hopes of somehow unlocking basic human behavior in the genetic alien. Perhaps a White do-gooder teacher, maybe not a sodomite degenerate this time, can reach the dark monster via the rich and soulful poetry of the street.

It started with the line, "Of course, I can rap. I'm an English teacher."

Yo, check out muh dope bars, mudda fudda.

Of course I can rap, I'm an English teacher
Paid to fail like a corrupt nigga preacher
Cut up and raped, find me under duh bleacher
I thought I saw humanity in a jungle creature

Yo, let me break you off some Great White Hope
This school a practice prison, I done dropped the soap
In a sane society you'd be on the end of a rope
Societal death be good, go ax the pope

This sheeet as kosher as fresh hebrew franks
Pack attack, those wacky teens and their pranks
Another stagger toward the national grave
I be wiggerin' it up, I'm sure you'll behave

Of course I can rap I'm an English Teacher
Class full of monsters, horror movie double feature
Silly azz gimmick is sure to reach ya
I'm gonna fix the genetic failure of a nightmare creature

Word to The Mother.

"When I was student teaching, I wrote the first rap because a student challenged me and said he didn't think I could rap," said Krzewski, informally known at Kalamazoo Central High School as Ms. K.

The impressive intellectual rigors of the public school in today's U.S.S.A.

Delusional White woman and future victim.

But she explained that rap is poetry. It is written in verse. And the use of words is kind of a specialty for an English teacher.

Ah! Ah! Nigga bodies! or the staggering achievements of White literature, it's all basically the same stuff and it's "races" to pretend otherwise.

"So I went home and wrote a rap," she said. "I was making fun of myself ... mocking myself and trying to be cool with the kids. But I was also trying to learn their language."

Debase yourself and look weak, that should win over Dajewjuan and his fellow Homo erectus "crew."

This year, her quick, one-line response to that challenging student, grew to 2 minutes and 23 seconds worth of lines – another rap for another class of students that is trending well on Facebook.

Wow, even doing "well" on Jewbook. Every generation gets the "Dangerous Minds" it deserves.

But she had to learn the slang and phrases that teenagers use in order to make her rap work and to try to get the sophomores she teaches to take a deeper dive into literature and poetry.

When you said "She yella, dat beech bee yella," La-ah, what exactly did that mean? Help me to understand your vibrant and thoroughly intellectual street language.

The kids' slang she used two years ago in her first rap is now dated or obsolete for kids. That includes "swerve" (meaning to get out of someone's way or change the subject), "cutting up" (acting crazy), and "throwing shade" (putting someone or their accomplishments in a bad light). 

I hate to throw shade on cultural marxism victims, but this woman is well and truly cutting up. Let's swerve, I'm getting sick of talking about this.

By the way, she's "Krispie K" and "on 10" when it comes to rapping. "Crisp" is anything that's very cool. "On 10" is being great on a scale of one to 10.

I'm not sure what the African American Vernacular for "found dead in a recycle bin after being raped" is, but I have a feeling we might need it soon.

With rap, she said, "I knew that I would reach a lot of kids who I probably wasn't going to reach with Emily Dickinson."

Sheeeeet, wut you talkin' bout beeach. I luv to get muh dikk in some.

After hearing mine, they were all excited to share their own stuff, and they wrote some awesome poems.

Mainly rhymes about using narcotics, shooting other negroes who were sitting in cars or walking down alleys and raping and murdering White women, but it was really full of artistic merit, trust me.

Gettin' dat larn on.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More "Refugees" for Montana

If you want to succeed in today's U.S.S.A. and earn approval from the jew ruling over us it really isn't that difficult. Parrot whatever anti-White line is popular at the moment, call for fewer Whites in everything, support foreign invasion, declare spiritual sickness to be "progressive" and never point out offensive reality. You should do fine, until you're no longer needed as a useful idiot and are tossed on the ash heap of the West. Otherwise, the options are fight or flight. Today only one of those is viable. The official policy of our jew hijacked government is now to flood the remaining White enclaves with the worst biological waste available.

This is the planned demolition of our nation, the coming nightmare of "diversity" where identical looking and behaving brown aliens roam the ruins like maggots in an open wound, wondering if the White man they hated so much will ever return. To save our country we had to destroy it. But it was the right thing to do and at least no one will call our rotting corpse a "racist."

More than 120 people braved the snow and ice Monday to rally in front of the Missoula County Courthouse, protesting an effort by the Obama administration and its army of community organizers to plant foreign “refugees” into small cities in western Montana.

