Good News Monday: Germany Resists White Genocide

As the cultural aliens pour in from the dark continents Europe is steadily losing its unique identity. This is entirely in line with the agenda of the globalist one-worlders who are hoping to make the easily enslaved "Brown Everyman" a reality as soon as possible. This policy has devastated Great Britainistan, laid waste to El-France and is even making considerable inroads in central Europe. The displacement and dispossession of Whites continues.

Not everyone is willing to simply lie down and die in the face of this man-made disaster.

It's Germany, the land of culture and ideas, that is fighting for survival against the endless dark horde released by kosher nation-wreckers. It's an ugly fight.
German police dispatched over 1,000 officers to the scene to control the rival groups, who had coordinated their rallies with the authorities.

The leftist march called by the unions and major parties was expected to be a peaceful show of opposition against the far-right extremists' demo.

But the situation got out of hand quickly when the leftists rigged up barricades of trash cans and set them on fire in an attempt to stop their rivals from passing by. 

Full Story. 

 Masked criminals oppose German patriots.

We get the usual hand-wringing and greasy tears over the evils of the so-called "not sees." Name-calling and shaming language is all our enemy has. The fact that all the violence is initiated by the "leftists" (read: communists) and that uncontrolled foreign immigration has been a disaster for Europe is swept under the rug. Not here. The marxists are thugs and criminals, as well as useful idiots for the powers that be. Whites should be allowed to have their own nations and the right of self-determination. 

Germany, wake up.


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