Negro "Rap Video" Leads to Black Pack Attack

It's very difficult to find positive portrayals of the American Negro that don't somehow revolve around playing a child's game as an adult. Even then, it's still pretty hard. The dry well of negro creativity is another possible source for these mythical "well behaved negroes," but here it's even more pathetic. Most of this "art" revolves around racism directed at Whites. Sometimes life imitates art.

The men actually were filming an upbeat, “celebration” rap video along bustling North Clark Street early Sunday when violence erupted after passersby began taunting them and hurling racial slurs at the four black men, family members said.

Just like all those "slurs" being thrown around at the Tea Party. This is pretty much the stock excuse for negro attacks on Whites. When we're not blaming Pilgrims, that is. Ask yourself how likely it is that feckless, unarmed, city-dwelling liberal Whites would decide to taunt dangerous animals from the 85 I.Q. set. It's pretty ridiculous.

Relatives held out hope that footage from the “Take A Sip” video being shot by the four Lawndale residents — who were using the limo loaned to them by a friend for the taping ­— will help clear them of charges that family members said are unfair.

I'm sure it will. We all know how that turned out with Zimmerman and that pathetic attempt to appeal to video evidence. Stupid old reality never seems to be on the side of the American Black.

I wonder if "Take a Sip" is a reference to negro "Sizzurp" addiction. It seems likely.
“Who goes around in a limo with the intent of jumping on someone? It doesn’t make sense,” said Kelly Smith, Robinson’s brother.

Cook County prosecutors painted a starkly different picture, saying Robinson and three other men abruptly attacked nightclub patrons and passersby as they walked down Clark Street.

Trying to apply logic to the behavior of the dark hordes is always a dangerous and misguided practice. The last line of the story is probably the only entirely truthful one. More negro swarm attacks against Whites. The Summer of the Dark Mobs continues.
Aspiring rappers, turning their lives around.

And so it's more of the same from the Chicago plantation. The same totally predictable behavior, over and over. Nothing is being done. We can't live among these savages. A White future is ours, if we have the courage to take it.


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