Good News Monday: Armed Non-Victims

Gathered from Dailykenn, which I highly recommend for everyone to visit regularly, we have three stories of guns preventing crimes. In a country where the justice department pulls an elaborate, half-baked scheme to try to discredit the Second Amendment we need to hear these stories. More importantly, we all need to be armed. It's the difference between being a hush crime victim or being the hero of a hush good news story that the media buries with equal fervor.

Bottom line: all descent people should own a gun and know how to use it. 

A man was killed this morning when one of two people he tried to rob at gunpoint drew their own gun and opened fire on the would-be robber, Jacksonville police said.

Full Story. 

Not many details from this first story, other than it was a robbery gone right. The accompanying map that includes "Dr. Martin Luther King" Parkway near the incident should be sufficient to confirm the race of the human scum that was shot. The gun prevented negro crime.

The right tool for the job.

Next up: a clerk in Pennsylvania stops a robbery.

An attempted robbery in Lancaster City last night, leaves one of the suspects now fighting for his life. Two men, both masked and armed, entered the Andromeda Grocery Store on the one hundred block of South Queen St. shortly after midnight on Saturday. As they attempted to rob the business, the clerk pulled out a gun and shot one of the suspects. When police arrived, they found Rodney Green, of Steelton, suffering a gunshot wound, and was immediately rushed to Lancaster General Hospital. 

Hopefully Rodney will lose that fight for life. More bad black behavior solved with hot lead.
And from Texas...

He said Rector had stolen beer in the past and the clerk who was on duty told him that the man became aggressive this time around, going so far as to challenge the clerk to a fight. 

 Although most of the details are unclear, Sheemeka Brown said she found Rector's body outside in the grass, but there was no weapon beside it.

"They could have said, 'just put the beer down' and let him walk out the store," Brown told ABC13. "They didn't have to shoot the man." 

Full Story. 

Instead of politely asking a criminal savage to stop committing crimes, please, the gun put an end to it. A worthless 85 I.Q. criminal eliminated.

Avoid the black areas and be armed. This simple advice will exponentially increase your odds of not being another sad "dog bites man" story of brown criminality. There are no more excuses, we've seen the content of their character. Until we can have a White Nation we must protect ourselves from the rot.

We must be armed.


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