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Honoring the Rot

Race is a fictional social construct that doesn't really exist. It is the most important thing in the world. To be successful in today's crooked system it's necessary to double-think all of the above. Race doesn't exist when it's a mob beating, or a White shot for sport, or low I.Q. test scores. It does exist when it's anti-White hiring quotas, political pandering by our Tribal Chieftain, or the seemingly endless honoring of completely trivial "firsts" for the always underachieving American Negro.

An example of these amazing "first negroes" is provided by today's story about the integration of the military, which began the slow slide into today's mess that can't even win an even fight against poorly trained and equipped "turrists." From integration and trying to alchemize the black into a White American soldier to open sodomy, pregnancy sympathy pouches and illegal alien recruits, all in one generation. If you seriously…

Another Victory For Communism in America

A right can't make a demand on another person. We have the right to freedom. We do not have the right to cheap health care. Why? Because someone else is forced to pay for it. It becomes a form of slavery. We have the right to own the fruits of our labor, i.e. property. Taking away this right is the path to Communism and ultimately full collapse because a system so ignorant of the basic laws governing human nature is unsustainable.

Today, Amerika got much closer to that Communism. A conservative justice defects, a wise latina and wise jewess ruled in predictable fashion and the iron collar tightens around the neck of Normal White America. Combine this marxist redistribution of wealth with a growing permanent underclass of brown peasants and it's fairly obvious the future is a bleak one.

In a 5-4 decision, the court ruled as constitutional the so-called individual mandate requiring most Americans to obtain health insurance starting in 2014. 

The ruling is a victory for the presi…

Another Senseless Racially Motivated Murder

We're in a race war. It's secret, undeclared and not acknowledged by the media or our government in any way, other than to encourage it with apocryphal tales of Evil Whitey. This war is completely one-sided. It seems like almost every day there's another dead White at the hands of a negro motivated by nothing more than hatred toward White people. These stories are ignored by the national media, nobody learns any lessons, and the cycle continues.

Not any more. More Whites are waking up and the truth is being told about negro hate crimes. We're in a fight for our racial survival. We're not going to lose. The stakes are too high.

With that in mind, here's the latest savage attack from the dark mass.

Police say the gunman is a black male who appears to be taller than the vehicle, putting him in the range of 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet tall. He has a medium to stocky build and was wearing a striped or checker-patterned shirt at the time of the murder, and he fled on fo…

When Civilization Dies

Detroit is one possible future for America. Built by White man's industry, destroyed by the pathology of the American Negro. Today it lies in ruins, a sad reminder of the heavy price we pay for the "diversity" of identical looking, thinking and behaving dark people. Within this fallen city the brown hordes continue to prey on the few remaining vestiges of the Old Order. Like gas stations.

"Every single day these kids come" between midnight and 2 a.m., Nasser said, adding that the clerk calls police but the police never show up.

Multiculturalism explained in a single sentence. Out of control "teens." Mohammedan Arabs filling in for the Whites that have fled. No order, no rule of law, police that "never show up." Savage African all vs. all in a city the was once called the Paris of the Midwest.

"So he goes out to try to talk to them: 'Guys please, just put the items away and go.' And they said, 'What are you going to do about …

Our Equals

The typical "African American" has an I.Q. of 85, a full standard deviation below what would be considered average for a White or Asian. This lower intelligence, combined with high levels of testosterone, low levels of self-control and future orientation and a system that is more than willing to pander to them leads to some ridiculous behavior. Sometimes it's funny observing the childlike antics of the negro struggling to adjust to a technologically advanced Western Culture. More often it's shocking and horrific. Today's story really speaks for itself.

Sallis says her 76-year-old friend had just returned from First Baptist Church in Mansfield after cooking for a Lions Club banquet that night. 

Mansfield Assistant Police Chief Gary Hobbs says, "The elderly lady had come home and she was transporting items from her vehicle inside the residence.  She had made several trips in and out."

Hobbs says that's when 18-year-olds Ladandrick Jones and Michae…

Our President: The Tribal Chieftain

One of America's mottoes, back when the idea of national vision and shared culture still had meaning, was "from many, one." It's hard to imagine that statement applying to today's U.S.S.A. of progressive stacks, victim groups, social justice, protected groups, all animals equal but some more equal, and all the rest. As we fragment into warring factions, each trying to loot America as much as possible, the total collapse and Balkanization looms nearer.

