Comrade Obama

Redistributing the wealth! It's a brilliant idea that appeals to our sense of fair play and decency. I mean, why should one person have more than another just because they worked hard for, what was my point again?

Like Satan, Communism's greatest victory was tricking the world into thinking it doesn't exist. Right now it has its claws deep in the soft flesh of the 'kwa, with predictable results. You know, things like obese poor, a permanent government funded underclass, loss of initiative in the private sphere, currency losing value, all that good stuff. This is intentional. After nearly a century of feminism, pro-sodomy, destruction of the family, attacks on religion, attacks on patriotism and so on the long march through the culture has won arguably its greatest victory.

Full-blown Communism in America.

The front man for the kosher scheme is your typical useful idiot. Smart enough to read words on a screen, not smart enough for anything more complicated. Of course I'm talking about the amazing mulatto who invented "roof hits." In addition to being one of those incredible "African American" inventors he was also affiliated directly with Marxist fronts.

Consistent with this, a roster of the Chicago chapter of the New Party from early 1997 lists Obama as a member, with January 11, 1996, indicated as the date he joined.

The revelation in 2008 that Obama had joined an ACORN-controlled, leftist third party could have been damaging indeed, and coming clean about his broader work with ACORN might easily have exposed these New Party ties. Because the work of ACORN and the New Party often intersected with Obama’s other alliances, honesty about his ties to either could have laid bare the entire network of his leftist political partnerships.

Although Obama is ultimately responsible for deceiving the American people in 2008 about his political background, he got help from his old associates. Each of the two former political allies who helped him to deny his New Party membership during campaign ’08 was in a position to know better.

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A foreign born Communist is our ruler.

Yeah, I wonder why.

We're now headed for a Soviet-style collapse, with the additional problem of being deeply divided along racial lines. The rotten system can't sustain itself. I needs to be replaced with White Nationalism.


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