Monsters in our Midst

The Chicago swarm attacks, featuring tourists "getting their asses handed to them" have now been fully documented. Sometimes one picture says it all.

The Pathology of the American Negro

Chicago Police hope surveillance pictures help lead them to one of three weekend mob attacks on people downtown.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, a 23-year-old man was beaten up on the CTA Red Line near the State-Lake stop Saturday by a group of about six teenagers.

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For a representative government to function there must be an educated, intelligent and morally upright electorate. For a civilization to maintain itself there must be a rule of law. For a nation to survive it must have a culture and national vision that everyone shares. For citizenship to mean anything, it can't be freely given to anything on two legs that crosses an imaginary line.

We're witnessing the last days of the multi-cult lies. The cultural marxism is simply too poisonous to society. This current mess is coming crashing down. When it does, we'll have a chance to do it right. The answer is White Nationalism. The savage elements pictured above have no place in a civilized White nation.  They will be removed. Back to Africa, back to building pyramids and flying. Free at last from racist old Whitey. What could be more equitable?

The negro needs the White sucker to prop them up. With this protective hand removed you get Haiti, or Sudan, or Somalia...or Chicago. The negro fatigue is very real. We're not going to keep paying for this race of failures. The better future is ahead, if we have the courage to make it a reality.

Until this day we need to stay vigilant and avoid the dark mob. No more victims for the 85 I.Q. horde.


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