Ordinary Whites offer limp resistance to the genocide that was carefully planned and executed by our criminal government. "Please remember we exist, cultural marxists! And, if it isn't too much trouble, could you please stop stomping on our face with the boot of multiculturalism?" Nothing was accomplished, the invasion continues, hope no one got frostbite. The days of peacefully requesting that our enemy stop killing us are over.

One of the speakers was a woman who moved recently to Montana from Amarillo, Texas, which has been inundated with thousands of refugees over the past 15 years.

There's no where left to run. The Whitest remaining areas must now experience the carpet-bombing of fighting age moe-ham-head scum. This is a total war aimed at hunting down and exterminating every last White. The jew won't be happy until we've been totally destroyed.

It’s a far cry from Amarillo, which she described as a city of rampant crime and cracking social fabric, thanks to the heavy influx of refugees sent there by the U.S. State Department in cooperation with the United Nations. 

Who could have predicted this? It's not like importing a large number of cultural, religious and racial alien welfare colonists is going to have any negative consequences. It made us feel good, so it must be good for our city. Look at me, doing the right thing! I'm so virtuous and open-minded, not like my "racist" ancestors. Watching everything burn is a small price to pay for one fleeting moment of sanctimony.

“Our city is failing because of the refugees. We have 22 different languages spoken in our schools. We’ve got 42 languages being fielded by our 9-1-1 call centers, and crime is just through the roof. We need to exercise caution, especially for the sake of our children,” she said.

"Diversity," our greatest strength. Think of all the tasty food and exotic music! Enjoy that chalupa and try not to think about how much it's going to cost you.

The protesters carried signs that read, “Christian Refugees 2 Christian Nations, Muslim Refugees 2 Muslim Nations, That’s Only Fair,” and “Refugee Resettlement Means Big $$$$$ – No Accountability.”

Cucktians offer a pathetic argument against foreign invasion. Don't want the moose-limbs, Montana? No problem, here's a few million "catholic" (Our Lady of Quetzalcoatl) la-teen-ohs and maybe some good "Christian" negroes from the African heart of darkness. The other sign comes perilously close to naming the Light of the World behind this biological warfare but, much like the entire protest, is too weak and gelded to tell the truth.

She fears U.S. cities like Amarillo and Minneapolis, Minnesota, could be in line to become the next Rotherham, England, or Cologne, Germany, or Stockholm, Sweden, where mass rapes by Muslim men have gained much attention in Europe.

"Could be?" As if it isn't already happening? Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

Please jew, stop attacking us.

Fifteen years ago in Norway, rape was unheard of. Now it’s an epidemic,” Sherman said. “The perpetrators are 100 percent Muslim males. In Sweden, rape has gone up by 500 percent. Stockholm recently had the dubious honor of opening their very first rape center for men and boys.”

Now that we've got the obvious out of the way are you going to tell the good little patriots of Montana who's behind it? Barbara Lerner Spectre references perhaps? No? 

“You can have female equality, or you can have refugees. You cannot have both,” Sherman said.

Jewish feminism was created by Frankfurt School jews as a weapon against healthy White women and White families. As such it's completely compatible with rapefugee invasion, another kosher frontal assault on our women. You can't oppose one part of the semitic agenda and support another. 

She said America, founded on Judeo-Christian principles of tolerance and respect for one’s fellow man, should not expect people from Third World cultures to share those values.

Yeah. No shit. Our precious JUDEO-christian heritage sure goes out the window as soon as the communist controls the levers of power, imagine that. We're not going to get out of this mess by staring at the wall and mumbling through our gag that "jay-sus was a jew, you know."

President Obama has  increased the number of foreign refugees bound for American soil in fiscal 2016 to 85,000. That's a 20 percent increase over the previous year, and 10,000 will come from the jihadist hotbed of Syria.

In other news that I'm sure you'll find more interesting there's going to be Africa Ball this weekend and exciting new commercials created by rootless cosmopolitans during the many, many breaks in the dark continent "action."

Jew feminism, promoting healthy values for White women.

WND reported last week that two groups are working to resettle Syrian refugees in Montana. One group, WorldMontana, is working in Helena and the other, Soft Landing Missoula, is working in Missoula.
We'll just let these scoundrels continue their undermining, I'm sure our little flag-waving rally will reverse a plan for genocide nearly a hundred years in the making.

"About four people (from her group) didn't make it because of weather, but we think there were about 125 people on our side and about six with signs calling us 'racists,'" she said.

R.I.P. U.S.S.A.

David Lubell of Welcoming America works closely with the White House to soften up the soil in cities targeted to receive an influx refugees.

(((Lubell))) Must be German.

Slimy jew wants more jihadists in Montana.

Many of the community organizers have received training or consultation from David Lubell's Welcoming America organization, which was started with seed money from billionaire George Soros.

