Same Old Story

A man was arrested this morning for the Tulsa Good Friday shooting rampage after he randomly gunned down five black victims on the second anniversary of his father's death at the hands of an African American, according to police.
Jake England, 19, and his friend and alleged accomplice Alvin Watts, 32, both white, face murder charges over the shootings in Tulsa, Oklahoma that killed three and left two wounded.

Here's the "white" in question.

Irate white male.

 Well, at least this time the "white" wasn't coal black. Instead he's a full-blooded indian (teepees and peace pipes, not call centers and Ghandi). His father was murdered by an "African-American," whatever that's supposed to be and these shooting were his version of the Ghost Dance, I guess. His father's murderer got a six year (!) sentence.
Commit murder, get wrist slap.

A crazed non-native American (whites were here first) kills a protected group. The media declares him white. A 80 IQ killer is given a comically lenient sentence. Such is day-to-day life and death here in the kwa. The powers that be continue inciting low IQ segments of the population to violence via intentionally misleading reporting. The easy led non-white herd is then directed by their corrupt "leadership" to attack random members of the uncolored race. Not unlike Injun Joe here. No one in authority seems interested in doing anything about this. 

Summer's almost here. Be prepared.


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