Summer of the Dark Mob Continues

For the last half century the White survival strategy in the face of increasingly emboldened and violent "minorities" has consisted of cowardice, retreat, surrender and pathetic attempts to buy time and space. Even today we sometimes hear cranks calling for Whites to flee to the Pacific Northwest, if not the moon. More cowardice. Then the brown rot arrives and it's all for nothing. In Oregon, the monkeyshines are in full force at a public park that is now a no-go zone for ordinary Whites.

Simpson said the first incident happened on June 13 around 10:30 p.m. That’s when officers responded to reports of 150 drunken teenagers in the park.

According to Simpson, the victim told officers he was with a friend in the park when he was punched from behind. He said his attackers were 5-10 black teenagers who were randomly attacking white teens in the park. He said they also attacked a homeless man.

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More racially motivated savage attacks by the dark horde. No need to go to Chicago or Detroit, when you can "come home" to the Pacific Northwest and get assaulted by teenapers. There's no difference between an Oregon negro and one from anywhere else. The same pattern of pathology, the same racially motivated attacks, the same media coverup. We can't run away.

Paradise lost, to negroes.

And so it goes. Yet another story of negroes targeting Whites. Until we reclaim our rights and stand against tyranny this pattern is going to continue. Cowardice is not going to save us.
Be armed, be vigilant, avoid black areas and areas where blacks are likely to congregate. We're in an undeclared, one-sided race war. Until we can restore sanity to this nation we just have to survive. Be careful out there.


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