Every. Single. Time. What a surprise. Big jew behind an attack on normal White America, must be a crazy coincidence.

Lubell is a close adviser to President Obama's "New Americans" initiative, which seeks to convert millions of refugees and recent immigrants into U.S. citizens with full voting privileges.

Wealthy jew scumbag, cultural marxist sodomite yella, an invasion of brown moon cultists...what could possibly go wrong?

"We’ve successfully resettled a Hmong community, as well as Belorussians and Ukrainians, who are now members of our community and part of the fabric of Missoula," Poole told KGVO. 

If it worked for Asian ants and Slavic Whites it should also work for stone cube worshiping, grabasstic sand people because everyone is exactly the same. 

Other small towns in the West have similarly struggled to oppose the plans of urban elites to import what they see as the problems of the Third World into their communities.

(((Urban Elites)))

If the past record is any indication, the groups seeking to bring Third World refugees to small town America will not be easily chased off by people with signs.

I think you might be right about that.

Those "urban elites" and their little pranks.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More Minnesota Madness

Iowa can at least take solace today in knowing there is at least one state more cucked than they are. In Minnesota the dominant White population has happily committed demographic suicide, flooding the state with worthless dark animals and celebrating their own displacement and annihilation. It isn't surprising to learn the state was settled by Swedes and they've happily implemented the same self-negation from their homeland in Middle America. Now we truly have the American Sweden, flooded with jihadists, 65 I.Q. African detritus and undesirable biological run-off from all four corners of the world. Meanwhile, the White population doesn't seem content in their current pathetic levels of abasement, seeking new gelded lows in the name of not offending people who want them violently dead.

Celebrations of Valentine’s Day and the other “dominant holidays” are ending at one St. Paul elementary school, according to a letter from the principal addressed to families.

Welcome to America, here's your welfare check and special rights. Don't bother learning our language or dominant culture, that would be a "racist" and perhaps even "Afrophobic" demand against the innocent sheep here to graze on our grass and shit in our fields.

Principal Scott Masini of Bruce Vento Elementary School, whose student body is overwhelmingly nonwhite, explained in the letter that “my personal feeling is we need to find a way to honor and engage in holidays that are inclusive of our student population.”

Valentine's day, with its unpleasant connotations of courtly romance, respect for women and even, g*d forbid, marriage and White children, clearly needs to go. Having multiple concubines and rampant bastardry is just as good, since every society is equal and wonderful (unless it's White, of course). We must be "inclusive," another meaningless cultural marxism term that roughly translates to removing Whites, erasing our traditions and ultimately killing us either through direct violence or simple weight of numbers.

“I have come to the difficult decision to discontinue the celebration of the dominant holidays until we can come to a better understanding of how the dominant view will suppress someone else’s view.”

Help, I'm being suppressed! Better tear down all our institutions and replace them with bland ugliness. Replace that healthy homogeneous society with an all against all of hostile brown turds eager to loot, kill and rape. It's the right thing to do, your point of few is important, moe-ham-head.

Masini said there will be no cards or treats brought to school to mark Valentine’s Day.

Instead we'll have Barkevious performing an impromptu rap about its penis, a discussion of "Who be yella" from the "African American" "rachets," moose-limb groping and sexual assaults, another failed attempt to teach Pedro how to use a toilet and, if there's time, maybe learn how to do math or whatever.

 Happy Valentine's, Minnesota!

The letter listed the holidays that the East Side school will no longer celebrate as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Masini said the decision was made in consultation with his staff.

The Pathology of the American White. Once the invading foreign population sees how weak and submissive we can be they're bound to respect us. We'll keep appeasing the teeming mass of negro refuse. What could go wrong?

“One of the concerns that I have,” Masini wrote, “ … is whether or not this practice is encroaching on the educational opportunities of others and threatening the culture of tolerance and respect for all.”

Out of respect for "everyone" you must lose everything. Tolerance means nothing but more surrender. It means White genocide.

The statement included comments from Masini: "I'm struggling with this and I don't know what the right answer is. But, what I do know is celebrating some holidays and not others is not inclusive of all of the students we serve."

The endless struggle, the long dark night of the race cuckold. Look at the wall. Don't direct. Put in this ball gag so you stop yapping about being "inclusive" while the dark bull defiles your homeland.

“Very sad. All the fun is gone,” read one posting. “Totally ridiculous” and “Tired of the PC,” read two others. 

What a shame. Hey, did you know there's negro ball this weekend?

According to the latest state demographic data, the student body at Bruce Vento school is 52.3 percent Asian/Pacific Islander, 35.4 percent black, 6.9 percent Hispanic, 4.3 percent white and 1 percent American Indian/Alaskan Native. More than half the students are learning English as a second language, data show.

