The Negro Mob Attack Blues

There will be no "Good News Monday" this week, for reasons that should be obvious. The Summer of Negro Swarm Attacks that this blog was predicting months ago is now fully upon us. These stories are being buried deeper than plague victims. The racial dynamic is being ignored. We need to get the word out.

Today's incident of typical negro behavior emanates from Rahm Emanuel's Chicago plantation. While this skeletal, evil jew plays at petty dictator his city descends into full-blown one-sided race war, the same type that is sweeping this once great nation. Swipple Whites, eager for that "diversity" attended a jazz festival. What better opportunity to show your lack of racism, cultural sophistication and general fecklessness?

Then the "African Americans" attacked.

Seven teens and one adult were behind bars Sunday after several mob-style attacks in Chicago over the weekend.

Each suspect has been charged with three felony counts of mob action after several people, including tourists, were robbed, beaten and mugged on Saturday night. One ambush left a 40-year-old man with a broken jaw.

Police said the 40-year-old was mugged near the 500-block of North State Street moments after hundreds left the Blues Festival at Grant Park.

He was jumped near a busy intersection and is recovering at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Investigators said the beating involved up to ten attackers and happened shortly before 10:00pm.

Full Story.

Time to start singing the broken jaw blues.

 This picture was not taken in Africa. Really.

It's now here. At this point I usually sum up the story and make a few comments on the likely future of this country and our race if these trends continue. Today, I'm going to cede the floor to "entrepeneur" whose comments on this story really sum up the change that is taking place in White America: the negro fatigue, the anger, the refusal to listen to the same lame excuses. We're waking up. The Enemy is scared. The savagery is going to stop.

"Hey Caucasians time to start identifying with your race because you are at war with blacks in America and all of the western world.  Anybody that calls me a racists will get f'cked up and I can't even wait to put these knuckles on some skinny as-, newport smoking nigel."

It might not be Shakespeare, but it's the truth. 

Hey Caucasians! Wake up. The enemy is at the gates.


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