Obesity is the New Malnutrition

The unsustainable welfare state we live in certainly creates its share of oddities. Whether it's "African Americans" who live in "poverty" but have disposable income to waste on $200 a pair sweatshop sneakers or "it's free, swipe yo' EBT" public assistance pimpin', or the simple reality that we, as a nation, have no idea what being poor actually means. Forget safety nets, think of it more as a way of life for a growing number of "citizens." Keep working hard Whitey, maybe one day that outstretched black hand might even show a little gratitude.

Or not.

Another component of our glorious new marxist nation is obese homeless. Yes, you read correctly.

A new survey finds that one in three homeless people in Boston are clinically obese, a number that casts in relief the strange reality of food in the 21st century United States.

Not long ago, malnourishment was embodied by emaciation. Now it’s far more likely to be hidden in folds of fat.

“This study suggests that obesity may be the new malnutrition of the homeless in the United States,” wrote the researchers, led by Harvard Medical School student Katherine Koh, in an upcoming Journal of Urban Health study.

Full story.

Obesity is the new emaciation. Unearned luxury is the new poverty. Not caring is the new concern. We're in a national death spiral.

"Nice to see my taxes created this."

Obviously the answer is to take away our freedoms. No more having that evil sugar soda. That should solve this.

We're going to reach a tipping point, probably sooner than later, where the productive members of society are outnumbered by obese, designer clothes wearing "poor." When this happens, the house of cards is crashing down. I just hope we use this "do over" to get it right next time.


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