You Gotta Lose Your Mind In Detroit Black City

The statistically expected and perfectly average and normal "African American" warm weather behavior has begun, although the official start of summer and the full-blown dark dysfunction that will accompany it is still weeks away. It's carnival time in America's first fully Third World City and this means multiple "gangs" of coal-complected individuals behaving in precisely the fashion predicted by both statistical evidence, intelligence testing and honest observation. Here's the story.

Garbage on the curb, waiting to be taken away.

FOX 2 cameras were rolling when police surrounded one group of at least 8 teenaged boys. One by one, they were cuffed and loaded into a Detroit police van as parents pleaded with officers not to arrest their sons. Police say it was a planned fight involving at least seven gangs.

Oh, those crazy "teens" up to their innocent hi-jinks. Sounds like just more perfectly healthy "boys will be boys." 

The carnival shut down early and Northland Mall was closed. Police say there were clusters of fights, one with as many as 70 people. Police say they knew it would happen because of posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Yup, just ordinary "youth" behavior. We were all in 70 person fights at that age, right? Also good on the po-po for knowing this would happen. I could have predicted it, too, using only mathematical probability combined with life experience. 

But that's racist. Maybe even profiling. The horror, the horror.

Two of Obama's hoodie children and Tiger Woods get cuffed.

Any optimism about this summer being better than last year's Season of the Negro Mob is at best out of touch with reality. In addition to the bad behavior that nice weather and large groups inevitably causes in the dark people we've got the media and government inciting for race war over the actions of African American Zimmerman. This incident will likely be forgotten by July as it will be completely overshadowed by more biologically determined and marxist provoked mob violence. This is just the beginning. 

It's going to be a long summer. Protect yourself. No one else will.


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