Black Politician: "Please Keep Ignoring Reality, Whitey"

Yesterday's post discussed, among other things, the horrific beating of White man Matthew Owens by a mob of savage sun people. Right now he's in the hospital clinging to life. No people of color have been arrested and the marxist powers that be seem determined to sweep this incident under the rug where it can join hundreds of other "African-American" swarm attacks just like it. The only problem is that awful internet, which by the way should be censored as soon as possible, where "Pink Pig People" just won't let it go away.

On Tuesday, Mobile Mayor Sam Jones urged residents not to jump to conclusions that the attack was racially motivated.

“People will certainly explore a racial motive if the evidence supports it,” Jones told WKRG.

“This type of mob violence will not be tolerated. If people think we are going to tolerate that to bring attention to some national event, they are sorely mistaken. They will be arrested and prosecuted for assault or whatever the appropriate charge may be.” 

And yet it is tolerated. Not only tolerated but lied about, covered up and misrepresented in the news. Remember last summer? Remember the endless negro attacks and the endless dinosaur media obfuscation? Yeah, I remember it too.

Don't go addin' two and two together, honky. 

Contrast the above with innocent and pure of heart Trayvon. There was certainly no concern about jumping to conclusions there, as we were flooded with media lies and misrepresentations to fit the case to the media template. A clear-cut case of a non-White legally defending himself from another non-White suddenly turned into a hammer to bludgeon ordinary White America and a tool to incite the savage to racial violence.

Matthew Owens is a victim of this campaign of deception. The kosher media has his blood and on their hands. 
The system is not going to protect White people. This message needs to be hammered home constantly. The communist rulers are actively working for our destruction. They want Whites to stay in a haze of denial, to watch the jewish-run sports, to swill beer while the annual NFL Slave Auction selects identical looking overweight negro thugs.

It's time to start reaching these obvious conclusions. The first is that we are in an undeclared one-sided race war incited by our own government and their marxist wire-pullers. The second is we need to protect ourselves in the coming days. No one else will.


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