23 Shot in Ordinary Chicago Weekend

The grim legacy of Pilgrims and White racism was again in evidence this weekend, as the Chicago negro behaved in a fashion that is completely predictable via statistical data and defies exactly zero "stereotypes." Just another weekend in the Chicago plantation. The combination of high temperatures, low I.Q.s and an inability to reason at an adult level leads to "keeping it real" via gun violence. Then, minor medical miracles insure that the simians involved will live to do it over and over again in an endless cycle of negro pathology.

Cleaning up the negro mess.

No one was killed in a rash of shootings in Chicago over the weekend, but at least 21 people were injured.

 The youngest shooting victim was a 15-year-old boy, who was shot by an armed robber in the 9300 block of South Anthony Avenue, alongside the Chicago Skyway in the Calumet Heights neighborhood.

The boy was walking down the block around 12:45 a.m., when a stranger pointed a handgun at him and announced a robbery.

A negro "youth" milling around after midnight. No parental supervision from the baby momma. Robbery gone wrong. Stop me if any of this sounds very, very familiar. The attempt to fit the negro into Western Civilization has been a bloody, pathetic farce.

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The last fifty years has seen an endless waste of money and lives on attempting to transform the negro into some semblance of a civilized human being. Genetic determinism and the influence of foreign DNA laughs at these attempts. Half a century of misguided effort later and we have this to show for it. This lunacy needs to end. We've seen the content of their characters. Now to judge them accordingly.


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