Disarming Honest People Should Solve Crime Problem

Chicago is more dangerous than Afghanistan. With over 200 dead and counting this year the city's disgraceful plunge into brown all vs. all has been a frequent topic on this blog. After the failure of blaming the Mogadishu-style violence on "perception problems" and, presumably, White racism it looks like it might be time for a new strategy. Specifically, gun grabbing. Please make yourself as defenseless as possible, law-abiding citizen. That should keep you safe from the lawless dark mobs. Somehow.

“No questions asked,” Wysinger said. “Just show up at the church, and hand over the weapons to the CPD officer that will be there, and get your $100 gift card. So we strongly suggest that people come out that have weapons lying around the house, or weapons, maybe, that they don’t necessarily want in their house. This is a chance to get some money for their weapon, and get another dangerous weapon on (Ed: Freudian slip?) the street.”

The gun turn-in event, dubbed “Don’t Kill a Dream, Save a Life,” is on from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

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Please voluntarily make yourself defenseless, sheep. After all, that gun in your dresser is somehow "on the street" whatever that was supposed to mean. Maybe if the $100 was paid in Tide, aka Liquid Gold, or Sizzurp some of the actual thugs might participate. As it is, federal funny money isn't much of a reward, especially for our well-off, designer clothes wearing "poor." 

Note also the idea of "dangerous weapon." Yes, the gun is inherently evil and commits crimes all on its own, with no aid from an 85 I.Q. scum. It's pathetic.

What could possibly go wrong?

Honest, decent people need to be armed, especially in this dying nation we live in. The alternative is becoming another victim of the seeming endless mob attacks, "robbery gone wrong," home invasions, "rape gone wrong" and all the other nonsense that happens on a daily basis and is largely ignored by the media. Arm yourself and educate yourself.   


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