Let's import millions of foreign genetic, cultural and religious aliens. There shouldn't be any consequences, right?

 Minnesota Yes.

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Jobs We Won't Do

Today is a turning point in American history, the first primary caucus where ordinary rural Whites will decide our future direction. One choice, represented by every candidate not named Donald Trump, is continuing the current slouch toward zion: jewish communism, foreign invasion, burning cities, vanishing jobs, declining standards of living, degeneracy, spiritual cancer and White genocide. On the other side we have nationalism: the crazy idea that we should look out for our own interests first, that charity begins at home, that we owe nothing to foreign invaders and coal-colored domestic terrorists, that the avarice of already obscenely wealthy jews is not the best guide for policy decisions.

That's what we'll be voting for. The long road back, perhaps sanity's last stand, the raging at the dying light or pathetic submission and the final destruction of whatever remains of the U.S.S.A. Chose carefully Iowa, we're all counting on you.

At the 3 p.m. shift change Friday, compact cars rimmed with road salt and dirt rolled up to the JBS Swift meatpacking plant, ranchera and salsa music trickling from a few rolled-down windows.

The rich and vibrant "diversity," a three thousand mile wide latrine eager to receive the kosher waste products. Just think of the food and music, goyim! Who would want to live in a world where burritos and may-hee-can music aren't readily available in their purest, dirtiest form. National suicide completely makes senses when faced with this culinary and tonal dilemma.

Hundreds of mostly brown-skinned men walked double-time into the plant, part of the wave of Latino immigrants who, over the last two decades, have transformed this city from a traditional farming community to what could be the most diverse municipality in overwhelmingly white Iowa.

The fundamental transformation. Sneaky and filthy brown aliens vomit out of the la-teen-oh clown car, taking our jobs and national dignity. And look at how unique and different they are! Identical looking and behaving brown monsters here to loot the national corpse, a reeking bowel movement from the Latin American anus.

The air smelled of slaughter - and money - as semitrailers full of hogs bellied up to the loading docks.

The country is lost, but there's shekels to be made and that's all that matters. I'm assuming the "hogs" line is referring to literal swine and not the obese, greasy, sawed-off natural conservative fence climbers, but I'm not totally convinced. We looked from pig to invader, from invader to pig, but already it was impossible to say which was which.

 Cultural marxism is a mental illness.

The blue-collar city, which has shed manufacturing jobs, epitomizes the economic squeeze of the American middle class.

"Middle class" should, as always, be read as "normal working Whites." Is there a group more consistently persecuted and vilified? Never in recorded history has a country's main productive demographic, the people holding back the collapse, also been the official holocaust goat blamed for all the evils released by the disastrous jewish century.

And Marshalltown has grappled for years with immigration, the issue that fires up conservative GOP base voters almost as much as terrorism.

This "grappling" consisted of a kosher bum-rush and then being held down and pummeled while the semitic tormentor cried out in pain after each crushing strike and kept screeching "racist!" at the helpless and bleeding victim.

Today, about a quarter of Marshalltown's population of 28,000 is Latino. By contrast, Hispanics make up about 6 percent of Iowa's population. A number of Burmese and Sudanese immigrants also have settled here.

Must be fleeing that "war" that's happening in every single non-White country.  We need a lot more Burmese and Sudanese hominids in Middle America.

Well, I'm convinced.

In the 1980s the meatpacking industry mechanized production, boosting output and slashing wages.

Now that we're more efficient and profitable you're getting a pay cut. This is logical.

Meat processors already faced a labor shortage as the U.S. rural population shrank and fewer Americans wanted the repetitive, dangerous jobs, the industry says. Packers turned to Mexico and the rest of Latin America for workers.

We don't want to pay a living wage even as the wealthy bastards enjoy their blood money. Better bring in some illegals! And I'm proud to be an American, where blub blub blub something free.

"It's like they've got a sign on the border, 'Come to Marshalltown,' " said Mike Foreman, 66, who worked at the meatpacking plant until 2000, when a back injury forced him to retire.

Sure is strange how we easily found White workers even after being assured by our enemies that no White person would want this job.

"The company paid them less than they paid us," he said last week at the city's senior citizens center. "The way I look at it, they're taking food out of our mouths."

Yeah, it is unfortunate. Hey, did you hear that there's Africa Ball on the talmudvision this Sunday?


Some of those who came were in the country illegally. The first recruits piling into Marshalltown were single men, mostly from Mexico.

I know it's hard to believe, but there it is. 

