Our Equals

The typical "African American" has an I.Q. of 85, a full standard deviation below what would be considered average for a White or Asian. This lower intelligence, combined with high levels of testosterone, low levels of self-control and future orientation and a system that is more than willing to pander to them leads to some ridiculous behavior. Sometimes it's funny observing the childlike antics of the negro struggling to adjust to a technologically advanced Western Culture. More often it's shocking and horrific. Today's story really speaks for itself.

Sallis says her 76-year-old friend had just returned from First Baptist Church in Mansfield after cooking for a Lions Club banquet that night. 

Mansfield Assistant Police Chief Gary Hobbs says, "The elderly lady had come home and she was transporting items from her vehicle inside the residence.  She had made several trips in and out."

Hobbs says that's when 18-year-olds Ladandrick Jones and Michael Campbell along with 19-year-old Emmanuel Bogan grabbed the victim in her carport. "They physically restrained her, drug her into the residence and that's where the physical assault and ultimately the sexual assault took place," says Hobbs.

Full Story. 

 No place for this in White nations.

The content of their character. Gang sex attacks on elderly women. African savagery taking place in a White Nation. It's insanity that this is allowed to continue. The only answer is a land for Whites and Whites only.

Give their picture a nice long look. Note the muzzles and brow ridges. The sloping foreheads, indicating an under-developed frontal lobe. Observe the soulless, uncomprehending dark eyes and sullen, defiant expressions. This is the face of the racial enemy, released on us by the marxist, globalist powers that be. This is the face of a lower species that should be isolated in their own nations.

Part child and part devil, this is the negro. We can't alchemize them into Whites. We can remove them. We should remove them.


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