Brown People Angry Over Death of Criminal Scum

We can have a peaceful, orderly society or 85 I.Q. negroes and brown invaders. Pick one or the other. The U.S.S.A. has decided to go all in on the wonderful "diversity" of identical looking, acting, and thinking bipeds. The price is chaos, death, White flight and the endless bleating of racism by "minorities" who have been trained by the kosher teachers that they'll always get their way if they whine long and loud enough.

Even trying to prevent the crime that is epidemic among the diverse is, apparently, wrong.

Police battled "pockets of unrest" in downtown Anaheim late Tuesday night, hours after a large crowd attempting to get inside City Hall broke into violent protest.

What's causing this mess? Would you have guessed the self-defense police shooting of two May-hee-can gang members? The death of these two legged cockroaches is a great tragedy that proves that their are savage inequalities in our society. Evil Whitey, at it again.

One of them, Acevedo, turned during the chase and fired a handgun at an officer, the police association said. The officer returned fire, killing him. A handgun was recovered next to his body.

Court records show that Acevedo pleaded guilty in 2010 to resisting a peace officer and in 2009 to street terrorism and receiving stolen property. Diaz pleaded guilty in 2011 to drug charges and in 2008 to having a firearm on school grounds, with a street-gang enhancement, records show.

Obviously this violent animal was here for a better life, turning his life around, and is a real American* (*just not legally). Clearly this self-defense shooting of sub-human waste proves the "racism" of police.

Full Story.

We'd check if he was here legally, but Obama won't let us.

Just another day in the multi-cult, as greedy self-centered browns pick at the dead body of a once great nation. Whites are the problem. The obvious answer seems to be to remove the Meskin back to their own countries where they can be free of the evil discrimination. If we just had White nations these horrible injustices like self-defense shootings would stop. White Nationalism: even using the flawed arguments of our enemies it still makes sense. 


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