Wayward Sons of Obama

The media template spells it out very clearly: when there's a White offender it's national news. When it's the hypothetical progeny of President Soetoro it goes into the memory hole. Every day Whites are targeted, every day the undeclared race war continues, every day the kosher media obfuscates and lies to push a marxist agenda. These are the hush crimes, the endless "pink people" victims, the endless savage faces full of evil.

Three men (negroes) face a host of charges for the rape and kidnapping of a woman in South St. Louis.

Police say Lawrence Brandon, Antonieo Clark and Antoin Brewer approached the 52-year old white female victim (shockingly the race is reported) around 11:30 Monday night. The woman was leaving a bar in the 3700 block of Delor.

 Savages that walk among us.

Expect this story to be quickly forgotten. Just more business as usual from the negro criminal and the media and society that enables their savage attacks. Protect yourself White Person. Your own government won't.


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