Lynch Mob Appeased

The rule of law is officially dead in America. We live in an age of protected groups, hidden agendas and mob rule.

A prosecutor for the state of Florida says that charges against George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin, will be brought as early as Wednesday afternoon, reports the Washington Post.

According to the Post, special prosecutor Angela Corey will announce charges against Zimmerman, who had initially admitted to shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin during an altercation on February 26. Zimmerman has escaped prosecution in the weeks since, having insisted that the shooting was conducted in self defense. International outrage over law enforcement’s handling of the teen’s death has spawned protests and rallies since the killing, and authorities are now expected to take Zimmerman to court for his role.

Despite the dearth of evidence, the eye-witness testimony, the dozens of media lies that have been exposed and the simple fact that this case was already reviewed and dismissed the mob gets their way. The pink people, even one that isn't a true pinky, must be punished.

 Manipulating the sheep.

A number of communist goals are served by this arrest. It further demonizes white people via a non-white proxy, it paints self-defense as inherently wrong and it further radicalizes the protected groups that the system needs to use as a bludgeon against normal white America. Another victory for the Frankfurt school nation-wreckers, another defeat for everything America is supposed to stand for. Due process? Equal protection before the law? That's dead white male garbage that's no longer "relevant." Now it's the mob rule and all-vs-all of Democracy. 

 Future brain surgeon/molecular biologist/rapper.

The crisis has not been wasted by the cultural-marxists. There are no desirable outcomes here for us. Either a conviction and the successful removal of our right to self-defense or an acquittal followed by the savage soiling its own nest and then a second trial for "snivel rights" or some trumped-up nonsense that will return the desired outcome.

All we can do is keep telling the truth. The tyranny has shown its hand. The mask has slipped. The Republic is well and truly dead and so are its laws and freedoms. The death spiral continues as America, like a damaged plane pouring black smoke from flaming engines, rushes to meet the ground. 


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