Preparing the Next Generation of Slaves

Controlling the educational system has always been the cornerstone of communist government, from the days of Aaron Cohen introducing "sex education" in Hungary, to the Soviet echo chambers all the way to the present day U.S.S.A. where the young minds full of mush are being taught Stalinism by Union Swine. We've got to kill that independent thought and creativity early, after all, if we're going to have useful "human resources" for the all-powerful State.

To that end we've got grade school kids drugged up to the gills, Barack Obama hymns and now the threat of arrest for criticizing our Kenyan puppet.

Salisbury Schools officials suspended a North Rowan High School teacher Monday while investigating an incident caught on camera where the teacher told a student he could be arrested for speaking ill of President Barack Obama.

In a nearly 10-minute YouTube video shot by a student in the classroom, Tanya Dixon-Neely, a social studies teacher, told students criticism of the president could lead to jail time.

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We must not criticize our glorious people's regime. If you hear any speech crime, please report it to Comrade Kommisar immediately. 

Yes we can.


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