The Media Template: Big White Lies

The controlled dinosaur media must hate the internet. There was a time (think Rodney King) when the deliberate omissions, distortions and flat-out lies in the service of Cultural Marxism were not questioned in any serious fashion, thanks to a complete monopoly on the flow of information. Now that simply isn't a possibility, but like the lumbering living fossil that it is the Marxist storyteller simply hasn't adapted to this new world and continue to draw from the same tired playbook, whether it's Duke Lacrosse players, so-called "militias" that are really little more than drinking clubs or the "lynching" of innocent Trayvon Martin by a white-as-snow gun/militia/tea party nut job.

Future doctor and/or lawyer

What follows is a short (!) list of the lies and deceptions we've been far. Today some "expert" of voice analysis was making a new claim about somehow identifying the screaming, but in fairness I'll wait until that's been completely discredited. 
  • The victim was 13. I guess it's easy to make this sort of mistake when dealing with a month-old case that suddenly, for no good reason (please don't put two and two together) becomes front page news. It's not like a little, easily confirmed, fact like this is even super relevant, right? A "youth" is a "youth" after all. He was really 17.
  • Out-of-Date "innocent" picture. The Marxists decided that a photo from when the victim was still on the other side of puberty was most appropriate. Compare to the more recent shot above. No agenda here, no sir.
  • The shooter is white. Again, an easy mistake to make when only a month has elapsed since the initial incident. We all know that white males are the source of the majority of the world's problems, am I right? This was later downgraded to the bizarre "white hispanic" a turn of phrase I haven't heard before or since. Efforts to force this story into the Communist script of "white man bad, colored man good" have been, quite frankly, embarrassing.
  • It was an all-white community. The area in question is 50% black. Again, the pathetic attempts to create a "narrative" trample easily acquired facts.
  • Trayvon was a Good Boy. Selling "trees" to his homies, attacking a bus driver, school suspensions, a backpack full of stolen jewelry and a robbery tool, a "thug" facebook page and his nickname of "nolimit*teen*," etc, etc. Time to discipline that son of yours, Obama.
  •  The shooter was a right-wing gun nut. If we can't have our precious evil "white" at least we can salvage this one, right? Wrong. He's a registered Democrat who probably voted for Trayvon's "father."
  • The attack was unprovoked. Well, yes, unless you count the whole "knockout kings" bit followed by ramming Zimmerman's head into the concrete. All confirmed by a witness and the police report. Somehow this little tidbit got lost in the race to stir up black people in the name of Communism. The controlled media's job is to create this sort of chaos so that we can have a useful Saul Alinsky "crisis" to exploit in the name of Marxism.
  •  The video proves Zimmerman wasn't injured! Well, except that huge gash on the back of the head, still visible even through the grainy quality of this "smoking gun." Next.
  •  Zimmerman was a vigilante! Another boogeyman to terrify white do-gooder liberals. Every attempt has been made to paint self-defense in the worst possible colors. After all, we should depend on our wise and benevolent People's Government for protection. This one is pretty severely undermined by the fact that Zimmerman was on the phone with 9-1-1 the entire time and was asking them for direction on what to do. Maybe he's just a lazy vigilante or a particularly unimaginative one?
  • It was all about the color of the skin. The final, big lie. I think the above has sufficiently discredited this one. The 9-1-1 call indicates Zimmerman wasn't even sure of the race and didn't mention it until asked. Who is the real racist.
Other examples could be added to this list, but I think the point has been sufficiently made. The goal of the media is to carry water for their Globalists master, to create "narratives" that can be used to teach, to fight for "social justice" and "progressive" causes. The truth is the first casualty.

When whites are attacked (note: already happening), when the riots come, when the savages burn the cities, don't expect there to be a call for accountability from the filtered fossil media. The endless "long march" through the culture will simply continue. In the meantime it's our job to fight this agenda and protect ourselves from the fallout.


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