When Civilization Dies

Detroit is one possible future for America. Built by White man's industry, destroyed by the pathology of the American Negro. Today it lies in ruins, a sad reminder of the heavy price we pay for the "diversity" of identical looking, thinking and behaving dark people. Within this fallen city the brown hordes continue to prey on the few remaining vestiges of the Old Order. Like gas stations.

"Every single day these kids come" between midnight and 2 a.m., Nasser said, adding that the clerk calls police but the police never show up.

Multiculturalism explained in a single sentence. Out of control "teens." Mohammedan Arabs filling in for the Whites that have fled. No order, no rule of law, police that "never show up." Savage African all vs. all in a city the was once called the Paris of the Midwest.

"So he goes out to try to talk to them: 'Guys please, just put the items away and go.' And they said, 'What are you going to do about it?' So one of them shoots right back from outside and throws a glass drink right at him. And right there they attack him. He starts fighting them and nine guys jump on him. It’s horrible."

The criminal negro actually raises a good point. What are we going to do about it? More cowardice and retreat and attempts to trade space for time? Or are we going to wake up and embrace White Nationalism? Which way, White man? A future of peace and prosperity among our own kind or a collapse into chaos, a dystopia where brown mobs regularly attack decent people?

"People are willing to die over a candy bar or little cakes," Nasser said. "It’s not worth it, what they’re doing."

The mindset of an 85 I.Q. "African American." An America where black violence is provoked over candy bars and Twinkies. Hope and change.

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The summer of racially motivated dark mob attacks continues. The media and government seem blissfully unaware. They're too busy destroying what remains of our national sovereignity via the Mee-hee-can invader. Whites have no voice.

 Obama's sons, up to no good as usual.

Detroit is lost. Many other American cities are close to a similar collapse and many have already passed the point on no return. There is no recovery, no second wind, just an endless dark nightmare as civilization dies. Our only hope is our own White nations. Until then, avoid the black areas. Be armed. Avoid areas they are likely to congregate. And don't take a job at a Detroit gas station. 


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