African Tree Hockey Gone Wrong

Professional sports serve many purposes in our North American Union. They provide pretty much the only negro success stories you'll ever hear and allow Whites to ignore the abject failure of this race because a few of the taller members of it can make a "slam dunk." It allows evil old men, often of the kosher persuasion, to line their pockets while presenting a product that's basically without value. Finally, it keeps Whites who might otherwise notice their growing dispossession in their own country occupied with such banalities as "fantasy football" and endless hours in a waking sleep in front of the electronic synagogue.

Then reality creeps back in, when the mask slips and the usual poor non-White behavior takes over.

At least eight people were injured when an argument escalated to gunfire in Oklahoma City, just blocks from Chesapeake Energy Arena, after the NBA playoff game between the Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers, city police said Tuesday.

Capt. Dexter Nelson said a scuffle erupted Monday night in a crowd of people walking toward the Bricktown district, a popular nightlife area, and that it quickly turned ugly.

"Some girls got into it with a group of guys, and the guys opened fire on the women," Nelson said.

Full Story. 

No races mentioned (surprise, surprise) but I think we can safely say it wasn't Swipple Whites wearing "Thunder" jerseys celebrating the negroes they have been trained to worship. 

"I can't believe dumb Pink Pig People pay me for this."
The jew behind the curtain.
"Guys" shooting at women. Hero negroes, a semetic production. Whites floating through life in a fog of lies and propaganda. This is what we're up against if the country is going to be saved.
It's time to turn off the TelAvivision. It's also time to get armed and avoid the black areas. 
Summer's almost here.  


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