30 Punks, All Black Kids

Chicago has been ground zero for the summer of negro mobs and negro dysfunction in general. Every weekend produces twenty or more shootings. Tourists are attacked. Mobs of brown people rob and destroy. While all this is happening the political careerists in charge blame "pilgrims" and "Jim Crow" while ignoring the root of the problem: low I.Q. savages with foreign D.N.A. already predisposed to violence and further incited by the media and government. There's either going to come a point where the excuses stop or Chicago will join Detroit in being completely annexed by Africa.

According to several reliable sources, on Saturday, between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., several carloads of unruly African Americans crowded the McDonald's parking lot at 1951 North Western Avenue, near Western and Milwaukee.

It's a small miracle, but the race of the "teens" is actually reported. Is this an aberration or is the growing White anger over misleading and dishonest reporting finally reaching a critical mass?

As usual, any significantly sized group of "African Americans" leads to completely predictable monkey-shines. The obvious answer is to avoid negro areas and areas where they are likely to congregate if you're White. McDonald's, with its "365 Black" racist pandering, is such an area.

"30 punks, all black kids, took over the McDonald's at Western and Milwaukee. They were honking horns and fighting in the parking lot," said an eyewitness.

The African all vs. all, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Meanwhile, in marxist fantasy land.

"One squad car showed up for the riot. Black kids were blowing off the officers... walking like they didn't care. Some of them even went inside the McDonald's," said a customer at the Bucktown neighborhood restaurant.

Bucktown...yeah, no kidding. Only one squad car was available for this negro riot. As order collapses this will soon become no squad cars, like in Detroit. Curse you, pilgrims. This is all your fault.

Full Story.

There's some more glorious diversity. Identical looking and behaving scum acting in a manner that defies no "stereotypes" and can easily be predicted based on either statistics or anecdotal experience. Just another example of the failure of the negro to fit into White society. The solution is their removal.


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