Kick and Punch Control Instituted in Britainistan

As bad as America is, it could always be worse. A good place to look to see the future of eroded rights and the collapse of order is not-so-Great Britain. The Empire that once ruled the world now is known for a mosque on every corner, five day riots, cameras everywhere and a population of defenseless White sheep being herded toward the Sunni slaughter. This is the country where non-White crime is excused while White victims are punished for defending themselves. This is the country of "knife control." This is our future if we stay on the path we're on.

Any hope that "knife control" (who needs a steak knife anyway, right?) was as ridiculous as it would get has now died. The Brits are now working to outlaw unarmed self-defense. Yes. Really.

An American martial arts expert who teaches how to inflict ‘crippling pain’ on attackers has been banned from entering the UK.

Home Secretary Theresa May refused to allow Tim Larkin into the country amid fears his ‘kill or be killed’ philosophy could encourage vigilante violence.

The former military intelligence officer and expert in hand-to-hand combat had been planning a tour of areas that had been hit hardest during last year’s riots.

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It's hard to believe, but there it is. Learning to kick to the groin or throw a decent elbow is now considered dangerous knowledge that must be kept away from law-abiding Whites in the U.K. Apparently their traitor government won't be happy until every White is completely defenseless against the dark horde that is rapidly consuming the island and destroying British culture.

Barry Soetoro once said that there will always be an England

As usual, he's wrong.

A metaphor for the dark future.


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