Of course Barry Soetoro, the great uniter who ran on a platform of ending racial divisions, is right at the forefront of the pandering to these selfish little segments of society. Today it's the La-teen-Oh. Tomorrow it might be crazy promises for "African Americans" or sodomites, or the "War on Women," or capturing that elusive Aleutian Islander vote. Anything but trying to appeal to national unity and common cause.

President Obama took a victory lap Friday with Hispanic leaders, saying he m…

Communist Indoctrination Center Attacks Whites

Going to a Communist Indoctrination Center, or "college" as it used to be called, is an important milestone in the life of a young White person. Here important cultural marxist nonsense can be easily instilled in an environment where independent thought and questioning the communist agenda is more or less illegal. Whites can learn about the "invisible backpack" and how simply being White is racist. Forget employment skills, and you better because you won't get any here, the focus is on "progressive justice." Then you can graduate with a kosher debt collar around your neck and a promise of decades of low level wage slavery to pay for the time under the magical red learning tree.

It's worth it to learn how bad Whites are.

The newest bit of dressed up Stalinism is the so-called "Unfair Campaign" created by anti-White racists, many of whom wear tiny little caps on the back of their heads and go to this weird round building instead of a churc…

Disarming Honest People Should Solve Crime Problem

Chicago is more dangerous than Afghanistan. With over 200 dead and counting this year the city's disgraceful plunge into brown all vs. all has been a frequent topic on this blog. After the failure of blaming the Mogadishu-style violence on "perception problems" and, presumably, White racism it looks like it might be time for a new strategy. Specifically, gun grabbing. Please make yourself as defenseless as possible, law-abiding citizen. That should keep you safe from the lawless dark mobs. Somehow.

“No questions asked,” Wysinger said. “Just show up at the church, and hand over the weapons to the CPD officer that will be there, and get your $100 gift card. So we strongly suggest that people come out that have weapons lying around the house, or weapons, maybe, that they don’t necessarily want in their house. This is a chance to get some money for their weapon, and get another dangerous weapon on (Ed: Freudian slip?)the street.”

The gun turn-in event, dubbed “Don’t Kill …

Summer of the Dark Mob Continues

For the last half century the White survival strategy in the face of increasingly emboldened and violent "minorities" has consisted of cowardice, retreat, surrender and pathetic attempts to buy time and space. Even today we sometimes hear cranks calling for Whites to flee to the Pacific Northwest, if not the moon. More cowardice. Then the brown rot arrives and it's all for nothing. In Oregon, the monkeyshines are in full force at a public park that is now a no-go zone for ordinary Whites.

Simpson said the first incident happened on June 13 around 10:30 p.m. That’s when officers responded to reports of 150 drunken teenagers in the park.

According to Simpson, the victim told officers he was with a friend in the park when he was punched from behind. He said his attackers were 5-10 black teenagers who were randomly attacking white teens in the park. He said they also attacked a homeless man.

Full Story.

More racially motivated savage attacks by the dark horde. No need to …

Decline and Fall, Chapter 57

A nation is not lines on a map, a flag, a silly little name or a club that anyone can join. It is shared values, shared culture, a national vision and a unity based on rules both spoken and unspoken. Attempts to deviate from this definition, to declare that a country is just a different color on the map, that citizenship means nothing and that no one should have to share a culture leads to conflict and ultimately Balkanization. This is our future.

Our Communist President has, by dictatorial decree, helped speed up this process of collapse just a little bit. "It's the right thing to do," he barks at dissenters. Somewhere in the depths of Hell Marx manages a small smile, before once again being overwhelmed by the pain of well-earned eternal torture.

The death of a nation, the collapse of the civilized world. It's the right thing to do. Why? Because I say it is, that's why.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Friday that the Obama administration'…

Monsters in our Midst

The Chicago swarm attacks, featuring tourists "getting their asses handed to them" have now been fully documented. Sometimes one picture says it all.

The Pathology of the American Negro
Chicago Police hope surveillance pictures help lead them to one of three weekend mob attacks on people downtown.
As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, a 23-year-old man was beaten up on the CTA Red Line near the State-Lake stop Saturday by a group of about six teenagers.

