Our President: The Tribal Chieftain

One of America's mottoes, back when the idea of national vision and shared culture still had meaning, was "from many, one." It's hard to imagine that statement applying to today's U.S.S.A. of progressive stacks, victim groups, social justice, protected groups, all animals equal but some more equal, and all the rest. As we fragment into warring factions, each trying to loot America as much as possible, the total collapse and Balkanization looms nearer.

Of course Barry Soetoro, the great uniter who ran on a platform of ending racial divisions, is right at the forefront of the pandering to these selfish little segments of society. Today it's the La-teen-Oh. Tomorrow it might be crazy promises for "African Americans" or sodomites, or the "War on Women," or capturing that elusive Aleutian Islander vote. Anything but trying to appeal to national unity and common cause.

President Obama took a victory lap Friday with Hispanic leaders, saying he moved to halt deportations of young illegal immigrants because he was tired of fighting a losing battle in Congress.

Yeah, those annoying checks and balances and that darn rule of law. Dictatorial decrees, they're so much easier.

Drawing repeatedly rounds of applause from the annual conference of National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), meeting at Disney World, Mr. Obama said he had to act last week to cancel deportations for young illegal immigrants because Congress had failed to send such a bill to his desk.

There is no equivalent organization for Whites. We need one. Now.

Well after he left, a man was shouting, “Viva Obama!” in the conference center ballroom.

...and the transformation into a third world banana republic continues.

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Imagine four more years of this, unchecked by the need to get re-elected.

He also invented "roof hits."

Our options are third world status or White Nationalism. Democracy will be nothing but a racial head-count in another decade, if it isn't already. White nations. We must make it happen.


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