Not My Kind of Town

More bad news out of Rahm Emanuel's kosher plantation. The "teens" seems to be having a hard timing living up to the minimum standards demanded by civilization, standards that are easily met by all but the very worst Whites. Consider this weekend, where the Windy City resembled Somalia more than something Frank Sinatra might sing about. Just more of the usual failure of the "African American" to abide by the rules of an ordered society.

A teenager was killed and 24 other people were wounded in a string of apparently unrelated shootings across Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reported Sunday.

A six-year-old girl was among those hurt in the spate of violence that began Saturday afternoon and continued through Sunday morning.

The child was playing outside her home on the Southwest Side Saturday afternoon when she was struck by a bullet after two groups of people on a nearby corner started arguing, police said.

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If anyone is actually concerned that a major midwestern city is more violent than an Afghanistan war zone, they're keeping it to themselves. Don't expect to hear much about this in nation news. Certainly the jewish plantation master, continuing the proud jewish tradition of owning blacks, has no comment.

Trust me.

As Whites are increasingly marginalized, replaced and out-right genocided it's going to become very difficult for society to sustain itself. 24 wounded , one dead. The same failures, the same terrible content of their character. When are we going to wake up?


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