Fair Cancelled Due To "Youths"

A lot of times our focus is on the more dramatic negatives of "diversity" and the multi-cult. The mob beatings, the "rape gone wrong," the endless parade of forgotten White victims. Faced with these non-White failings it's easy to lose sight of some of the other costs of allowing people a full standard deviation below the I.Q. average to walk among us. One of the first casualties is quality of life. From sullen Sun People muttering "raps" about killing White women, to garbage covering the ground, to ugly security grates on everything, to vandalism, and on and on. The best aspects of civilized society have trouble co-existing with the blacks and browns.

Today's story is a typical example. An art fair, the very epitome of Swipple activity and proud tower civilization, has been cancelled. The reason. Those crazy "teens" doing the typical "boys will be boys," of course.

A community group has canceled the acclaimed Coventry Street Arts Fairs this summer after large groups of kids disrupted an event last year. 

"No one wants to be a part of something that isn't special," he said. 

The organization is planning several smaller events this summer to draw city residents and visitors to the street. 

Full story. 

More accurately no one wants to be a part of something where wilding negroes, I mean "kids" are likely to congregate.

We can't have nice things, but we can have "diversity." Nothing is more diverse than a mob of identical looking and behaving 85ers.

 The coming demographic disaster.
Take a good look at the picture of the meeting to cancel the fair. The Pig Pink People are represented by elderly liberals who have survived long enough to reap the bitter harvest sown in the sixties. The "kids" are there in force, full of bitter, barely contained aggression. This is the end of White America, the "fundamental transformation of America" the last pathetic gasp before the long plunge into savage all-vs-all.

The old generation, represented by the clueless liberal Whites in the above picture, failed us in spectacular fashion. We're now on the very edge of total cultural meltdown. What now Whitey? What now? Will western civilization also have to be cancelled? It's up to you.


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