"Some of the Republican stands seem heartless to me," said Jerad Hintz, 36, a Republican dentist considering Rubio at a town hall at Marshalltown Community College. "Rubio is sympathetic. He wants to control the borders, which is fine, but he comes across as much more in touch with how it is in reality."

Let's hear from some pitiful cuckservative. I guess having a modicum of control over your own national sovereignty might be somewhat acceptable, but let's accept the "reality" of endless foreign invasion, White displacement and the steady transformation into Brazil North. Vote Rubio!

Hintz runs a practice that specializes in treating Hispanic patients.

Eyyyy, cuck gringo loco, theeesseee mawth hurrrr, I theeeeennnnk. I can't confirm that the amazing la-teen-oh mouth doctor is also one of g*d's chosen, but it seems likely. This invasion is great, shkotzim. I pull out Juan's rotten teeth and get geld, you lose your job and self-respect, everyone is a winner!

"I have a lot of friends and family who are immigrants. It's hard for me to believe we could, or would even want to, round them up and send them all back."

Muh la-teen-oh friends. Please don't punish them for breaking the law and making a mockery of our dead nation, it's inhumane.

Robert Silver, a student at the college, used to work at the Swift plant alongside a woman from El Salvador. 

((((Silver)))). Is this an article on the mud flood over our southern border or a bar mitzvah?

Now, he's married to the woman's daughter, Heydi Menendez-Silver, who is becoming a citizen next month.

The jew that pulled a Jeb. 

"Immigration is one of the most divisive issues there is, but I don't think there's a lot of tension in town between the groups," said Silver, 30, who works at the Lenox heating and air-conditioning plant here. 

Everyone knows that "multiculturalism" works really well, you unclean meat. You can trust me, I'm a jew.

"I understand that Mr. Trump is talking about throwing people out, but this town has been growing because of the Hispanics," Cisneros said. "I know some do bad things, but we do good things, too. We're here because we want to do better."

Just think of the rising population numbers, always a sign of national health. More unassimilated outsiders are a powerful force for good and don't forget muh economy. Sure, they do bad, child rape, tribal warfare and the like, but also the burritos, mang. And chalupas. 

People say that the Latinos stick together and don't show any interest in learning English.

In other news water is wet.

Fearful of Mexican drug gangs, they also say that the Latinos have contributed to an increase in violent crime. (Police statistics find the crime rate is stable or declining.)

Are you going to believe these politically motivated cooked books or your lying eyes?

Latino immigrants still talk about the federal raid at the Swift plant in 2006, on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a sacred day for Mexicans. Agents handcuffed those without papers as a SWAT unit prowled the roof; 96 were arrested and deported.

And on their Aztec pagan holiday, too. What an outrage. The last pathetic gasp of White Iowa before the long night? Think about that when you're voting, Iowa. Really think about it.

"Now it's talk of a wall and, 'Get out and don't come back.' " said Sister Christine Feagan, who runs the Hispanic ministry at St. Mary's Catholic Church. "These people are vulnerable."

The poor lost sheep, so vulnerable to evils like basic rule of law and meaningful national identity. Even voting for a certain businessman might get rid of them, wink, wink.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Sweden: Murderous Somali "Child" Revealed as Adult Negro

It sure is amazing how fighting age men in an army of conquest transform into the most helpless and pathetic creatures when their actions need to be memory holed or when we need to be convinced that national suicide is a wise course to follow. Moe-ham-head with his full beard and machete is actually a "widow or orphan" we are assured, in much the same way negro criminals in the U.S.S.A. are chronologically regressed to "teens" or even children, complete with decade-old pictures to hammer the deceit home. Just harmless babies, they fell out of some burqa-bag a week ago, honest. That rapefugee that brutally murdered a Swedish do-gooder is only a boy and as such can't be held accountable for anything. Then we finally get some pictures and the entire mythology collapses, but by then the atrocity has been downplayed and the liar press has moved on. Hey, are you going to watch the Africa Ball, goyim?

Six-foot tall, the 'child' accused of murdering a Swedish aid worker appeared in court today.

You know everything is falling apart when the mainstream media starts using Modern Heretic sarcasm quotes in its articles.

Somali-born Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, ‎charged with murdering Alexandra Mezher, 22, towered over his translator as he walked into the courtroom in Gothenburg. 

Good kid, very much involved in his Great Religion that's just like Christianity but above criticism, turning his life around, in Sweden for the job opportunities, future doctor, murdered a blonde woman for no reason whatsoever. Keep sleeping Swedenistan, stay in the jewish-induced coma. Violent 60 I.Q. foreign invaders are butchering do-gooders. Everything's fine.

She was knifed to death as she tried to break up a fight at the shelter for unaccompanied child refugees where she worked alone in charge of ten youths. 

