Chicago Warzone Could Be Worse, Apparently

We've been following the collapse of Rahm Emanuel's Chicago plantation very closely on this blog and this means that it's going to be hard to pass off lies about the negro all vs. all savagery. Still, the liberal, head-up-the-rear "leadership" is willing to make an effort. According to the Chicago Police Superintendent McCarthy the real problem is "perception" and not the city's descent into Somalia-style chaos. In other words, we're racist and evil for noticing the collapse of western civilization.

Last weekend featured 53 shootings and 9 dead. These would be bad numbers even by Mogadishu standards. But don't worry, it's actually getting better!

McCarthy, however, focused on recent improvements in the homicide and shooting numbers, crediting citywide “gang audit” in which the specialized gang units share and update their intelligence with patrol officers. He said that fixing the "unacceptable level of violence" in Chicago is a complicated process, noting the crime numbers over the last month are way better than when the department closed out the first quarter of the year.

“There’s not one police leader in this country who wouldn’t be ecstatic with a 17 percent reduction in homicides over a 28-day period, a reduction in shootings in nine of the last 10 weeks, a reduction in virtually every crime category,” McCarthy said “We’re down 10 percent in reported crime in this city. And it doesn’t get out there.”

This is the sort of denial that a White man must live in to succeed within the rotten marxist system.  Meanwhile, back in reality:

McCarthy’s remarks come on the heels of a bloody weekend that ranked as among the worst so far this year with 53 shot, nine of them fatally, according to a Tribune analysis. Through Sunday, 223 people were slain in Chicago, up 36 percent from the same period last year, according to the department. In that same period, there have been 967 shootings, an increase of 11 percent from a year earlier, the department said.

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Somehow an increase becomes a decrease. Somehow. This guy is like the civil service version of Enron. We've given up on stopping negro crime, so now we'll just tell you whole-cloth stories about decreases in crime, while the city burns. This is what happens when law enforcement becomes politicized.

Portrait of a careerist liar and marxist useful idiot.

There are solutions to the problem that don't involve lying with statistics, but they're unthinkable. Things like "arresting suspicious individuals" or even the dreaded "profiling." These tactics actually work. But they're way-cist and hurt our feelings, so the bloodbath must continue.

I've often wondered what it's like to be a White man within the communist system. The lies to yourself and others, the constant need to hold your tongue lest you say something "politically incorrect" within earshot of a Kommissar and the symbolic castration of total compromise just to keep that great job that you hate doing. McCarthy is the type of cowardly, effeminate, gutless White that is perfect for this sort of position. He might even actually believe his own nonsense. 

I tell the truth. The Chicago negro problem is reaching a critical mass. Total Detroitification is coming soon. Everyone with eyes can see this. Yet the lying continues. Anything for the all-mighty kosher paper. It makes me physically ill thinking about it.

It's going to be a long summer. Protect yourself.  


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