Racist Murderer Gets His Own Charity

Anti-racist. Progressive. Social Justice. Institutional Racism. These and many others are the code words our enemies use when they want to say "let's get those pig pink people." Sometimes they just literally say that quote, and no one cares.. After all the mere fact that you're White and not dead or enslaved is sufficient proof of your "racism."

Maybe an example will help. Let's say a negro steals beer from a workplace and gets fired. Racism.

The same 85 I.Q. savage then returns to said workplace and brutally murders eight Whites. Not racism.

Keep repeating those two lines until logic melts away, double-think is accomplished and you learn to love our kosher Big Brother.

Lillie Holliday's site is set up as a memorial for her son, Omar Thornton and solicits donations to fight institutionalized racism.

"As a mother, I do not want any other mother to experience what I did in losing a son as a result of the impact of racism in the workplace," she says in a statement on the website.

The site provides a link for donations, saying they will "assist in shaping a safer environment for our families and loved ones."

Thornton, who was black, shot 10 people, eight of them fatally, within three minutes on Aug. 3, 2010 at the Hartford Distributors warehouse, before killing himself in what police said was the worst mass shooting ever in Connecticut.

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 Racist murdering scumbag.

"Institutional Racism." It exists, but it's all of the anti-White variety. For a member of a protected class to be fired from a job practically requires direct divine intervention, no matter how inept or criminal that individual is. I can only imagine what a terrible worker/thief this piece of excrement was to actually be fired despite being one of the animals that are more equal than others.

Eight Whites dead as a direct result of the pathology of the American Negro. Then, as a final insult, the victims are blamed for their own murder. We live in a sick society. Wake up White man. 


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