Ambushed By Chicago Negroes

Whites would be well advised to limit their interactions with "African Americans" as much as possible. This is especially true after a night out celebrating. This story almost qualifies for "Good News Monday," considering the victim was relatively unharmed and the three under-men were promptly arrested and sent to their new "crib." Many victims of these sort of attacks haven't been so lucky, and it's not uncommon for the savage animals to avoid punishment. Yeah, it's almost good news.

They have foreign DNA not shared by any other race.

The 38-year-old man said he had just popped in his iPod ear buds after a night of drinking with friends when the group pounced on him on the Red Line platform on Addison Street near Wrigley Field.

“I put my guard down for a split second -- and that’s all that was needed,” said the man, who asked not to be identified because of safety concerns.

A split second of carelessness in negro town is way too much. This easily could have ended in a hush crime murder, as the undeclared one-sided race war continues to rage against a backdrop of unbelievable indifference from the media and government. 

Officers near the scene of the confrontation around 4 a.m. quickly arrested Kendrick Scott, 23, Emmanuel Akinbiyi, 25, and Maurice Redwood, 26, prosecutors said. On Sunday, Cook County Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. ordered Scott held on $150,000 bond, and he set bail at $100,000 each for both Akinbiyi and Redwood. They are all charged with attempted robbery.

Now the "over crowded prisons" excuse and need for "progressive justice" can kick in and insure a slap on the wrist for these dangerous simians. Monsters full of alien genetics, walking amongst us. We have to pretend they are our equals. It's madness.

One of the men held the victim’s arms while the others tried to reach in his pockets, the man said. When the train rolled up, they shoved him against it, he said.

Again, this victim is very, very lucky.

Just another weekend in Chicago featuring pilgrim-incited crime from living fossils. The failure of the American Negro, volume 10 billion. Our nation let its guard down for about fifty years. This is the result. That was all that the nation-wreckers needed. Now we're up to our necks in brown dysfunction. 


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