Full Story.

For a representative government to function there must be an educated, intelligent and morally upright electorate. For a civilization to maintain itself there must be a rule of law. For a nation to survive it must have a culture and national vision that everyone shares. For citizenship to mean anything, it can't be freely given to anything on two legs that crosses an imaginary line.

We're witnessing the last days of the multi-cult lies. The cultural marxism is simply too poi…

Chicago "Multiple Offender Incidents"

The Mogadishu on Lake Michigan has been a focus here lately and we can learn a lot from its failure. From the wilding of 85 I.Q. dark monsters to the kosher media and elected officials covering for them, this city is emblemic of everything wrong in today's Murrkwa. Now it's up to a police officer to reveal the full extent of the dark horde's activities.

Numerous downtown "multiple offender incidents," a.k.a. wildings. Any number of tourists got their asses handed to them, including a guy who's going to be eating through a straw for the next six weeks. We wonder if he'll ever come back to Chicago or any of his friends, family, acquaintances, etc. Tax payers already know to avoid downtown like the plague - tourists are going to learn one way of the other.

Come to Chicago and get brutalized by a brown mob. Then, as an added insult, we'll make sure it's covered up as much as possible. Whites, arm yourself and avoid the diversity. Live by this r…

Chicago Warzone Could Be Worse, Apparently

We've been following the collapse of Rahm Emanuel's Chicago plantation very closely on this blog and this means that it's going to be hard to pass off lies about the negro all vs. all savagery. Still, the liberal, head-up-the-rear "leadership" is willing to make an effort. According to the Chicago Police Superintendent McCarthy the real problem is "perception" and not the city's descent into Somalia-style chaos. In other words, we're racist and evil for noticing the collapse of western civilization.

Last weekend featured 53 shootings and 9 dead. These would be bad numbers even by Mogadishu standards. But don't worry, it's actually getting better!

McCarthy, however, focused on recent improvements in the homicide and shooting numbers, crediting citywide “gang audit” in which the specialized gang units share and update their intelligence with patrol officers. He said that fixing the "unacceptable level of violence" in Chicago i…

Black Sodomite Mob Attacks Whites

It's more of the same. Appalling, racially motivated "African American" attack against Whites followed by media silence. This time it's a night of negro terror as a mob of 85 I.Q. jungle monsters repeatedly attacked and sodomized helpless, unarmed Whites. This is the new form of negro mob attack. Now the dark mobs are sodomizing Whites. We're in a one-sided race war. We're being lied to.

These are not our equals. These are savages that need to be removed from society. The kosher decision to allow these evolutionary dead-ends to run amok in civilized White society continues to extract an appalling price. They were sodomized by a dark horde. All night. It's difficult to even grasp the full horror.

The content of their character.

Whites need to be warned about these dangers. They need to arm themselves. For failing to preach this message, the media is an accomplice to this horrific crime. For failing to remove elements that obviously can't function in a …

The Negro Mob Attack Blues

There will be no "Good News Monday" this week, for reasons that should be obvious. The Summer of Negro Swarm Attacks that this blog was predicting months ago is now fully upon us. These stories are being buried deeper than plague victims. The racial dynamic is being ignored. We need to get the word out.

Today's incident of typical negro behavior emanates from Rahm Emanuel's Chicago plantation. While this skeletal, evil jew plays at petty dictator his city descends into full-blown one-sided race war, the same type that is sweeping this once great nation. Swipple Whites, eager for that "diversity" attended a jazz festival. What better opportunity to show your lack of racism, cultural sophistication and general fecklessness?

Then the "African Americans" attacked.

Seven teens and one adult were behind bars Sunday after several mob-style attacks in Chicago over the weekend.

Each suspect has been charged with three felony counts of mob action after seve…

Noticing Black Crime = Racism

It seems like every day there's a new hush crime, a new "dog bites man" story about an "African American" victimizing a White person without any apparent motive other than hatred for the color of our skin. I've taken a break from documenting these stories because I think the point has been made and there are other important issues facing us, like the triumph of communism in Amerika, the demographic death spiral and the erosion of our God-given inherent rights by a tyrannical government of kosher elites. It could just be negro on White crime every day, it really could, but there is a big picture we need to be aware of.

Which is not to say I'm done talking about hush crime.

