A Different Martin

The media lynching of a non-White who somehow is White, who defended himself from a much larger "teen" continues, even as the constitutionally mandated fair and speedy trial moves at a glacier's pace. The new script is reliving the marxist wet dream that was the L.A. Riots, in eager anticipation of a repeat performance by the savage hordes this summer. The incitement, the "evil pink people," the legacy of slavery, all this nonsense is trotted out in service of the communist agenda of a divided nation at war with itself. This is the only sort of country where marxism can make any inroads, so this new race war is good and necessary as far as the kosher wire-pullers are considered.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman's African heritage as been revealed, which I guess makes him an "African American." One "African American" kills another. Must be whitey's fault. Somehow.

Consider this story of another Martin, one who looks like he could be my son.

"A male black approached him and asked him for a favor.  At this point, he told the male black to hold on a minute. He wanted to put the pizza he had in his hand in the apartment," said Derry Baltimore, a Metro homicide detective.

"As he was leaving he fired one shot back toward the door of the apartment and David Martin was standing in the doorway when he was struck," Baltimore said.

Martin's friend called for an ambulance.

Police said Martin died at a nearby hospital.

Witnesses described the suspect to police. They said he was tall and slender and wore a gray hoodie.

 A computer generated composite of what the suspect might look like.

Same old story here. No national news, no outrage, no marches and demands, no presidential commentary, just some "oh well" clucking and quick deposit into the memory hole. There's really nothing special or unique about this story. During the past few days there were several cases of Whites being killed or attacked by the 85ers. It doesn't matter. We're not supposed to even notice. Return to your consuming. 

It almost seems like overkill to keep going back to these "dog bites man" stories of negroes preying on Whites, but the message must be hammered over and over. There is an undeclared one-sided race war ongoing. We are the victims. The media and government supports this war. We have to keep saying it.

We have to wake up.


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