Big Chimping

As society emits another death rattle we have new, exciting euphemisms for negro swarms. The latest is "smash mobs" where groups of identical looking and acting brown bipeds run amok in a store, stealing and breaking. This bit of negro pathology is of course nothing new, but the rise of the internet is forcing the dinosaur media to admit that is isn't just some crazy "stereotype" but a very soulful and real part of the "African American" experience.

 Gots to get dat waddymelon, gnomesayin?

The latest bit of thuggery from the summer of black mobs involves a Walmart, 300 "diverse" jungle creatures and, yes, watermelons.
Jacksonville police said they caused $1,500 in damage. Walmart is working with investigators to try and track down who is responsible.

Based on the grainy footage, apparently captured by a TI-85 graphing calculator, I don't think they're going to have much luck. If you can tell the difference between the blurry, brown shapes in the video you've got better eyes than me.

Police said the destruction caused at Walmart about 11:30 p.m. Saturday may be connected to a large house party where a shooting may have occurred about two miles away. Police reports show a house party was broken up by police on Sampson Road. Several minutes later, police were called to the Walmart. By the time the officer got there, most of the people involved had already left.

This story really has it all. A senseless negro shooting. Weasel words. Police showing up after all the damage has been done, as usual. The police can't protect you, White man. You need to be armed.

No one has been arrested.

Really, you don't say. A very fitting end to this incident.

The negro earns its bad reputation every day. The kosher globalists unleashed these beasts on us. This can't go on, getting worse with each passing year. The system is headed for a collapse. When it does fall, scenes like those in this video will unfold from coast to coast. 

Be ready, be smart and be armed. The meltdown is coming.  


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