Honoring the Rot

Race is a fictional social construct that doesn't really exist. It is the most important thing in the world. To be successful in today's crooked system it's necessary to double-think all of the above. Race doesn't exist when it's a mob beating, or a White shot for sport, or low I.Q. test scores. It does exist when it's anti-White hiring quotas, political pandering by our Tribal Chieftain, or the seemingly endless honoring of completely trivial "firsts" for the always underachieving American Negro.

An example of these amazing "first negroes" is provided by today's story about the integration of the military, which began the slow slide into today's mess that can't even win an even fight against poorly trained and equipped "turrists." From integration and trying to alchemize the black into a White American soldier to open sodomy, pregnancy sympathy pouches and illegal alien recruits, all in one generation. If you seriously think our army of 85 I.Q. blacks, sodomites and crying pregnant women would have a chance against the endless, emotionless Chinese hordes you're delusional.

So let's honor the collapse of our military by going back to the start. When we thought the negro was our equal.

On Wednesday afternoon, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid presented the Montford Point Marines with the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor the government bestows.

"I think it's one great thing for we black Marines," said Benjamin Flournoy, 86, of Detroit, who trained at Montford Point before being sent to the Pacific in World War II in a noncombat role. "To my mind, it came a little late. … For so long, the blacks were denied."

Then our country lost its mind and decided an entire standard deviation difference in average intelligence and a very different set of cultural beliefs were somehow compatible with White America.

"I hate to use the word overdue … but it's time," said Yoder Faulkner, 81, of Detroit, who was raised in Winston-Salem, N.C., and trained at Montford Point before serving in Korea. "A lot of men died not knowing … as though it just didn't matter, you know?"

A quick look at today's ruined America, descending into Communism and Third World Status, confirms that it just didn't matter beyond any reasonable doubt. This brave negro soldier's current city of residence now resembles a war zone, a victim of the same rot that has destroyed our armed forces, the decay of tolerance and "multi-cult" and all animals being equal, just some more so.

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 I be winnin' da hearts and minds, gnomesayin.

And so we hang an award on one of the many symptoms of the decline and fall. They bravely broke the "color barrier." To realize that said barrier existed for very good reasons is both the only logical conclusion and impossible to admit without becoming a victim of the kommissars of marxist correctness. 

We fought the "domino effect" in Korea. Today America is Communist. Here's a medal negro. Forward.


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