They Thought It Was Part of the Show

Violent nihilistic nonsense inspired by a jew comic book. A sick, jaded audience eager to view the cinematic sadism. A deranged loner. Guns. Dead children (at this vile garbage???). Tears and insincere prayers from our ruling reptiles. Sounds pretty familiar. Another useful crisis to strip away our rights.

Expect to hear a lot more about this story. It hits all the major media talking points: crazy Whites, the inherent evil of guns, "won't someone please think of the children?" (again, why were there children viewing this twisted, pornographic mess?) and the boundless heroism of cops, defeating "booby traps" and cuffing this scum after all the worst damage was already done.

So we pray to Allah or Joseph Smith. Big, greasy tears are shed. It could have been my little kids watching this spiritual sickness, says Obama. Sure it could have. We need metal detectors and strip searches, and, of course, gun grabbing. Don't let these blood thirsty violence voyeurs die for nothing!

No link to a story. It's everywhere. Trying to avoid hearing about it would be difficult.

No agenda here.

Our society is terminally ill. Now the process can move forward with another "crisis" that won't be wasted.

They thought it was part of the violence fantasy, an amusing little bloodbath to laugh and cheer. It wasn't. Now the real story begins, the erosion of rights and the secret backroom deals using this lurid mess as a smokescreen. Watch the news closely this weekend. They're going to be sneaking things through while the masses aren't watching. Look at my right hand, says the magician. Out of the hat comes the U.N. gun treaty.

And why were there children there?

We need to face reality, not the vomit that passes for popular entertainment. Also, do your job as a parent.


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