How Anti-Whites Argue

There is no logical opposition to White Nationalism. Every fact is on our side, from things we just know to be true from experience to decades of scientific study on intelligence, impulse control, future orientation and all the rest. The enemy has nothing but weak appeals to emotion and "fair play" and similar marxist propaganda strategies (inevitability of victory, demonizing the opposition, winning team mentality). Consider this article by a cultural marxist tool.

Scumbag traitor.

Let's look at some of the fine logical points raised by Thomas Peele, a professional anti-White and all around piece of dishonest human trash.

From the days when renegade slaves were castrated and their tongues burned out, to the Supreme Court's infamous 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson decision, to the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, whatever happened between Martin and Zimmerman is another piece of our horrific national history of racial oppression.

Appeals to emotion. Shaming language. No logical arguments. If it's so bad for the negro in America, why not go back to African paradises like South Sudan and Azwad?

In 1955 rural Mississippi, 14-year-old Emmett Till whistled, perhaps to overcome his adolescent stutter, after buying gum from a 21-year-old white store clerk. Kidnapped at gunpoint from his great uncle's house, his eyes were gouged out in retribution, barbed wire wrapped around his neck. Some who filed past his casket in Chicago saw his mutilated face and screamed.

Appeals to emotion. Lying about the facts of the case. Again, why does anyone want to live around awful White people? Clearly the solution is to give us our own countries so that these atrocities never happen again to an innocent, pure in heart and mind yute.

In 2012 suburban Florida, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin pulled a sweatshirt hood over his head on a rainy night and walked through a gated community, was trailed and confronted by an armed vigilante, and shot dead.

Completely dishonest portrayal of events with a clear agenda in mind. Lying about Till is to be expected, it's a half-century old case where most of the facts aren't available. Here, it's just blatant dishonesty to serve a cult-marx purpose. 

Martin had his hood up so he must have been stalking toward a crime.

Maybe the only true statement out of this anti-White gasbag, even if made in sarcasm.

Their only crimes were the color of their American skin and being adolescents doing what adolescents do, showing off for friends, making candy runs.

Yeah, candy runs. That and twenty-on-one "White girl bleed a lot" beatings, gang rapes, beating up elderly Whites, that innocent stuff we all did in our teen years. More appeals to emotion, plus a highly dishonest and insulting attempt to downplay criminal behavior as "boys will be boys." 

What Martin's killing really tells us is that the hoodie is the wolf whistle of the 21st century, that racism, even in the age of an African-American president, remains our scourge.

Appeals to emotion, deliberate obfuscation of facts. It's a bit of a theme here.

Even if Martin did defend himself, how can he be faulted, given how scared he must have been when stalked and challenged for doing nothing wrong except being black?

More emotional appeals and deliberate distortions. How can we fault this innocent and pure young man for smashing someone's head into the concrete repeatedly after a round of "knockout kings." He was scared, after all. You would have done the same thing.

The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice," Martin Luther King Jr. said.

Not surprisingly the communist plagiarist uses a marxist debating device, the inevitability of victory.

James Baldwin once spoke of how photos showing Till's disfigured face ignited the courage to force the civil rights movement forward: "It was him, but it was all of us."

It is also Trayvon Martin.

It should be all of us, now, too.

One final appeal to emotion and then the "get on the winning team" appeal. Sorry, you're not going to have your way. Not as long as there are honest people in the world willing to tell the truth about race and racial crime.

Overall, the above is pretty typical of the political discourse coming from Amerikwan communists. There's no attempt at logic, just a storm of emotional nonsense. Whites are bad. We need our own isolated nations, obviously, so the Sun People can get back to building pyramids and flying. Let's get to work on that.


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