Chicago Rot Continues: 9 Dead, 28 Wounded

One of the exciting features of living in a dying empire is the ability to observe the decline and fall from a safe distance and note just how completely predictable it is. The same pattern has repeated itself in city after city. The negro and/or May-hee-can moves in. Their population explodes thanks to hand-outs that encourage irresponsibility. Whites flee. Crime goes through the roof. Whites are blamed. The once great city is completely annexed by Africa and/or Latin America, with all the third world dysfunction that implies. Then the endless cold night, the curse of desolation, the fundamental transformation. The Paris of the Midwest becomes the Midwest Mogadishu, destroyed by biological weapons. It becomes Detroit.

It becomes Chicago.

The city saw another bloody weekend as nine people — including a teenager — were killed and 28 others were wounded in separate shootings since Friday evening.

Another small step toward full collapse. The long slide into savagery continues. It's the fault of Whites, of pilgrims, of Jim Crow and Alabama buses. Hands are wrung and excuses are made. Genetic determinism laughs in reply.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy on Saturday defended the department’s anti-violence strategy, which he believes is taking root.

“We’re not winning, we’re not losing. We’re basically treading water,” McCarthy said. He said that in the month of August, “we had some trouble because some of these retaliatory shootings are happening quicker than we can stop them.”

Treading water. I guess that means he keeps getting his paycheck, despite the coming death of a once great city. We are losing and have been since the sixties. White America is vanishing and this is what will replace it. Faceless, cultureless, mindless, tan everymen preying on each other and looting the corpse of the U.S.S.A.

Careerist White traitor with Jew Wire-puller.
A total of 28 people were wounded in shootings since Friday evening. One of the youngest victims reported by police was a 15-year-old girl, who suffered a gunshot wound to the chest Friday night as she smoked marijuana in the Roseland neighborhood on the Far South Side.

Just innocently using illegal narcotics purchased with a welfare check. These are our equals.

Soon Chicago will slip into the same black hole that has already claimed Detroit and many other cities. It's passing will not be mourned by anyone who matters. Another step closer to the death of America as a whole. May it rest in peace and may it be replaced by a White Nation.


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