Nationalism: For Everyone But Whites

Restoring White nations is the goal, the reason for all of the effort put into this blog and other projects. The current "diversity" scam is living on borrowed time. When it collapses, we can restore sanity to America and Europe. This will remove "minorities" from the evils of White racism and put an end to the sad stories of bad White behavior. Clearly, the best way to "atone" for our "intolerance" is to establish our own nations, where we can't hurt anyone.

We're not allowed. White nations are for everyone. Their borders are imaginary, their citizenship debased until it loses all value. The brown mass is not required to do anything except move in and start collecting socialist benefits. Assimilation? Shared Culture? National Identity? That's racist, you bigoted monster.

Unless the jew does it, of course. When it comes to g*d's favorite people the standards of "progressive" behavior are very, very different.

Israel has initiated the first stage of a controversial “emergency plan” aimed at interning and deporting an estimated 60,000 African immigrants. Officials believe the presence of the Africans poses a threat to the “Jewish character” of the state.

Very interesting. Apparently millions of negroes, muslims, May-hee-cans and other assorted refuse pose no threat to the "White character" of America and Europe, but in Israel this suddenly becomes a valid argument that is not racist in any way. Also note that there's no liberal "we could never deport all these people!" bleating. The job just gets done.

Whites could do it just as easily.

Selections, deportations, papers, cattle cars: it's ok when the jew does it.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who believes immigrants are swamping his country, has claimed the African migrants “are seen by many Israelis as a law and order issue and even a threat to the long-term viability of the Jewish state.”

Amen brother, preach it. They're also a threat to the long-term viability of the U.S.S.A., Britainistan, What Used to Be Germany, El-France, Russia, Norway, etc. If the "light of the world" can deport, certainly us goyim should be allowed to also.

Israeli authorities are ready to grant 1,000 euros to any African who agrees to freely leave within five days. Some immigrants have agreed, while others are going to be repatriated by force.

A nominal sum to remove a negro. It's hard to imagine a better deal. Failing that, they get the kosher stick.

Full Story. 

I completely support Israeli in this effort. I trust you will allow the same courtesy in White nations, Abe. We can't have a double standard on this. If the jew can have their own nation, so should everyone else. It's time to end the multicultural nightmare, to remove the alien elements. Thank you wise jew, for showing us all the way. 


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