Another White woman sacrificed on the altar of cultural marxism, a sweet savor for the jew devil. Keep a watch on ten fully mature "youths" who enjoy knife attacks. You'll be fine, the synagogue in the living room said we're all equal.

Adult invader turned on its benefactors.

She died saving the life of another resident whom allegedly knife-wielding Khaliif Nuur was trying to kill, police sources said.

Well at least she died saving some Moe-ham-head. The White population continues to vanish, but we can take comfort in knowing the alien garbage, as common as crab grass and nearly as valuable, is fine. 

Swedish prosecutors admit they do not know if Somalian Khaliif Nuur, supposedly aged 15, is his true identity. 

I think the word of a African savage who killed a woman trying to help him should be good enough, don't you?

Psychology graduate Miss Mezher had warned her mother she ‎was caring for 'big powerful guys' aged up to 24 in the shelter for children aged 14 to 17. 

"I've decided to commit suicide by negro." Strong empowered woman who needs neither a man nor children of her own bravely takes up the kosher burden with predictable results. Another forgotten victim of jewish feminism and mudslime invasion. The semitic goal of White Genocide lurches forward, one dead White woman at a time.

Gave birth to zero White children, died for the jew.

Children's asylum applications are fast-tracked ‎in Sweden, prompting some grown men to lie and say they are teenagers.

Yeah. Imagine that. Oh well, we need lots more Somalis if we're going to survive as a nation, they're just over-baked Swedes. Homo erectus will save muh economy and muh low birth rates caused by spiritual cancer in our society.

‎Handcuffed Khaliif Nuur, looking older than his supposed 15 years, was ushered into court wearing a blanket over his head, a white T-shirt, light blue shirt and jeans.‎

In any sane society this animal would have been put down immediately. Of course, in a sane White nation it wouldn't have been there in the first place.

He asked if he wanted to make a statement regarding the charges of murder and attempted murder, and his lawyer Nicklas Unger said: 'My client does not want to express himself in any way regarding the charges.'

The negro anti-soul. Nothing to say about an appalling crime. Just another day in the coming all against all, get over it.

Outside court prosecutor Linda Viking said: 'The suspect has said he is 15 so that is what is charged as. But we are checking his date or birth and name to make sure they are accurate.'

I'm sure his Stone Age Heart of Darkness homeland kept meticulous records for each individual nightmare animal, so this should be no problem.

'He is between 16 and 20 I believe. He is from Somalia. He left Africa less than a year ago. He has only recently arrived in Sweden. He spoke the Somalian language very well,' they added.

His mastery of a series of pops and clicks is top notch. Clearly the sort of person a technologically advanced society will benefit from welcoming with open arms and hemorrhaging knife wounds.

It has been suggested that Nuur has psychological issues and had a breakdown in the hours before the attack and complained of hearing voices in his head.

Seems plausible. Somewhere in the tiny frontal lobes there were crazy voices an sheeet. I'd honestly be surprised if there was any higher brain activity beyond "stab dat snow hoe."

The source, who has worked for Gothenburg Police for over 30 years, has detailed the ‘explosion in crime’ in the Swedish city since the country ‘threw open the doors’ to mass immigration. 

I know, I was surprised too.

‘But now I will not let my children go into the city after 2pm and especially not at night. There are violent gangs roaming around the streets and the use of knives and other weapons have become normal, rather than a rarity as it used to be. 

"Diversity." Our greatest strength.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

German Police Surrender to Muslim Hordes

Yesterday we discussed the pathetic last stand of Sweden when their thin blue line collapsed and scattered like quail in the face of moose-limb child rapist sodomites. Maybe this is as bad as it will get? Assuming you've seen European Whites at their absolute worst is always a risky gamble in today's world and sure enough, Germanistan has outdone the Swedes by fully surrendering to the invasion army. Even "Hey, stop sodomizing that boy!" is too much to ask from those who stand on the broken down walls of a once great nation. Instead the new policy, handed down by the jewish nation-wrecker and its useful White scumbags, is to simply ignore the moe-ham-head pathology, perhaps in hopes of proving the "races" is actually wrong about their national suicide since the crime numbers are steadily dropping even as everything burns.

Police in a German town were ordered not to prosecute migrants for certain crimes - just two months before the New Year's Eve sex attacks in Cologne, it has emerged.

You really can appreciate what a cucked disaster the West has become when this sort of announcement isn't even all that surprising. They're letting the moon cult run wild, because we don't want to be called names. They're letting their women and children be raped and murdered by an alien army that strolled across an undefended border to receive gifts and groveling appeasement from the doomed native population. Historians are going to have a hard time believing people could be so naive about basic reality, much like we scoff at "four vital humors" and flat earth theories from the past. "Diversity" and equality are truly the "drain his blood to cure the disease" of this age we live in.

