Tell Truth, Get Fired

If one theme has emerged in the short time I've been writing this blog it's that success within the controlled media is largely correlated with one's willingness to lie to prop up a marxist agenda. The flip side of this is that telling truths that go against the communist grain will put you on the fast track to unemployment.

A columnist has been fired from a national magazine after he wrote a 'nasty and indefensible' piece urging his children to stay away from African Americans. John Derbyshire lost his job at the National Review for the article which claimed to be advice he offered to his own children.

In an online piece for Taki's Magazine called 'The Talk: Nonblack version' Derbyshire said to avoid events attended by African-Americans, stay out of certain neighborhoods and scrutinise the character of black politicians.

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The statements made in "The Talk" are only controversial because they are "hate facts." Their truth isn't in any debate. Blacks do commit more crimes, do score lower on I.Q. tests, do fail at governing themselves and do behave poorly in groups. I don't think any intellectually honest person could disagree with any of these statements in light of the massive amount of data that backs them up: decades of intelligence testing, uniform crime statistics, the continent of Africa or the city of Detroit, the endless "teen" mobs, and so on.

Noticing this reality is wrong and racist. Shame, shame, shame.

Multiculturalism, diversity and the communism that it's based on has no rational argument to support it. Only appeals to emotion, scape-goating, shaming language, and bleating about "racism." It turns out that the truth is racist and that the always annoying real world shatters the marxist lies. So we need more indoctrination, more lies, more media obfuscation and all the rest.

Tell the truth, lose your job. Say the wrong thing, get reported to a kommissar. Fail to smile resolutely and be guilty of face-crime. This is the world we live in. This is the insanity of believing in the system and the zionists behind it.

  Talk to your children about this.


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