Cannibalism: Not Just For the Third World Anymore

Diversity. It's the modern miracle. There are few problems it can't magically solve, whether it's "structural racism" or "progressive justice" or "no one here is eating other human beings." The wonders of the multi-cult never cease to amaze. Take some savage from a third world nation, have them cross an increasingly irrelevant border and they'll magically alchemize into a hard-working and honest citizen who believes in the Democratic process and the rule of law.

That, or they'll eat your face.

Hot on the heels of the brown-skinned Florida face-eater we've got another case involving a Kenyan-born savage (no, not Obama).

 A 21-year-old college student accused of killing a housemate told police he ate the victim's heart and part of his brain after he died.
Alexander Kinyua hid the head and hands of the dead man in his family's basement laundry room in a suburb of Baltimore, according to the Harford County Sheriff's Office. Kinyua, a student at Morgan State University, was charged earlier in May in another attack in which the victim was brutally beaten but survived.
Kinyua, a Kenya native, is charged with first-degree murder and other charges in the death of 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie. He was ordered held on no bail.

Full Story. 

 Third World Savage Ran Amok in USA.

As White America is steadily replaced by the metastasizing brown mass this sort of story is going to become more and more common, along with the usual swarm attacks, 40 shootings over one weekend and infrastructure theft. This is the wonderful reward for bringing in "diverse" people that are identical in appearance and behavior. What are we thinking? 

If you support the multi-cult you also support first world cannibalism. You're also an idiot. Wake up, White Man.


  1. You are incredulously ignorant for your report is nothing but an opinion with facts. There are reports of cannibalism in some lesser diverse countries such as Germany and Russia. Rather than rant on the Internet, open a book. Inform yourself truly, before being a malice to intellegence in America. I am born here and five generations of family occupancy in America, and no my skin is not dark skinned, rather pale actually, I thought I should infor you since that seems to be the only 'news' you are covering. Yet still I do not confuse politcs with race, information, on ignant assumptions. Wake up AJ, before you slumber for the rest of your life in a stalemate world of failure. Don't forget, Darwin said species will survive if they adapt, why don't you disregard physical barriers, accept and adapt to the contemporary world and face real problems. Here's one: Think of ways we can pay our debt to China. Or what are you doing to prevent cancer creating chemicals in your water and air?

    This might help you logic:

    1. Yes, it's opinions and facts. It's also words formed into sentences. Your point?

      Germany and Russia aren't "diverse"? I don't think I'm the one that needs educating. Try typing the words "Tatar" or "Turk" into that magical internet and see what pops up. Trust me, they have their own problems, but I'm American so that's what I usually talk about. If I thought Europe was a sort of modern reservation for Whites I'd consider living there, but trust me, it isn't.

      I'm fairly certain I'm not a "malice to the intelligence of America" but on the other hand I'm not exactly sure what that even means.

      Congratulations on your pale skin. Unfortunately it means people are going to hate you, just for that. Worse, said racists are protected and even encouraged by our media, educational system and government. I trust you're following the advice I frequently give for people with our increasingly rare condition in regards to where to live, being armed, etc.

      A common Marxist debating strategy is the inevitability of victory, usually combined with the immorality of opposition. I personally don't believe that the future is already written and it must be depressing to have to live with such a view. The diversity and "one world" movement is a house of cards, all propaganda and appeals to emotion with nothing behind it. Almost every day I document its failure. It's a valuable service and I'm more than a little bit heroic.

      It's somewhat ironic you'd mention Darwin and evolution in light of the 85 I.Q. average of "African Americans" (or 60 or so for full-blooded Africans).

      Let's see, debt to about a thirty year ban on immigration of any sort, a wall on the southern border, ending the federal reserve, ending many other wasteful government departments (Department of Education, EPA, etc), ending foreign wars for Zionist causes, cutting foreign aid by 90% or so, removing race quotas in lending, removing race quotas in hiring, protectionist trade practices and actually exploiting our massive national wealth in oil and other valuable minerals. That's just off the top of my head. I don't need to spend a huge amount of time wrestling with a solution when the answers are obvious, but run counter to the current proto-Communism. Someone else will have to solve the cancer, maybe a doctor. I'm more of a statesman and born leader.

      I'm glad you're reading and commenting. You'll learn a lot and hear opinions you've probably never heard before. Believe it or not, typical Liberal and Cultural Marxist arguments are not huge revelations for me. I spent years in higher education and hold an advanced degree. I've heard it. This is why this blog is called Modern Heretic and not Modern Orthodox. Thanks again for commenting.


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