White Do-Gooding Leads to Hate Crime

While Britainistan completes its slide into becoming the first European Caliphate the average liberal White do-gooder seems to be in very deep denial about their imminent dispossession to the soldiers of jihad. This is a good object lesson for the "worse is better" crowd that believes that after enough indignities pile up Whites will suddenly get a miraculous second wind and rise up to reclaim our land. The truth is, the worse things get the more feckless and pathetic White behavior gets. There honestly doesn't seem a bottom floor when it comes to self-hatred from our endangered race.

Consider this White liberal feminist's (read: marxist) attempt to have a "dialogue" with a Jihadan and his property and the disaster that inevitably followed.

So, imagine the scene. A British, feminist journalist sees a woman in a hijab loading a large number of groceries onto the store conveyor belt at check out. She begins fuming with feminist ire because this Muslim woman's husband stands idly by doing nothing to help the overworked woman load the groceries.

The journo can take it no more and just has to say something. She brusquely confronts the man telling him that his wife needs help loading the merchandise. She pushes past the man and starts helping the hijab-clad woman herself because, "This is what feminism's about - women helping women."

As it happened, neither the Muslim man nor his wife much appreciated the "social lesson" the journalist thought to teach them. And, as so many Muslims in Britain do, they proceeded to play the Brit's liberalism against them. The couple cried racism and had the journalist arrested for a "hate crime."

Full Story. 

There's a reason the average marxist hides in gated communities and pricey resorts. When you actually try to apply these ideas, in real life, with real diversity, the results are not good. This has been demonstrated repeatedly. The madness continues. It's our job to get out the truth about the failure of "diversity." It's a house of cards waiting for a strong wind.

There also used to be something called "Whites."

There are no facts to support marxism, communism, feminism and all the other creations of the Frankfurt school. Trying to honestly live these beliefs doesn't mesh with what we call "reality." These ideas need to be replaced with sensible and logical ones. Like White Nationalism. 


  1. extremists create wars... you remind me of my aunt, move on and enjoy life


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