Another White Victim of "Diversity"

Separation of the races is obviously the most humane and ethical solution for the current mess we're in. It's also an idea that automatically brands its supporters as "haters," "racist," "evil," "Hitler Mark II" and so on. We're simply not allowed to have a rational discussion on solving the racial divide in America and elsewhere. We tried to assimilate the dark hordes, to convert the wretched refuse into brown Whites. It didn't take. Than, multiculturalism and diversity. Everyone accepting and tolerating difference in a wonderful rainbow of human variety.

That didn't work either.

Despite the obvious failure of communist social engineering, there is no end in site. The kosher wire-pullers buy out the useful idiots, the elections are controlled, the will of the people is overruled behind closed doors by marxist judges and nothing ever changes. It just gets worse and worse. Another day, another "random" White victim.

Detectives say Stone was just out for a morning jog, on his normal route, when a dark-colored,  four-door sedan pulled by, slowed down, fired several shots at him, then pulled off, without ever stopping.

That car was caught on surveillance video at the gas station, and detectives are planning to release that video for help to track down the shooter.

"It was just such a random act of violence. There was no confrontation beforehand. It was just someone who was shot randomly walking down the street, it could have happened to anybody, it could have been anyone," Metro Squad detective Tom Prudden said.

 White victim murdered by Non-Whites for no reason.

This is the world we live in, where non-Whites commit senseless crimes at regular and predictable intervals and no effort is made to put an end to it in the only way that has any track record of success: removing these elements from White society. If this requires national Balkanization and the end of the U.S. in the process, so be it. This is madness This has to stop.

The summer of full-blown one-sided Race War is drawing closer. Until the multi-cult house of cards collapses and it replaced with sensible, nationalist governments we're going to just have to stay alive. Avoid the non-White areas. Arm yourself. 


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