Age 13 Negro Terrorizes Philadelphia

The Negro is very different from the other races that we consider "human." Science has now confirmed that the typical "African American" carries foreign DNA that is not shared by any other race. Perhaps this can account for the endless failure this lower race produces. Another factor at play is that the negro tends to reach physical maturity much faster. This, combined with under-developed mental faculties, produces very predictable results.

Clearly the answer is "progressive justice" and punishing Whites. Just ask our mulatto Kenyan president.

Today's story is just another of the seemingly endless entries in the "not equal" files.

Police sources tell Eyewitness News, the young suspect wanted in connection with a series of armed robberies in Southwest Philadelphia is now under arrest.

Sources say the suspect is a black male who turned 13-years-old just two months ago. We are told he has been arrested twice before for robbery-related offenses.

Multiple arrests before the age of 13. More totally ordinary and predictable failure from the brown people.

On Tuesday, police told Eyewitness News the gun-toting suspect had victimized five people in less than 24 hours.

Lt. John Walker explained, “Approaches the victims, asks what time it is at which time, he pulls out a gun and asks for money and in all five cases, believe it or not, the victims said they don’t have any money and the male rolled off.”

These victims are very lucky this confused the negro's pea brain instead of triggering a savage reaction.

Once again, the suspect is now in police custody. Police say the 13-year-old will be charged accordingly.

In other words a slap on the wrist. Eventually this dark alien will graduate to murdering people and it will be the fault of poverty and segregation and, of course, the White Devil.

Full Story. 

A city held hostage by a brown piece of garbage barely out of diapers. No lessons learned. The same mistakes repeated over and over. The only end to this cycle is creating a White nation and removing these living fossils from our midst. 


  1. Lol hilarious. This ignorance made my day. Lets talk about the whities who shoot innocent school children. No, lets ingore that and pretend that black people are the problem. You really need to pray, hate is consuming you.


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