Black Sodomite Mob Attacks Whites

It's more of the same. Appalling, racially motivated "African American" attack against Whites followed by media silence. This time it's a night of negro terror as a mob of 85 I.Q. jungle monsters repeatedly attacked and sodomized helpless, unarmed Whites. This is the new form of negro mob attack. Now the dark mobs are sodomizing Whites. We're in a one-sided race war. We're being lied to.

These are not our equals. These are savages that need to be removed from society. The kosher decision to allow these evolutionary dead-ends to run amok in civilized White society continues to extract an appalling price. They were sodomized by a dark horde. All night. It's difficult to even grasp the full horror.

The content of their character.

Whites need to be warned about these dangers. They need to arm themselves. For failing to preach this message, the media is an accomplice to this horrific crime. For failing to remove elements that obviously can't function in a modern society, our own government is an accomplice. For teaching hatred of Whites, our educational system is an accomplice. The entire rotten system played a role in unleashing these savages.

They tortured and raped Whites. The face of the racial enemy.

All five suspects involved in the brutal break-in and sexual assault are now in police custody, giving some relief to their victims.

Dillon Vance
was one of seven people, most college students, sleeping at a house in the 600 block of Veto Street, where the break-in occurred . Vance had just laid down on his friend's couch after a college party when he endured the most terrifying nights of his life.

"The next thing I know I was pistol whipped on the back of the head, they put me down on the couch, put pillows over my head, took my belt off, and bound my wrists together," said Vance. "They put the gun to the back of my head and said if I screamed or tried to do anything, I was dead."  

Full Story. 

Now this story will be buried and sent down the memory hole, the dark monsters involved will get a few years of chilling in their "crib" (i.e. jail cell), and the White victims will carry permanent scars from this night of terror. There will be no professional victims crying for justice, no lessons learned, nothing. Tomorrow similar crimes will happen to new White victims and that will be ignored too. The long death spiral of our ruined country continues.

Whites are starting to realize something is very wrong. We need to get the word out about these non-White crimes and the system that enables and incites them. That's why this blog exists. 

Once again, be armed, avoid the dark races, be vigilant. You do not want to be another forgotten victim of a hush crime.


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