Documents show officers in Kiel, northern Germany, were told to forego prosecuting migrants for theft and criminal damage amid fears there was little chance of succeeding.

Northern Germany or Baltimore, I can barely tell the difference.

German police have now been accused of 'surrendering' in the face of refugee crime.

It's hard for a sane person to come to any other conclusion. Let the "women and children" fleeing "war" destroy, it's the right thing to do.

Officers were told there was little chance of success because so many of the arrivals in Germany do not have papers, and often if they do, they are false. 

When you've got a million fighting age men, all with the same first name, same satanic death cult, same forged documents (Moe H. Head written in crayon on a napkin) and same predictable barbarism it's going to be hard to build a case against individual sand people. The obvious solution is their removal.

Orphans and widows.

But 'higher order' offences are to be treated the same, 'especially serious cases of theft and personal injury,' regardless of whether the perpetrator is a German citizen or a refugee.

One would hope, but the nose of the camel is already in the tent. We could never punish all these rapefugees, so let's just give up and die.

Karolina Hofmann, 37, CEO of the household goods shop Kochfest, is outraged. 'For what exactly, please, are we paying our taxes for? 

The answer is "To fund your own destruction." Keep paying, White sucker, it goes for great causes.

The Kiel directive is one more headache for Mrs Merkel's CDU conservative party which is facing a losses at vital regional polls in March in the wake of the Cologne sex attacks.

If this massive and sustained outrage doesn't wake Germans up they deserve the destruction that the jew has planned for them.

Germany for Germans.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Swedish Police Fail to Prevent Muslim Child Rape, Flee No-Go Zone

I'd always thought I would see the big "stand or die" moment for the West within my lifetime, but I guess I'm an optimist because I assumed the final battle for Europe's soul was still many years away. It's now clear just how naively hopeful my initial assessment of the jewish assault on White homelands truly was. We're seeing the critical moment right now. Our lands and our people must chose between survival or destruction, between nationalism or groveling dhimmitude, and they must make that choice now. The kosher mudslide of "women and children" fleeing "war" is going to destroy thousands of years of history in a single generation, perhaps a single decade. This is White genocide. The long kosher cold war against us has turned hot, they want us annihilated and they want it right now.

In Swedenistan, always the gold standard for European collapse and dispossession, police flee the saracen hordes, helpless to prevent the desert monsters from engaging in the rich vibrancy of child rape so valued in their degenerate culture and hell-spawned stone cube worship.

Swedish police were forced to run for their lives after being attacked by a mob of asylum seekers as they tried to relocate amid allegations a 10-year-old boy had been 'raped repeatedly' at a refugee centre. 

The eroding authority flees before the barbarians inside the gates, the moon cultists hopped up on "kill the kuffir" and sodomite child rape easily defeat the guardians of "diversity" and "fewer native Swedes." R.I.P. Sweden. Cause of death: suicide.

Officers entered the centre in Västerås to save the young boy who had been reportedly attacked repeatedly by asylum seekers at the centre. 

If you have a problem with an invasion of fighting age sandmen who enjoy boy buggery you're a "races" and a "xenophobe."

Initially, staff in the centre tried to remove the boy but were stopped by the mob. Instead the staff called police for backup. 

The religion of peace, the great religion that teaches universal values that are completely compatible with a feckless White socialist paradise.

Child rape and national death is preferable to "racism."

One of the officers told the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning newspaper: 'Even more people appeared behind us. I was mentally prepared to fight for my life. We were 10 police officers in a narrow corridor.

Stand now, men of The West! In this narrow corridor their numbers mean nothing! Tonight we dine in Hell!!!!! SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I hear someone yell that there is an emergency exit.'

Or not.

The incident happened last Wednesday, before a 15-year-old asylum seeker in Sweden was accused of murdering a girl working in a refugee centre.

You probably remember all the massive global media coverage devoted to that memory hole atrocity.

Rapefugees show their gratitude to their new homeland.

' Many of the problems we are now facing help to prove the point that Swedish police have long been underfunded and understaffed.' ,” Police Union Director Lena Nitz, told TT news agency.

If only their was more funding. It sure is strange how this wasn't a problem when Sweden was homogeneous and healthy. But hey! Must be the mon-nay!

Police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg said: ‘These kinds of calls are becoming more and more common.

Yeah. No shit. Import moronic and violent cultural, religious and genetic aliens and suddenly we've got problems. Cause and effect, how does it work?