Consider a city that the "African American" has dubbed "Money-apolis" because of the generous welfare programs offered there. Here in this gangsta's paradise of government handouts and feckless White liberalism the undeclared one-sided race war rages. If you not…

Comrade Obama

Redistributing the wealth! It's a brilliant idea that appeals to our sense of fair play and decency. I mean, why should one person have more than another just because they worked hard for, what was my point again?

Like Satan, Communism's greatest victory was tricking the world into thinking it doesn't exist. Right now it has its claws deep in the soft flesh of the 'kwa, with predictable results. You know, things like obese poor, a permanent government funded underclass, loss of initiative in the private sphere, currency losing value, all that good stuff. This is intentional. After nearly a century of feminism, pro-sodomy, destruction of the family, attacks on religion, attacks on patriotism and so on the long march through the culture has won arguably its greatest victory.

Full-blown Communism in America.

The front man for the kosher scheme is your typical useful idiot. Smart enough to read words on a screen, not smart enough for anything more complicated. Of c…

Obesity is the New Malnutrition

The unsustainable welfare state we live in certainly creates its share of oddities. Whether it's "African Americans" who live in "poverty" but have disposable income to waste on $200 a pair sweatshop sneakers or "it's free, swipe yo' EBT" public assistance pimpin', or the simple reality that we, as a nation, have no idea what being poor actually means. Forget safety nets, think of it more as a way of life for a growing number of "citizens." Keep working hard Whitey, maybe one day that outstretched black hand might even show a little gratitude.

Or not.

Another component of our glorious new marxist nation is obese homeless. Yes, you read correctly.

A new survey finds that one in three homeless people in Boston are clinically obese, a number that casts in relief the strange reality of food in the 21st century United States.

Not long ago, malnourishment was embodied by emaciation. Now it’s far more likely to be hidden in folds of fa…

The African All Vs. All

As what was once America continues its descent into socialism and demographic meltdown we can predict what the near future holds by looking at areas further down the bell curve like Great Britainistan or Sunni Scandinavia. If we really want a peek at the final end game, when even the kosher elites have been eliminated by the monsters of their own creation, just look at the Dark Continent. Here we see "African Non-Americans" attempting to self-govern and the inevitable failure that the low I.Q. average, poor impulse control and lack of future orientation must naturally create.

In times of disaster inner character comes through like no other time. We find out who we really are, whether it's rural Whites coming together to endure the hardship of a flood, polite Japanese bravely confronting nuclear meltdown or New Orleans negroes losing whatever veneer of civilization they'd been given by the hand of the White man to fall into a "We dying here!" state of nature…

Good News Monday: Germany Resists White Genocide

As the cultural aliens pour in from the dark continents Europe is steadily losing its unique identity. This is entirely in line with the agenda of the globalist one-worlders who are hoping to make the easily enslaved "Brown Everyman" a reality as soon as possible. This policy has devastated Great Britainistan, laid waste to El-France and is even making considerable inroads in central Europe. The displacement and dispossession of Whites continues.

Not everyone is willing to simply lie down and die in the face of this man-made disaster.

It's Germany, the land of culture and ideas, that is fighting for survival against the endless dark horde released by kosher nation-wreckers. It's an ugly fight.

German police dispatched over 1,000 officers to the scene to control the rival groups, who had coordinated their rallies with the authorities.

The leftist march called by the unions and major parties was expected to be a peaceful show of opposition against the far-right e…

Cannibalism: Not Just For the Third World Anymore

Diversity. It's the modern miracle. There are few problems it can't magically solve, whether it's "structural racism" or "progressive justice" or "no one here is eating other human beings." The wonders of the multi-cult never cease to amaze. Take some savage from a third world nation, have them cross an increasingly irrelevant border and they'll magically alchemize into a hard-working and honest citizen who believes in the Democratic process and the rule of law.

That, or they'll eat your face.

Hot on the heels of the brown-skinned Florida face-eater we've got another case involving a Kenyan-born savage (no, not Obama).

 A 21-year-old college student accused of killing a housemate told police he ate the victim's heart and part of his brain after he died.

Alexander Kinyua hid the head and hands of the dead man in his family's basement laundry room in a suburb of Baltimore, according to the Harford County Sheriff's Offi…