Chicago "Multiple Offender Incidents"

The Mogadishu on Lake Michigan has been a focus here lately and we can learn a lot from its failure. From the wilding of 85 I.Q. dark monsters to the kosher media and elected officials covering for them, this city is emblemic of everything wrong in today's Murrkwa. Now it's up to a police officer to reveal the full extent of the dark horde's activities.

Numerous downtown "multiple offender incidents," a.k.a. wildings. Any number of tourists got their asses handed to them, including a guy who's going to be eating through a straw for the next six weeks. We wonder if he'll ever come back to Chicago or any of his friends, family, acquaintances, etc. Tax payers already know to avoid downtown like the plague - tourists are going to learn one way of the other.

Come to Chicago and get brutalized by a brown mob. Then, as an added insult, we'll make sure it's covered up as much as possible. Whites, arm yourself and avoid the diversity. Live by this rule.

A couple of commentators related that not a single Mass Transit Unit was available for the fights and when the trains eventually got to 95th Street, the problem spilled out into the surrounding streets and neighborhood.

White infrastructure destroyed or made worthless by the brown undertow. The failure of the multi-cult lie.

Built by Whites, ruined by non-Whites.

Another American city ruined by the lower races. Please keep ignoring this (and paying!) Whitey. Is Chicago's sad fate going to be shared by the entire country? It's up to us to make that decision. 


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