Another Senseless Racially Motivated Murder

We're in a race war. It's secret, undeclared and not acknowledged by the media or our government in any way, other than to encourage it with apocryphal tales of Evil Whitey. This war is completely one-sided. It seems like almost every day there's another dead White at the hands of a negro motivated by nothing more than hatred toward White people. These stories are ignored by the national media, nobody learns any lessons, and the cycle continues.

Not any more. More Whites are waking up and the truth is being told about negro hate crimes. We're in a fight for our racial survival. We're not going to lose. The stakes are too high.

With that in mind, here's the latest savage attack from the dark mass.

Police say the gunman is a black male who appears to be taller than the vehicle, putting him in the range of 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet tall. He has a medium to stocky build and was wearing a striped or checker-patterned shirt at the time of the murder, and he fled on foot toward the Ardmore neighborhood afterward, according to the police investigation.

"Obviously what you saw there is the best piece of evidence that we have," Charleston Police Chief Gregory Mullen said of the video footage in a press debriefing. "What we also recognize is that there's somebody in our community today that can help us identify who that person is who committed this crime.

Full Story. 

This is not at all outside of the expected parameters of brown person behavior. Senseless violence driven by low intelligence and media-provoked envy of the "pink people."

Typical Negro Behavior.

Until the glorious day when a Whites Only nation is established we have to be very careful. Avoid the savage. Don't fall asleep in your car. Be armed. This is just another hush crime to be forgotten. You do not want to be one of those victims. Be safe and tell others the truth about black dysfunction. The future is unwritten and we can end this madness. It's all up to us, those who can see and have the courage to speak. 


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