Detroit's Death Rattle

A civilized society is a fragile thing, yet the powers that be have this strange idea that it's resilient enough to be constantly attacked by failed socialism, brown hordes and polite lies. It's not surprisingly when this leads to full blown collapse into African Anarchy in places like Chicago and Detroit. In Detroit it's reached the point where a part of America has basically been reclaimed by the continent of Africa, with the expected disastrous results. Whites are desperately trying to control and contain the rot, battling marxist correctness at every turn.

Beleaguered by budget cuts and layoffs Detroit's police department is down hundreds of officers from just five years ago, and with more budget cuts in the city, the department's future is blurry.

To help fight crime in some of the city's toughest neighborhoods Michigan State Police troopers are stepping in and are already on patrols. 

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A few more "boots on the ground" for the endless war against the basic nature of the negro. It amounts to mopping the floor around a sink when both taps are running full blast. Failure is the only possible outcome. Another once great city consumed by the savages.

The negro ruined it.

We can have civilization or "diversity," but not both. There's nothing "diverse" about identical looking and behaving brown-colored bipeds. If we don't wake up all of America is going to share the fate of Detroit and Chicago and dozens of other cities. We need to shut off those taps, not try to soak up some of the water on the floor.

We need White nations.


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