The attack came as National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson requested 4,100 additional officers and support staff to help fight against terrorism, carry out migrant deportations and police asylum facilities.

If you're going to deport all the moe-ham-heads, which I highly recommend, you're going to need an army, not a few thousand more officers that run from trouble.

According to the Swedish Migration Agency, the number of threats and violent incidents at asylum facilities more than doubled from 2014 to 2015 as Sweden witnessed a record number of migrant arrivals.

In the name of our flat earth beliefs from Holy Mother Synagogue we must pretend this is surprising and that the cause isn't obvious.

But arson attacks targeting asylum shelters have also surged, with at least two dozen centres reduced to ashes or damaged by fire last year. 

Not every Swede is a cuckold, apparently. Also, isn't "diversity" great? Look at everyone getting along and celebrating the rich differences that make up the national salad bowl. The jew gave us great advice, that's for sure.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Muh Slavery Movie to Correct Injustices, Earn Big Money

Jew-controlled Hollywood and the talmudvision graphically paint a bizarre anti-reality that, even in this era of high-speed internet everywhere, is still consumed and believed in by an alarming number of Whites. In this kosher alternate dimension the U.S.S.A. is approximately 50% negro with a black female being the most typical American. Said negroes are intelligent, well-mannered, honest to a fault and long suffering in the face of their comically ineffectual White colleagues. Crime is almost entirely perpetrated by White males, often rural Bible readers. Materialism, promiscuity and sodomy are presented as glamorous and not at all life-destroying. Sincere belief in anything other than semitic nihilism is relentlessly mocked.

Suffice it to say, when this jewish angel dust hit turns to the past we're given something even more ridiculous, generally a lengthy discourse on "White man bad" that you'll be expected to pay for the privilege of viewing. We need to stop feeding the jew. It's time to cut out the rabbinical fantasies, turn off the spiritual poison and get ready for the coming collapse.

Meanwhile, here's an exciting new film about the jewish slave trade that conveniently removes all reference to the friendly merchant and his Middle Passage of joy and light, to say nothing of how the negro animal sold their own people to Shylock. Let's instead focus on demonizing, you guessed it, rural Whites. Wow, so brave.

“Without an honest confrontation, there is no healing.” That’s from Birth Of A Nation director-producer-star Nate Parker today onstage at the Sundance Film Festival. 

It's time for that honest confrontation. The negro is a genetic alien and a failed branch of humanity that is simply not compatible with civilization. They need to be removed. Paying the jew to bring them here was madness.

His telling of the early 19th century slave revolt led by Nat Turner had audience members crying in their seats and jumping to their feet in a prolonged standing ovation at the film’s conclusion.

Yay, kill Whitey! This is racial cuckoldry. Sit and watch the graphic anti-White fantasy, cheer as the "bull" murders White women and children in glorious color. Cry like the coward you are, endorse your own destruction. May history forget Whites like this ever existed.

Potential buyers for the film streamed out of the lobby mere minutes after the cast had left the stage post-screening.

We're creating amazing art full of profound messages (Whites bad! Kill Whites! Nigga bodies! Ah! Ah!) but gots to get dat papa, gnomesayin'?

Some worked multiple cell phones (with assistants standing nearby fielding calls of their own) in what appeared to be fevered discussions about the awards-bait film. 

The word has come down from zion that we need "mo' wadds foe dem nigga falms" and there's profit to be made from White cucks. We need to get this turd into theaters, stat.

“I made this movie for one reason only, creating change agents,” adding, “there are still a lot of injustices in our world.”

Two minutes later he was seen aggressively negotiating for shekels from the carpet bag of Big jew.

You're our best ally, merchant!

“These people thought they were doing good when they were doing bad,” said Parker of his effort to depict the entirety of the slavery ecosystem. “In 2016, that echoes,” he added, to a roar of approval from the Park City crowd.

If there's one thing we can relate to in [current year] it's misguided and insane do-gooding that leads to predictable "minority" disaster.

While comparisons undoubtedly will be made to such films as Best Picture Oscar winner 12 Years A Slave, Parker’s movie has the added visceral impact of a movie like Schindler’s List, or a handful of other well-told films that depict genocide.

Still waiting for a film about the Holodomor. My spell-check still doesn't think that's a word.

For all the talk of Sundance becoming overly corporatized and perhaps losing sight of its indie mandate, watching a filmmaker put everything on the line on both sides of the camera is a reminder why there really is no festival quite like Sundance.

Yeah, talk about taking a huge risk by making the controversial statement that muh slavery was bad and Whites were pure evil. And then the big rewards in fiat currency from g*d's chosen, it really makes you want to cheer.

A scene from the past or the near future?