Irate White Male

When the criminal is non-white the race is never, ever reported and we even get self-righteous editorials explaining how it's "irrelevant" usually with some bizarre and illogical analogies thrown in for good measure. When the criminal is white, it's front and center. Then that proves to be wrong most of the time, but the political hay has already been made. Today we'll look at a particularly egregious example of the media template at work for the cult-marx agenda.

Mississippi authorities responded early Thursday morning to the Hollywood Casino in Tunica and found an irate white male and mutilated body of a white female inside a hotel room, authorities said.

Oh no, irate male whites are the very worst kind! Just like those monsters in the tea party! Then, the truth came out.

White male.

"Dating non-whites is cool, the teevee said so!" Horribly murdered by non-white.

The dinosaur cultural-marxist media is a total and complete joke. It seems there only purpose is to push the communist agenda, incite violence and dull the masses. Turn off the television.


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