Massacre in Gun Free Zone...Again

With our God-given right to self-defense under steady attack via the usual Cult-Marx manufactured "crisis" a story about what an unarmed population can expect has been more or less inserted into the memory hole. Stop me if you've heard this one: crazed foreigner, defenseless students at communist indoctrination center, many dead, police helpless. Here we go again.

He had trouble speaking English.

There was no "stand your ground" this time, just lambs to the slaughter. The police, our supposed protectors, showed up well after the fact, all scary quasi-military uniforms, ridiculously impractical big guns, beer bellies and dumb, uncomprehending faces. Maybe "just call 9-1-1" isn't super practical when a crazed Asiatic is telling you to line up to be shot. Looks like he brought a little of that Red China/North Korea political discourse with him.
Man, this must have been scary. Good thing it was over when I got here.

There are two categories: gun owner or victim. Please make your selection. 

All dressed up, no place to go.

Does this outfit make me look fat?

When the gun-grabbers and hooded hoodlums try to encroach on our inherent rights, just remember this and all the other seemingly endless examples of good, defenseless citizens being gunned down.


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