If the Head is Split, You Must Acquit

George Zimmerman is not White. We need to hammer this point repeatedly when we discuss his media lynching. He is, however, being used as a proxy by the powers that be to attack normal White America's right to self-defense against violent savages. That makes this our fight, like it or not.

ABC News claimed that they had "high quality" footage proving that the Hispanic/Jew had not actually suffered the head injuries reported by witnesses, the police, the hospital, etc. Not surprisingly this "quality" video looked like it was recorded on a 90s graphing calculator. Even less surprising, it was still possible to note the head injuries. Now, finally, ABC is admitting it was all b.s. with the usual cultural marxist agenda behind the lying. The truth, as usual, is the first victim.

 We all bleed red, race doesn't exist, Whites are the problem, kill pink people, etc.

This case should be thrown out without a trial. There's literally no evidence that any wrong-doing occurred. The prosecution is claiming "profiling." 

This is not a crime.

It will be interesting to see if the threat of kosher media incited negro savagery is sufficient to continue to hold the justice system hostage and trample the right to a speedy and fair trial promised by the Constitution. In today's Kwa appeasing the frothing rabble seems to be more important than facts or impartial justice. All the evidence you need is in the above picture. All the evidence against is nothing but lies, misrepresentations and lame appeals to emotion. He was just a poor, innocent youngster playing knockout kings and splitting a man's head open. Boys will be boys. 

The hoaxers already have blood on their hands as attacks on "Pink People" have increased. When the inevitable rioting happens, who is really to blame? If you give a gun to a monkey and it shoots someone you don't blame the monkey.

He isn't even White.


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